natalyaaf (natalyaaf) wrote in egl,

Hay EGL -- Any Atlanta Lolitas Hurr?

I'm like new to this Live Journal stuffs, but I'm here because I'm trying to get an EGL group going in the Atlanta area for meetups and such because I'm sure there are some EGL fans chilling in the ATL who want to have awesome funs, amirite? ~

And I guess I should introduce myself...  My name's Natalya, I'm 19, live near Atlanta, and go to animé conventions (AWA, Momo Con...  Etc.) I've been into EGL since I got invited to the EGL Tea Party at Animé Expo 2006 (California) and just recently got my first dress.  But it was très cher so instead of wearing it for like Halloween and random animé events every so-odd months, I'd also like to get other occasions where I can wear it and any other dresses I may buy in the future with other people in similar attire for fun times.

It should be noted that I used to be a guy, but in person I look like a girl now even without makeup and I'm getting better at talking like a girl.  So, wutev, guess I'm like Mana then, eh?  Iunnos.


That's why I'm here and well if you're from the Atlanta Area, that's what's up.~
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