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Leg avenue tricorn review and alteration


Yay, despite postal strikes all my items have been arriving nicely, including the leg avenue pirate pillbox hat. The hat came flat in a little plastic packet so required much coaxing and pushing to get it back into shape. My first job was to remove the horrible satin ribbons and the cute but rather tacky scull. I've just noticed that the bows in the first pic are a pale pink and barely noticeable. Mine were Bright red. Yuck.

You can't see in the promotional photos but woven in the braiding are gold glittery sequins which i also removed. They're on a thread so it's possible to pull them through but in some places they're actually sewn to the hat which makes them a pain
To cover up the glue marks i had a broken cameo necklace i sewed on which brings a whole new level of class to the hat XD

This is a costume hat and you do get what you pay for but i was more than a little disappointed

as you can see the red inside shows through at the front (the back as well, but noticeably at the front) I thought about hiding it with some black feathery trim but because it's to match this dress i didn't want to much black. I have a black hat on its way from another ebay seller which i'm looking forward to altering because i have more black things but it hasn't arrived yet and don't think it will before Saturday. Instead i sewed the corners closer together and hid the red with a pretty feather and a small cream bow

The feather got rather crushed in the post so i poofed it up more and sewed it to the side to get more height. I also added more chicken feathers XD

I'd of liked to have left it as that but there was the annoyingly large blob of glue on the other side which needed hiding. I stuck a small feather to hide it and used a chain of the broken necklace

The hat also has no way to attach itself to your head, which sucks, but there are small loops of elastic inside so i tied on some cord to make straps

Here it is on my head! (ignore the mess)


I found this on the interwebs!
How cute!

In short, if you buy it for cheaps - which is easily done - it's worth it, however don't expect a wearable lolita hat without prior modification

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