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For Gothic & Lolita Fashion. Hosted by LiveJournal.
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13th-Nov-2019 03:44 pm - Winter Is Coming

Winter is upon us!

How do you like to stay warm in lolita fashion in the winter season? Are there any winter brand releases you're looking forward to? What meets does your comm host when the weather gets cold?

(Apologies for the bare bones formatting, I'll make it spiffier when I get home in a few hours.)
1st-Nov-2019 05:03 pm - Yaplog is Closing
A Chipmunk
Popular Japanese blog platform yaplog will be shutting down at the end of January 2020. This is notable for lolita, because Japanese brands like Angelic Pretty have been posting information about their items to shop yaplog blogs for over a decade. These blogs often can be used to find information about older items, and are one of the sources used for resources like lolibrary.
Yaplog is also home to personal blogs for tons of Japanese lolita, and many "iconic" images of Japanese lolita were lifted from these blogs.

You can read about yaplog closing here:


Make sure you backup your own yaplog (if you have one) before the service ends Friday, January 31, 2020, 12:00
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11th-Sep-2019 09:42 am - The Spoopy Season
Tis Spoopy Season At Last!

Does your comm have any spooky Halloween-themed meets planned throughout September or October?
Do you have any specific Halloween-themed coords you wanna do this season?
Are there any brand Halloween releases you're looking forward to?
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16th-Aug-2019 07:05 pm - How About This Dress for Halloween?
I found this dress. It is a little cute, but also cool.  Do you think it can be a halloween dress?
More images here:
10th-Aug-2019 01:44 pm - Catherine dress (IW) size
Hello here!
I was wondering if somebody has the Catherine Dress fron Innocent World in size M? I have the exact measures listed and I'm worried it would be too tight. Not sure if the size chart is 100% accurate.

Thank you in advance <3

Link to the dress: http://innocent-w.jp/onlineshop/en/_19ss_182602.html
6th-Aug-2019 06:12 pm - Moi-même-Moitié Wardrobe Post
This is my very first wardrope post ever, and it's all about Moi meme moitie!
See it on my Blog - Will of the Forsaken -

You can find me on Instagram
hello everyone.
I recently purchased the ap jewelry OP in blue(pastel) and the pink ruffle skirt version.
now I can easily coordinate a sweet look or bittersweet even BUT I was wondering can I coordinate them in a ''classic'' way?
has anyone tried this? or has anyone have ideas how to achieve a more ''classic'' look?

thanks in advance.

I was looking for the old essay from 1982 Princesses Love Being Mean by Takemoto Novala that someone had translated a long time ago on here. I’m not sure where else to ask since this is a very lolita specific author and the last time someone shared the essay it was on EGL. It seems to have been included in an old list of translated lolita essays but is now broken. So I was wondering if anyone had archived or saved it. If not, that’s a real shame and a loss for the literature and history aspect of this community. Thank you so much for the help!
17th-Feb-2019 04:10 pm - riribbons's 2019 wardrobe! <3

Hey, kinda late to the party but welcome to my 2019's wardrobe post! This is my first year posting so please bear with me. I didn't expected that photographing and editing photos would take so much time, next year I'll probably start taking photos earlier as I only have Sundays free. Anyways, one of my 2019's goals is "getting things done", so even if it's late, there we go!

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Hello. I am very new to Lolita and this is my first post (was lurking in the community for a while drooling over the dresses, haha) and recently I've gotten a JSK to start off. I knew about bodyline being cheap and affordable (I can't get brand dresses, since I am on a limited budget), so I've picked a JSK that I really liked (which is L587). The thing is, the JSK only came in medium and up and I fear it is too big on me as I'm 150cm (4'11 in the US, I believe). I saw other dresses that look very similar (just different prints used) and they go just above the knee on models that are 16cm above my height which makes me believe that this is too big on me and goes way below my knee. Is there any way to resize a dress that is too big on you? Such as altering the straps, etc. I have no experience in sewing and wanted to ask if anyone has tips on how to shorten dresses. Thank you!
7th-Feb-2019 12:39 am - artemis_argyi: 2019 Wardrobe Post
Late to posting and not totally complete, but here's my updated wardrobe post!

Find me as @artemis_argyi on Instagram & Twitter

-- fake cut to my blog --
6th-Feb-2019 01:15 pm - Buttcape's Wardrobe Post 2019

This year's post is embarrassingly late and incomplete, but it's here!

(see it on my blog)
31st-Jan-2019 08:31 pm - Hennrie's Wardrobe 2019

Hello! I’ve been looking forward to making another one of these, but of course I left things until the end of the month again. In terms of main pieces, my wardrobe hasn’t grown too much since my last post since I sold several things. Stylewise, I’ve also mostly stuck to collecting VM and dark/muted solids. But I was able to round things out a lot by focusing more heavily on blouses and accessories, so I’m much happier with it than I was a year ago. Plus I managed to get a few dream/wishlist items, so that helps!

If you are interested in seeing particular pieces worn, my handle for posting coords is @ordovicienne.

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31st-Jan-2019 07:59 pm - Azuki's Wardrobe 2019

Hello! This is my third wardrobe post!
Previous years: 2018 | 2017
I simultaneously participated in @thefabledfawn's #eglwardrobechallenge on Instagram. While it initially sounds like a lot more work, it actually helped break down the enormous task of photographing every item I have into smaller, more manageable parts over multiple days, so I'm actually showing a lot more things that I had before but did not photograph.

Background: I have been interested in lolita since 2001 and finally got the means and motivation to start building a wardrobe in 2013. I primarily wear more mature sweet and classic leaning styles with dark color bases (black, brown, and red especially) but I like to try lots of different things, so there are a wide variety of colors and motifs sprinkled throughout. I have organized the items by type and roughly by color.

Names in italicized text are new for this year.

I frequently enter my historical detective work on Metamorphose items into Lolibrary, so I did the nerdy thing and linked the entries for many items that had them. If you have funds to spare, please consider a Patreon or Paypal donation to this valuable, unique resource that we all take for granted and then complain about when it stops working. It is maintained completely by volunteers, and paid for entirely by donations from the community and the site administrators' own personal funds.

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1st-Feb-2019 12:44 am - WARDROBE POST 2019 ❤
IMG_5316 (2).JPG
Hi! Here's my annual wardrobe post. :D I decided to only take pictures of my strictly lolita brand and wearable items (no novelty items), since I have a lot of handmade/offbrand/other jfashion brand items (mainly accessories) and including them all would make photographing everything quite impossible. I'm very sorry for the sometimes blurry or grayish pictures, it's really hard to take pictures in January, since there isn't much natural light outside.
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Thank you for watching!
1st-Feb-2019 03:45 am - 2019 Wardrobe Post

Welcome to my wardrobe and apologies in advance for the wide variety of outdoor lighting and reflections. My style seems to have become a little of everything, despite my insistence that I'm still a gothic lolita who dabbles in sweet and classic.

Main pieces and selected blouses below the cut!Collapse )

Like most people, I've moved to Instagram for daily outfits and general online interactions, but it's still nice to see wardrobe post month on egl.

This year I'm going to be trying, as always, to part with the things that I don't wear as often or have fallen out of love with, and acquire items to coordinate the dresses and skirts I do want to wear in more different ways.

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