Peril (clearlyperilous) wrote in egl,

An Article

So I stumbled upon this article (make sure to scroll down) today and I had wondered if you all had seen it. I did a search and checked the memories, and it didn't look like it had been posted here yet. If it has and I missed it- let me know and I'll delete this post. 

It's actually... not that bad. No weird fetish references, no "bo-peep". It even mentions that Lolitas aren't shooting for "sexy"- but "cute", "beautiful" or "elegant". And it doesn't say that Mana CREATED lolita.

What do you guys think?

P.S.- I'm updating themelolita tomorrow- so if you want to submit a post for this weeks theme (Family and Pets), you've only got a little bit of time left!


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