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REMINDER: Meet-up on Sept. 30th in Seattle

I'm very, very sorry. I know this is very abrupt, with short notice and all. But I have to go into work early Sat. They just told me this past week and I've only just gotten the chance to update.

Do you guys mind if I change the day to Sunday? The next day?

PLACE: Seattle's antique Market.

TIME: 3pm

DATE: Sept. 30th, 2007

E-MAIL: oisa dot sinovi at gmail dot com. No spaces or capitals. :) If you're coming, could you email me with your cell number, if you have one, and I'll give you mine so we can make sure to stay in contact? Thanks!

I won't be in lolita clothes. If you want to get more elaborate, be my guest. ^_^ The guys at the bowling desk are happy little perverts. They'll bring cameras that day if people are coming in bloomers and skirts. You are now warned. XD

I've been wanting to meet fellow Lolitas in non-lolita clothes up here in Washington State/greater Seattle area, USA. I wanted to try and do something fun, a tad unusual. Something like shopping for make-up, accessories, tiny things that don't cost much, then going somewhere to try it all out and see what style goes with what dress or color and so on. A girl's day out, I guess.

I really like putting on make-up and I've been helping out a few people at my work make their feminine war paint less...fiercesome and more natural. I have a lot of easy to remember make-up tricks that seems to work for everyone I taught them too. I did learn to put make up on by myself and I don't do this for a living so I'm no pro. Also I'm sure there are other girls who wants to come who can put make-up on better than me, more economically, have lots of beauty tips and tricks, or making perfectly plucked eyebrows and so on.

I have dark skin so I might be able to help those who have a darker complexion find something that'll look natural on them.

I work in a small bowling alley/restaurant/bar/casino so I can easily reserve a portion of the bowling area for a party for a discount. Only the bar and casino needs photo I.Ds. Everywhere else it's all ages. So you can even bring children.

Bring the boys! In fact, if I can get my boyfriend to wake up before 1pm there probably would be at least one of them coming along. We don't have to bowl. ^_^ Especially if people want to come in full lolita gear.

Transportation: I have my own car and it can fit five, including me. If people are coming in elaborate dresses, it can only fit four, unless you want to crumple up your skirts. There is several buses that passes by the business regularly to get to the West Seattle Junction.

The casino cage personal will also call a taxi for you for a 10 dollar deposit. You will get that deposit back once it arrives. The deposit is a precaution because too many patrons just call their friends, father or mother to come after asking the casino cage to call the taxi thus leaving the business to foot the taxi bill.

The bowling alley is:
Roxy's Casino and Restaurant
2823 SW Roxbury ST
Seattle, WA 98126

It's Roxy's Casino and Restaurant (which was once called Roxbury Lanes before the casino was added) not Magic Lanes Casino and Bar. They are both owned by the same people so for some reason RoxburyLane sometimes goes to MagicLanesBowl.com. Oh and the website has not been updated in forever. I can't tell what's going on since the website does not work at all on my computer. Sorry about that.

The Roxy building and sign are royal purple with yellow and red trims. There is a Safeway directly across from Roxy's so if you don't like the restaurant food there's always that. There's also a Shell gas station right next to Roxy's.

Please REMEMBER that Roxy's is on the border of the wealthy West Seattle/Alki Beach and Asian ghetto White Center/Burien border. We regularly get clashes from between these neighborhoods.

There is Outside Security at Roxy's and any suspicious noise or behavior will be reported to a live Surveillence personal. Usually there are several off-the-clock security personals loitering around as well so if you feel threatened don't hesitate to go up to someone at Roxy's and tell them. They'll find the nearest security guy/gal on duty with a radio for you.

DO NOT wander off by yourself after 8pm around White Center. Outside Security WILL walk you to the bus station or over to your car if you ask. All in all, you should be fine if you don't go looking for trouble.

*coughs* I swear I can spell. Honest. Neither can I use HTML right. I think I'll give up on that.

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