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Tips for a Beginner (:

Hi guys,

im asking for tips/advices/whatever for a beginner like me.

i mean i've worn loli before.
but it doesn't capture the essence of loli at all ):

anyway, I just started to learn how to sew.
any suggestions about the materials i should use?

also i have an uber big problem about the shoes.
i can't order online, 'coz i don't have the money to do so.
looks like, i'm gonna go hunting here.

parasol help.
how can i make one?
i don't seem to find any parasols here >_>


1. suggestions on which materials i should use.
2. shoes x_x
3. parasol making xp

btw, I live in the Philippines (:

any tips/advice/suggestines is much appreciated.

_xoxoxo Emily xoxoxo_
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