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Offical/unoffical swap meet PMX style~

Hey there party loli's!

at Past conventions, We've noticed that the lolita swap meet is always a very big draw, and this upcoming PMX with all the lolita centered events seems like a great opportunity to have a real good sized swap meet. We want to bring it off of the floor of the Lobby and into it's own room, with tables (so no floor dress) and have an assigned beginning/ending time.

There is a catch.. the vender's/dealers don't want to have competition with individuals selling, (this post should not be a debate about weather a swap meet will take business away from dealers, this is just a fact that we have to work around) SOO.. PMX can't have a *clearly labeled* swap meet officially recognized, BUT they are willing to work with us, so that it will in fact happen just under a more... vague name.

All of that being said, I'm working to make this official/unofficial swap meet happen as a panel at PMX, but I need help from you guys. While working out the logistical elements with the powers that be, it occurred to me I have no idea how many people would actually want to be a part of this. What we are working out is trying to have folding tables in the room so that girls can display their stuff nicely and in an orderly manor.

so basically, I am asking the community for a rough idea of a head count on how many people would actually want to attend and *bring* clothing for a swap meet?

if anybody has any ideas or suggestions for this, Please use this post as a jumping off ground for discussions and brain storming. As I said, I am in the pre-planning stages for this, and already have a panel *penciled* in, so this is in happening.
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