sherbertsugar (sherbertsugar) wrote in egl,

Question about Kera Shop Angel

Hi EGL, just a few quick-ish questions.

So, basically, i'm going to Japan next year and intend to do a LOT of loli shopping. I was just wondering... what are people's opinions of Kera Shop Angel in Marui Young, Tokyo? The Tokyo Gothic & Lolita Shopping Guide states that it carries a lot of brands such as Victorian Maiden, Mary Magdalene etc. but judging by the pictures on Marui's website, it's pretty small. So, here's what i'd like to know:

-What brands does it mostly stock?
-Does it carry a lot of VM and MM (They are two of my favourite brands)?
-Is it as small as it looks in the pictures? Or are they just old pictures?
-Is it worth going to individual brand shops for VM and MM? (and, if you would be so kind, where can I do this?)
-Any other opinions of Kera Shop Angel and Marui Young in general

Thanks for your time ^o^

Tags: request: store recs/reviews
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