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Mary Magdalene Question *answered*

After a long debate over what I should save up for, I found this lovely Mary Magdalene dress:

However, I absolutly fell in love with the one that seems to have long sleeves:

My problem is this: Since I can't read kanji, I've no idea if the long sleeves are a certain style of the dress, or if it's a sort of shirt worn under the dress. Below it, as far as I can tell, it says: アンジェリカラウスボレロとのコーディネート, or angelica burausu borero tono (some sort of grammar thing, I suppose?) koodineeto... So, a coordinate with the angelica onepiece, and... some sort of blouse or bolero? I looked through the blouses and outerwear and didn't find anything that would seem to make the dress look as it does in the second picture. So if anyone could help, I'd really appreciate it. ^__^

And since I'm posting, two more questions (Sorry, but this will be it for now ^^;)

What is the first measurement, and why are the measurements repeated in parenthesis? Thank you in advance! ^___^

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