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New Westmend Store in Canada!

A new Westmend store recently opened in Metrotown, the largest mall in Vancouver, BC, Canada! I went crazy when I saw it D: But when I went inside, I was quite disappointed to find two shopkeepers who were quite rude and spoke among themselves. There are a number of clothes that are lolita, but also some lean towards himegyaru/cute. The fabric and quality was not as great as I hoped. The lace was not-so-great and their socks were made of thin, sheer material, and their panniers were extremely rough and itchy. Their products were not as good as the stock in China, but hopefully they will continue to add prettier items! But there are some pretty nice finds in the store~
The prices are somewhat reasonable for lolita, but not so much so for that quality. A blouse was about $129 CND and a dress $160 CND. The panniers are $150 CND and... I'm not quite sure about the rest, but I could check if you asked. n___n;;
So hopefully I can get some pictures of it soon, and when I do, I will be sure to upload them! ( I might have to sneak them D:)P.S. Don't you think it's odd for a chinese brand to extend into America whilst a japanese brand is still stuck in japan/paris?
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