ashlee (faunkegin) wrote in egl,

PDX October meetup

The Oregon lolitas met up today!
There will be more photo posts to follow, but here's the first set!

If anyone sees themselves in a photo, please say that it's you, because I'm terrible at usernames. I'm sorry! ;_;

First we all bought movie tickets!

We didn't take any pictures during the movie, but we did find a candy store.
Nom nom!

Lolitas playing Wii.

We all gathered in the sky bridge for photos.

My friend, Chelsea. I asked her to dress lolita with me today!

I tried to catch a photo of chapeauxchick, but she moved away just as I clicked! Sorry. x.X

maetal9, Alice is so cute!

Awwe, teh_otaku always looks perfect~

rebornangel16 Is a so much fun!

Oh look, I was actually there!

shanzig is so much fun! I'm glad she lives here now.

Chelsea always looks so pretty!

learnaboutruby is such a cutiepie!

lol, we found Waldo. :D


I love this one of Caroline and I!

I think it was supposed to be kitty paws?

Sorry, just thought it was a cool cropping!

At the park!

So pretty!

Victoria is very silly, true story.


I think my face makes the camera blur.

Free Burma, guys! (I thought it was Mynamar, now...? o.O)

Silly girls at Nordstroms.

Sorry, people always seem to move out of my shots. x.X

We found Waldo again!
Like te of them. :DD

Sorry, another pretty cropping of Victoria!

For old times sake~

I'm glad you live here now, too! (What was your lj name again?) You are too cute!

_ensorcelled_, Eveieee you are adorable!

Some mother wanted her little girl to be in a photo with us. She was precious!

This guy kept talking about "abstract sinergy" ...

Victoria can always do this cute face!

I'm not as good at it!

I asked him if his giant thing wrapped in cloth was hiding a digeridoo.
He let Caroline open the "suprise."

Oh boy sticks!

Aaand, some videos!

We weren't too sure about him!

This dude asked if he could join our circle.
So, Caroline asked him if he knew the Solider Boy dance.

He knew it. :p

My camera cut out, so here's another.
They're really gettin' their groove on in this one~

And, thanks to rebornangel16, here's another video of the sinergy guy!
We call it his "Paper Dance." :3

Hope you enjoyed these!

Also, anyone who went to the meetup, if you want me to post your coordinates, just tell me what they are and I'll add them in♥

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