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Aristo Boys, AATP Boots, And Shopping Services.

So I just got around to measuring the length of my feets, and it turns out that I should be able to fit into Baby's LL. Now, two questions--
Does anyone own the Alice And The Pirates Pirate Boots in LL, and could tell me the width of the top of the boot?
Also, what's a good shopping service to use for boots, or does Baby accept Paypal and whatnot? (I've never ordered from any of the Japanese brands.)

And my last question is about Aristocrat style. I pestered my boyfriend into dressing Aristo sometime, but pre-made clothes will never work. See, he's about 6'2, with a large bone structure. He looks...kind of like a lumberjack. -__-; Short brown hair, glasses and a goatee. So I'm having trouble figuring out what he'd look good in. Any ideas?
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