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Oh yes I'm an idiot

Oh I know pictures about this have been requested a million and one times. I just don;t know the magic words to type into ljseek to make it pop up. I'm not kidding I searched through like 20 pages before realizing someone was bound have saved it in their memories and though slight annoyed would send me the links to the entries, no? Ugh! That's the issue with stock,  images. You know someone requested it before but it's so darn hard to find them again.

Uh though this came off like a rant I'm (yes ugh!) requesting any and all images of said dress.
Also I filed the one image I have under OP but is it one or is considered a JSK?

And lastly what color lace would go with this fabric? Or should I just go with small ruffles? It's a soft flannel I picked up for a dollar a yard while on an adventure at walmart

Click for a larger image
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