Is Loligals (AliExpress) reliable ?

Hi, I'm fairly new to Lolita fashion (I started two years ago with simple elements, but now I want to wear full coords) and my only source of income is my student job, which means I can't really spend 400 USD for a dress unless I save for ages. When searching on AliExpress, I stumbled upon a seller named Loligals, which seems like a Taobao reseller or something, and one of their skirts immediately caught my eye :

First, is it Ita ? Secondly, has anyone bought anything from Loligals and is it reliable ?
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Violetnoir’s gothic wardrobe 2020

Sorry for the late post!
Here is my wardrobe, it’s very different to my past posts. I’ve gone from quite a classic wardrobe to a predominantly gothic one. It’s all very monochromatic now and I feel I’ve come full circle since I started out as a gothic lolita over a decade ago.
Wow! My last wardrobe post was in 2016! I did start a post for 2017 but it got abandoned half way through.

Click here for my blog post

My 2020 Old-School Wardrobe Post

After 9(!) years I'm finally back with another belated wardrobe post! I was feeling a bit lazy and ran out of time to make a full post before January ended, but I managed to gather up almost all of my old-school pieces to share. If you're a fan of old and/or crusty and/or weird lolita pieces, you can check out my old-school items by clicking on my fake cut below!

( Follow the fake cut to my blog... )

If you want to check out my old wardrobe post to compare, you can find it here. I still have a handful of cutsews and one dress from that old post, but sadly I don't think any of them made it into this year's wardrobe!
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Sakura Sugiyami's wardrobe post

Hello everyone!
First time posting here, third year of Lolita this year for me and I'm making a wardrobe post regularly on Instagram. Because I really love seeing your wardrobe posts, this year I'd like to share mine, too ^o^
If you like you can check out my current wardrobe post here (main pieces) and in my 'highlights' (blouses, accessories, etc.). This way to get to my last year's wardrobe post (main pieces, the rest can be found in my 'highlights').
Let me know if you have any (coord) tips (especially for my fruit meta dresses as I weren't able to coord them yet), questions or suggestions ^_~
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Hennrie's Wardrobe 2020

Hello, and welcome to my third wardrobe post! My previous two posts can be found here and here. I have changed out a number of my core pieces since the last one, so an update was sorely needed. I really underestimated how much reformatting I had to do, so just please humor me and pretend it's still the evening of the 31st.

If you are interested in seeing any pieces worn, I post coords under the name @ordovicienne.

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