Nat (aurorahime) wrote in egl,

Random Meetup in Melbourne anyone?

I've realised something, Melbourne lolitas don't have enough 'fun' random meet-ups and if they do I have no idea they exist. D:

So, who wants to meet up somewhere Sunday next week?

I've realised that there are a lot of lolita in Melbourne but I don't know any of them, so I'd like to take this opportunity to meet you! ♫

Please post here if you're coming so that I don't show up all dolled up by myself. :P

When: Sunday 21st October
Where: Shall we say under the big clock at Melbourne Central?
Which: 12 pm, we'll wait around for about half an hour for people to arive then head off
Somethings: I was thinking that we could head down the street, take some purikura and then hop in a carriage and travel to the gardens over the other side of the bridge. Possibly have a picnic if it's a nice day, we'll have to see what the weather forecast is.

Be sure to bring your cameras and dress in your best, if you don't take lots of pictures you can guarantee that I will, there's no escape!

If you'd like to contact me via phone, leave a message and I'll email you my number.

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