Maria (shibahime) wrote in egl,

This weekend I had a visit from yonaki_85 and shizuka_85. Regulars from daily_lolita may recognize some photos. But for you others...


We found this kitschy and gorgeous scooter when I picked the girls up. If we can't have horses, we can have scooters - I'll take three, please!

shizuka_85 lounging around while waiting for yonaki_85 to finish her ATM business.

We need sweets, foodz and coffee, PLZ.

shizuka_85 struck a pose which reminded me of those bookmark cherubs inspired by Rafaels angels.

We needed to unload the, ehr, stash at my place before dinnertime.

Primp, primp, primp! Gotta look nice for dinner!

Ready for dinner!
And before we get gazillions of questions about our heights:
shibahime - 153 cm
shizuka_85 - 163 cm
yonaki_85 - 178 cm

We had steaks at the Steakhouse. DUH!

shizuka_85 says; GIEF FOOD, CHARGIN LAZURS!

We went on to the drinking lounge to have radioactively coloured yummy drinks. Some of us did not approve the habitat of the lobsters, ready to order fresh to hungry customers with a fancier taste.

Then we went home, made the Loliteer drink and hugged.

Wanna make your own Loliteer drink? Take banana liqueur, add milk, chocolate and vanilla icecream. Flavour with coconut liqueur and Tequila Rose. Mix it up and enjoy. ;)


Primpin' for the interview with the local newspaper. They wanted to know about the lolita style so we decided to tell them. ;P

On a side note; We ended up getting on the front cover and getting a whole page in today's paper. I fainted. If you're interested, read the translated version in yonaki_85's LJ.

Back to the story! We went outside to play, eat and have coffee. Well, atleast I had coffee.

Back to the crib for an outfit swap suitable for disco bowling evening!

What better way is there to end the evening than locking the irritating dorm neighbours out of the kitchen to make food and have a candlelit dinner with indian chicken stew and couscous? And OHEMGEE, I am cooking in PAJAMAS!


Lesson from the night before:
Too many Loliteer drinks + Youtube madness + hookah = TIRED LOLIS. We managed to wake up, dress ourselves (YAH!), molest the toystore and surf the net until the girls decided it was time to go home.

Thank you for making it this far down. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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