rockstargeisha (darkgunner) wrote in egl,

I apologize if this has been brought to your attention previously but my Dad just sent me this through an email. A travel tour company called Pop Japan Travel is offering a Gothic-Lolita themed trip to Tokyo departing out of Los Angeles.

From their website:
Digital Manga's Pop Japan Travel presents the Tokyo Darkside Tour, the definitive journey to the birthplace of gothic-lolita. Explore Tokyo's own historic haunts and modern miracles. Imagine showing off your own unique look in Harajuku, among the cherry blossoms of spring, and then embark on a shopping quest assisted by our knowledgeable bilingual guides. You'll even get to meet some industry insiders, drop in on a local lolita hangout, go through Tokyo's darkest dining experience and much more!

The tour includes visits to BTSSB, Angelic Pretty, and Victorian Maiden shops.

Hope this of interest to you all! :)

Pop Japan Travel
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