Ilumiari (ilumiari) wrote in egl,

In with sewing space meme!

Although I have a proper sewing room at home, for most of the year my sewing (lack of) room is a corner of my room at college.

Here you can see my sewing machine, overlocker and dressform. Although I study Engineering & Computer Science, most girls in my college think that I'm studying fashion design. Oh, and that is my *whole* sewing area. If I actually want to cut any fabric out I tend to do it in my wing corridor, unfortunately it often gets trampled on if I look away for a minute.

My sewing machine & bookshelf. I only have one bookshelf so all my uni, sewing and general interest (i.e. medieval/sca stuff) books get put side-by-side. I keep most of my bobbins, lace & sewing machine feet in the blue box on the lower shelf. Stuff I'm currently working on is also kept on the shelf, including patterns and pre-cut fabric.

So yeah, it's tiny :P but I could not imagine not taking my beloved sewing machine to college. (I guess these would be before pictures, but it's only this clean since today is cleaning day. Normally there is stuff EVERYWHERE!)

A winter bustle coat.

And some night/study wear (top & bloomers)
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