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Lolita vs safety

ok. so I just moved to Brussels [the capital of Belgium, in europe]for my studies .
I don't have [many] issues with going to school in lolita because It's in one of the better streets, so pretty much safe.

however, this sunday, my boyfriend gets back from japan and I'm going to pick him up at the airport. I really want to pick him up in lolita, but I don't know if I dare to =/

the green bow is my place, and the arrows are the traject I'm supposed to follow.
the red parts is where... girls sit behind windows, looking pretty [if you don't cath my drift, prostitution]
and the yellow part is where poor people and criminals live on the street.

I always walk fast, with my mp3 on, ignoring people that address me, so they go away.
however. I have NO clue what reactions lolita might trigger =/

what do I do?
change on the train sounds.. icky.
maybe gothic lolita instead of sweet lolita?

ok. course of action :

I'm going to see if there's a subway manner of getting straight in the station...
if not, I'll either make a HUGE detour to the actual front of the station, where it's pretty much safe, or change on the toilets (:

thank you to all the commenters <3
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