victoria (swdpunk) wrote in egl,

I just had to join the meme bandwagon.

Also known as my living room! Billiam says hi, egl.

No work station is complete without an empty beer bottle! There is a half a project #1 there too!

My dear sweet Janome and Bernina♥

Here is sewing project number #2, I haven't touched it in weeks actually. If you went to my Kumoricon panel, you might recognize this!

I keep all my little tools and threads in a box that I bought underwear in. HAHA!

There's the other half of project #1. I also tack up sketches on the wall so I don't get confused.

The rest of my supplies hide in a cave with the vacuum, cat food, and water heater.

Look! My winter coat! Why is it still in the form of a block of 6 yards? D:

Leftovers that I will do something with... some day.

Abandon projects... D:

Lace and my sweet iron.

I bet you guys are all just astounded with my space, right? XD
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