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Going to New York in a month :)

hello cupcakes! im going to NY Nov 4-11, mainly to go to the open house at SVA. I wanted to check out other schools while I'm up there for pastry/baking. Im already accepted into Le Cordon Bleu of Miami here in Florida, but when I visited NY in January it was pure luvvage ^_^.  
Can anyone give me some names of culinary schools for pastry/baking that I should visit while I'm up there? Mainly in the Manhattan area but I dont mind getting on the train >_< 
I already online found 3 which are:
 French Culinary Institute
The Institute of Culinary Education
Career Academy of New York

 anything going on?!?! meetups, gatherings, events?! let me know :)
I arrive Sunday Nov 4 in the afternoon and basically my last day to hang out would be that Friday Nov 9 since I'll be at the Open House all day I think on Saturday Nov 10...I never been to an Open House before so I really have no clue how long it will be :(

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