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I went to my old hometown for a day, and met up with swdpunk!

A few of these photos might be re-posts, but not too many!

Riding in the car for a few hours is boring, so suffer my myspace-y wrath!

When I got to my parents house, the first thing I did was drop all my stuff and run over to pet my Juneapurr. ♥

He constantly looks angry, but I promise he loves people!

Then Victoria arrived!
Hey Victoria, thanks for the rides!

swdpunk is so cute!

No sitting on benches in Oregon, unless you want your frilly butt all wet. : (

Leave it to us to go to a rose garden and instead take pictures of trees.

The man who photographed these for us was so nice!
He took pictures of us with his *NICE* camera, too. We should have gotten his e-mail address! : (

We wanted photos in the cute gazebo, but there was a bum sleeping in there. ._.
We didn't want AIDS so we left. Jk!

Victoria approves. True story.
Thanks for stealing our photo op, dude!

Victoria actually tried to use her seatbelt buckle as the ignition key. : D

Back at Victoria's house, Billiam is so cute!
I wonder if Juneapurr and Billiam would get along?

Awe Billiam, you're so cute in your box!

Victoria already posted our coordinations if anyone was interested, so I won't bother! :3

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