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Looks like a teaspoon Part One by Nakamura Asumiko

Hi everyone! Did a short translation for the cute little comic in the most recent Gothic & Lolita Bible vol. 26 (on page 83) and decided to post it here. If anyone has some high quality scans of it, I could do a scanlation if you want.

Page 1

"Good morning."

"Did you do the homework?"

Page 2

"That Allistaire rarely cries anymore."

Page 3

"It's too bad."

"That crying face was the best."

"Wasn't it, Simon?"

Page 4

"Okay Allistaire,
Be a good boy for the babysitter."

"Hurry, dear! The play has begun already!"

"Somebody’s unlucky...
Will you be okay?
Don't you have a fever?"

"It'll be okay!
Hey, after the theatre, let's go to the Oyster Bar
...Without Allistaire!

Page 5

"You ill-mannered son!
Spend one night out in the cold reflecting on this!"


"What the hell, you violent old man!"

I only stole from two or three purses... or so..."

Page 6


Page 7



Sooo short, but yeah. Cute ♥

Also, is there a sort of running collection of egl translations of the G&LB somewhere? I have a short pile of text files of translations from random ones (recent and old), and it'd be fun to have them all compiled for easy access for the community. If there isn't already, is anyone interested in putting one together?
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