Sarah Ruth (mint_cake) wrote in egl,
Sarah Ruth

A lolita in Versailles

Hello!  I recently got married, and a few days after the wedding my husband and I took a honeymoon trip to Paris. While we were there I was determined to take a sort of "Lolita pilgrimage", to visit The Chateau de Versailles and marvel at the home of Marie Antoinette.   My Husband was very sweet and had a good time playing photographer for that day,  I was able to do a fun Loli-Rocco photo shoot in the beautiful gardens, (pretending to be royalty for a day) ::laughs::. I think we got rather overzealous.... But I thought I would share some pictures of the trip with everyone! ^___^

Admiring the vastness of the formal gardens around the Palace.... It was so well manicured!

Actually putting my parasol down for one second of the day...

In the Flowers....

It was a very windy day... but I didn't want to put on my coat!

The flowers smelled and looked fantastic.... ^__^

There were lots of lawns and hedges that continued on so far, it was almost like maze, we got lost several times....

And ADORABLE surprise, while we were in the gardens a mother cat and her tiny kittens! It looks like they had made the palace gardens there home. Soooo cute!

In front of the The Palace of Versailles! There were so many people in the gardens and even more in the Palace. A few of the people I encountered knew what lolita was (I could hear them saying things like "oh, there's a lolita!" ) and one girl from Japan asked to take  her picture with me! ::laughs:: Only a few people were rude. A man making crepes asked if I was dressed as Marie Antoinette. ^_^

I really enjoyed the Petit Trianon and that whole area. it was so beautiful and tranquil. I can see why Marie Antoinette enjoyed spending her time there, I think it was my favorite location on the grounds!

Hm.. What a place to live!

Then finally, time to crash at the hotel! Too much walking...

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