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Send me Your Best Shots- Lolita fashion spread for Univ. Newspaper

Hello ladies~

I am in urgent need pictures of lolita adorned ladies  as I am doing an article on my perspective about wearing lolita in school. I am the new opinion editor for my newspaper, and I've been wanting to do this article for sometime now.  Sadly, It's on short notice, but they threw a full color page my way today and we print tomorrow. The layout will be my article in the middle, and the pictures surrounding it like a border.  Hopefully you can help me out here. The article will consist of me expressing how alienated I feel, yet how strong I really am for walking proud regardless of how many evil glares, snickers, and rude comments I receive.  I know many of you can sympathize.

 If you don't mind, I would like jpegs or tiffs no smaller than 200dpi. I need well-lighted pictures of you wearing lolita, at home, outside, or even better, at school.  Also, I am requesting that you fill out this informal contract (below) when you send me the pictures.  Otherwise I cannot use them.

Here's the information
Florida International University
The Beacon (our newspaper's name)
And please send your photos to

I __________________hereby allow Florida International University and it's University Newspaper "The Beacon" to use and publish this photo I am sending to "The Beacon". This picture will solely be used for the Opinion section for this one article with the  publication date of October 2, 2007.

Signature _______________________________

Sorry if this post is not allowed ^^''
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