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Canes and Walking Sticks~Where to Buy?

Hello everyone~

I'm searching for a cane or a walking stick for a new (men's style) aristo outfit I'm working on. But I'm a bit stuck on where one can get a cane that isn't...orthopedic--you know: rubber pads at the bottom and generally...more functional than formal.

I know Alchemy Gothic has some beautiful designs, but I'm in the States and most websites I've visited that sell AG items are based in the UK and they don't seem to want to ship to the States (this seems a bit like the parasol paradox: they are for sale, but they can't be shipped out here).

So, while I know eBay is an option, I'd like to know if anyone has found any other sources for aristo-style canes or walking sticks--either online or real shops.

I've kind of been "out" of lolita and aristo fashion for several months--for some reason, autumn makes me want to get back to it. I hope you can help me♥
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