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Some photos from my mini lunch meet yesterday :)

I had a few friends over today for lunch to catch up, chatter and have a small scale celebration of one of our birthdays ^^
I made an absolute ton of sushi, onigiri and spring rolls for the less adventurous ;P and the others brought sweets. The girls brought some of their BJDs and it was a pretty fun day XD

I wore lolita since I'd just worked out how to get this way too short jumperskirt to look at least passable on me, and the others wanted to see - I wore another skirt I had underneath to make it look longer. Tell me what you think ^^ I didn't wear a petticoat as it was 33 degrees today and so pretty warm for lolita, and I already had on three layers >__< so excuse the relative lack of poof. My boyfriend took these photos so they are a little blurry hehe, neither of us are great cameramen XD


I am squashing my skirt with my arms >__<

oops... bloomer got caught up! see the teeny bows on my shoes? :) I love those shoes, they were like $30!

and photos taken by the other girls of the event generally (they are MUCH better photographers than my boyfriend XD)

The food (I totally overcatered but it was pretty damn yummy if I do say so myself :D)

mmmm sushis

The gorgeous sweet food the other ladies brought along ^^

(spot the extremely well camouflaged bunny bag >.>)

My friend nett's gorgeous photo of the print of this dress - I love it!

thanks for looking! ^^
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