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Questions on Christon Cafe...

I'm doing a marketing project mainly on maid cafe, but also going to mention some other cafes related to maid fashion and gothic lolita, esp those in GLB just hoping I will hit the required number of pages. I only know Christon Cafe's menu with the price is on their site. I don't have price list for another cafe for comparison. Since I never been to Japan, I have no idea what the living standard is over there to say if the price is consider as cheap/fair/expensive compare to a typical cafe.

I sort of understand Mana's photo shootings and Moitie events is a way of making money for Christon cafe, but a cafe make their money mainly from people dinning. With their price list (purely looking at numbers since I don't know what those food is) seems pretty much fair to me after converting to USD, I start to think such wonderful design it could be high class cafe and price should be higher too. Any of you went there before is it crowded over there? The cafe seems to have a lot of restrictions... no underage customers, and the working hours is so unusual... do I even read it right? MW 5pm-11pm and 5pm-4am on other days? A 6 course meal is 2000-2500yen, that doesn't seem bad to me, but for local people would they consider that price as very expensive? I notice they do weddings and the price looks really really expensive. Compare to usually what people will spend for wedding, is it expensive like double or triple?

I'm not trying to go into marketing here, but I just want some ideas about the living standard of Japanese people in terms of spending money in cafes that seems to be good place to dine for lolitas.
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