Welcome, and Happy 2020!

Hi, all,

Hope everyone had a wonderful 2019 and is looking forward to a happy 2020 filled with new frills and new friends!

As we prepare to start the new year, I wanted to take this opportunity to announce our next monthly theme. January's theme is...


It's that time of year again- let's show off our lolita wardrobes! Feel free to share as much (or as little) of your closet as you'd like with the community. All are welcome, whether you're a longtime lolita with an enviable collection or a new member of the fashion with a lovingly created budding wardrobe. You can also share your closet layout or storage solutions, and this would also be the perfect time of year to raise any questions about how to build or manage your lolita wardrobe. If you're not sure where to start, or if the thought of hauling out every decoden ring fills you with dread, feel free to share a selection of your favorite items! There are no rules for your wardrobe post (live dangerously!), but we encourage you to use the tags community: wardrobe post and theme: january so others can easily locate the wardrobe post you worked so hard on.

The wardrobe theme has been an annual event on EGL since 2011, when our old admin, laiferr, introduced the theme. It's been a staple- and without a doubt, our most popular theme- in the ensuing eight years! Who could have predicted this little theme would turn into such a robust tradition?! If you'd like some inspiration for formatting your post, or to moon over wardrobes of years past, you can check out this tag or this tag.

Additionally, we know the wardrobe theme brings many new posters and members to the community. Please take a second to familiarize yourself with the community rules before posting! Most importantly, please remember you can only have one (1) image outside of your LiveJournal cut, and the image should be no larger than 500px wide by 800px high!

2011 was also your idiot author's first year participating in the theme and embarrassingly, I haven't participated since >_< Maybe this year....? Though I'm positive I've said that every year since 2011 and you see where that's gotten us.

Cupcake Kamisama's 2020 Wardrobe Post

* image by Mimi Jamora

I was going to post my whole wardrobe post here as well, but somehow LJ keeps saying that my post is too big. I faffed with the photos and the layout for too long to have the energy for more faffing. However, I still wanted to share something here - so for those interested in my wardrobe post, you can find it over on my blog. I hope you like it.

DarkRomantica's Old School Wardrobe 2020

Hello everyone!

January is here again, so time for a wardrobe post. I don’t have the time nor energy to photograph my entire wardrobe, but figured it would be nice to show you pieces of a style I have been wearing a lot this past year: Old School Lolita 🖤
I started blogging again this past year, so if you are interested in seeing this portion of my wardrobe, click here!
Thank you for looking and maybe until next year!

Z's 2019 Wardrobe Post: 10+ Years of Cute

Z's 2019 Wardrobe

Hello folks! You probably don't know me unless you've met me on Lace Market. I'm Z, an antisocialita with no lolita friends or comm, but I've been living the cute life on my own for a looong time. I go full lolita about twice a week, and am sure to dress well every other day too. I have an unhealthy fashion obsession, especially with h.Naoto. Now, you finally get to see my treasures... For my first post ever on LJ, I bring to you my beautiful wardrobe! This is the result of mostly 10+ years of birthdays, Christmases, and events. (Though some of it is from my own compulsive shopping..)
If I'm doing anything wrong here, kindly let me know and I'll try to change it... I have no idea how to do anything on LJ, so I'm not sure if the cuts I put in worked. I also have this on my profile here.

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Who's order is this??

If anyone is around Sydney, Australia and has ordered an Ophelia JSK as well as a sweater, blouse and some kind of fox bag(?) from DevilInspired, I have your order!
I don't know how this happened, but it looks like they mixed up yours and my order. When I received it I was very confused and I checked the shipping details of both orders. It looks like my order, which is a hat from Gardenia, was originally being sent to Erskine Park before the address was changed "at request of the customer" and is now being sent to Sydney.
I also emailed DevilInspired letting them know.
If you know/are this person please contact me! Once the hat has arrived at yours we can swap and then yell at DevilInspired for this mix-up.

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Gwenchan's Wardrobe


This is already my 5th wardrobe post. Last year I had to take a break, because of lack of time, but you can find my 2018 years post here, 2017 here, 2016 here and my 2015 post here .
Last year I finally had more time to sew again, hope to continue it this year, as I have some sewing ideas.
I re-used most of the photos from the last time and only took photos for the new dresses, but added detail shots for all the dresses from my wardrobe, so you can see some special details better.

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My small wardrobe for 2020

For this year's wardrobe post there won't be many updates aside from the fact that I've sold more than half of my main pieces, so the post will be quite short, haha!
I've made two versions of it:

♦ One, here on LJ, for those who like to see only pictures.
♦ And another one on my personal blog, sharing a bit of my personal memories along each piece I've kept on my wardrobe. It's a bit long (and in Portuguese lol), but I hope you'll like it anyway! Click here to go to the my personal blog.

And down here to see only pics anyway. 

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