Chisael (chisael) wrote in egl,

Hi, i'm new~

So, I have a question about Lolita fashion...

If this isn't allowed, please delete it-- I'm very sorry, if it isn't. D:

So here's the thing-- I really, really love the Lolita style. I have for nearly three years, now, and I'd really like to start wearing it. The problem is, my parents both think it's rather dumb-- they say they just look like maid dresses, and they're costumes. I'm sixteen, and while I will definitely start buying/wearing lolita-style clothing when I got to college/when i'm 18 (And they can't decide what I wear. xD) I'd rather not have to wait two more years to start.

So, egl, can you help me? What's a good way to show them that the fashion isn't a costume, or something ridiculous? And that it's not a bad thing that i'd rather spend 200 dollars on a dress, rather than a pair of designer jeans?

Once again, I really apologize if this isn't allowed here-- feel free to delete it, but I thought I might find some help here. :3
Tags: discussion: reactions to lolita

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