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Yet another petticoat question

Okay so I have yet another petticoat question, I looked all through the memories and couldn't really find anything that answered my question so I though I'd throw it out there.

So I've been noticing recently that my petticoat is kind of...lost its fluff. I didn't expect to get much out of it as I did buy it from 8th street lab so it wasn't a lolita petti but it serves me fine. So is there anyway to re-fluff a petticoat? I read somewhere that to refluff a down comforter you throw it in the dryer with tennis balls and I was wondering if there was some trick like that for a lolita petticoat.

And my second question...Who do you think makes the best petticoat? Any brand, off brand, special seamtress, you, whatever. I'm sure there are some people like me who are just looking around trying to find a really good one but are worried about dropping a lot of money on a brand one if we can get a better one at a cheaper price.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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