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The religion of the lolita-chan

I know. Some of you guys are going to HATE HATE HATE this post because it's not about something specifically lolita. So I will cut it :D

I'm a pretty spiritual person and I was wondering about the religious affiliations, or lack thereof, of my fellow lolitas and ouji. I assume that (at least for the older crowd, upperclassmen to college-age and beyond...) since gothic and lolita tends to attract individuals who have no desire to conform to society's standards, that this attitude probably manifests in other areas of your lives. So what are your thoughts on religion, divinity, God/dess, etc? I'm curious how diverse or similar our thoughts are...

On to the next topic, have you noticed that there is an abundance of Christian imagery in gothic and lolita? I don't just mean having crucifices on dresses and necklaces. I've noticed a lot of angels and religious images from renaissance paintings in decorating motifs in some of the GL magazines, and I'm pretty sure I saw some fabric with Bible quotes on it once. I think this all falls more on the gothic end of gothic and lolita. Supposedly in Japan somewhere there is a gothic cafe with a statue of Jesus crucified on one of the walls. What are your thoughts, if any?

A long time ago I remember that several girls in this community couldn't buy certain brand items because they had crucifices and it was against their religion to wear such garments. Does this Christian imagery affect what you want to or are allowed to wear? Do you think about it before you wear/buy something or is it just a bunch of pictures to you?

You probably want to know what I think, since I'm for the Christian imagery, I think it's kind of ignorant in a humorous sort of way that the Japanese so blatantly include holy images and quotes in their culture as if it were mere mythology. OF COURSE, I'm positive they think the same thing about Americans who get household decorations plastered with kanji used in religious scripture, and cute little statues of Buddha for their dashboards. And I'm not even Christian, so it's not like I'm offended. I just think it's FUNNY!!

I'm aware that this Christian imagery has to do with the romanticism of certain time periods that influence the gothic and lolita culture, but just the sheer ignorant abundance of it makes me want to see dresses lined with various religious symbols, like Stars of David and Islamic script. I'm waiting for somebody to come up with the first pentacle-themed gothic lolita. I don't know whether it would make me laugh or cry.

And as for my religion, I believe in Mana and pray to Him every night before bed (like a young lady ought) asking him to bless me with MOAR BURANDO.

RECAP Thanks a lot for a good discussion everyone! Some of you had some really interesting things to say. It makes me glad that most of your responses were respectful. I really appreciate that.

One thing I want to clarify, out of my love for Japanese people and culture, is that I wasn't saying I think Japanese as a whole are totally ignorant toward Christianity. All countries have certain unique parts of their cultures that other countries just don't understand unless they study them. There are also subcultures within cultures that are not understood by the mainstream (lolita anyone?) Just being fascinated by them in itself isn't ignorant. What I think is ignorant is taking a part of another culture, knowing it means something, but not really caring what exactly that is and plastering it everywhere because "it's cool". But like I said, I'm not offended, because I'm surrounded by it every day. I just think it's goofy.
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