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Juliette et Justine questions

Hi! I hope this hasn't been posted before, but I had a look through the memories and really couldn't find much about this brand. I have a few questions to ask about it!

I have a friend who is going to Japan in December. He's my housemate and is going with his boyfriend. They said that they're definitely going shopping, probably to Harajuku and Shinjuku and other places aside from Tokyo as well. Of course, I want some lolita dresses out of this! :D Browsing on the internet through the different websites, I really fell in love with this brand, Juliette et Justine. They are the first brand where EVERYTHING on their site I absolutely loved, and I have noticed that they are more expensive than the other brands but I am quite willing to pay for the difference. Their stuff is absolutely gorgeous.

Anyway my questions are as follows:

* 1) My housemate is a male, so obviously he can't try on things for me. I was just going to give him my measurements and hope that he could get something based on them. Would that be considered rude, or are the shop attendants used to this sort of thing?

The reason I think it might be rude is because, according to this page here (read the parts that are in english! XD) you have to make a reservation to go visit their shop, and you have an hour to look around and they even serve you friggin' tea! Which is actually really awesome, but it's my housemate who'll be there not me and he can't really try anything on or really seriously take up an hour. And when I told him about it he looked really scared XD

* 2) So my next question is: according to this shopping guide here and their official website there is a Juliette et Justine shop in Shinjuku's MaruiOne. On Juliette et Justine's site they state their "Official Shop" as being in Amagasaki not Shinjuku, so does that mean that my housemate can just waltz into the Shinjuku one without making a reservation and feeling too terribly awkward? Or do they do the whole special reservation thing at every one of their shops? Has anyone ever been there?

* 3) Thirdly, the average price of Juliette et Justine dresses on their website is about 32,000 yen, which is round about 300 Australian dollars. I'm totally fine with this, but is this also the case in their shop? Do the prices translate the same from the website to the shop? Just because I want to know how much money to give my housemate, I don't want to give him too little.

* 4) Just any general experiences about the Juliette et Justine brand and quality of the clothes would be nice! They seem like a really elegant and quality brand, but that's only from pictures on the website and things can be different in the cloth (ahahaha I'm so punny... *shoots self*).

I realize this brand is not as popular as others (like Baby the Stars Shine Bright), so I understand these questions may be a bit had to answer. But thankyou for your help if you are able! ^_^
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