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Unreleased Items You Wish Were Released?

I was looking through some of my old (ouch) AP catalogs and in one of them from 2014 there was this marshmallow bag pictured with the re-release of magical etoile. I realized that I don't remember ever seeing this bag, and after looking through lolibrary and a couple google searches, I don't think AP ever released this bag?

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Question for brands/seamstresses/designers

Hi everyone! Recently I’ve been looking more into how Lolita dresses are made, and I had no idea that some brands had designers separate from the seamstresses! I’m working on my first design today and I was wondering..

Can I partner with a seamstress to become a brand? In theory of course, I’d need to work more on designing more dresses, blouses, etc..
Can I apply to be a designer for an already existing brand?

I want to learn more about how it works and how I can become more involved ^^
Here’s my design so far 💕


Looking for Indie/Small Lolita brands!

Hi, I was wondering if there was a place I could look for small owned Lolita brands ! Especially US based ^^

I live in New York, and there’s a store nearby named Sweet Poison Cupcake! They sell bodyline and other Lolita clothes, and I started looking online for small brands to support, but most of them are Japan-based or etsy stores that aren’t running anymore.

I was also looking for a store where I could model for :)) either online or at an event near where I live! I’ve always wanted to be a Lolita model
And I’m really just doing it for the experience so I can get myself out there ^^
I have previous experience which you can see on my Instagram
@justice_modeling 💕

I’m also an artist!! If there are small businesses that are jut starting up, I can do logos, character design, anything you’d like !! :-)
My Instagram for that is @peach.ytime

Help about Alice + Fururn


I'm looking for a dress and I found it on a Japanese store: Alice + Fururun

 About 8 years ago, i bought a BABY dress on this site. I returned to this site but I have the impression that this store looks inactive.


 I would like to know what you think? 

Are some of you bought on this site recently? 

 Thank you for your help.

Z's 2021 Wardrobe

wardrobe cover.png

Sneaking in at (beyond) the last second is Z's wardrobe, for the second year in a row!
It looks like I skipped a year because we all said "2019" last year. I swear this is two in a row! Do we all just want to pretend 2020 didn't happen?

I was super busy this month so I'm late getting this up, and the lighting is awful, and nothing is arranged nice, and I skipped some categories, and.... Excuse me.

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Old School Lolita Wardrobe 2021

Sadly I missed making a wardrobe post for the first time last year, but this year I'm back with a video for the first time!
This is just part 1, I still need to edit my tops and accessories, those clips have a lot less talking haha. Sorry I'm a little awkward ;;

You can also see my wardroe on my webpage Cynical Neo Princessism, although I still need to add some photos and newer additions as I've been focusing more on my video.
p.s. If you have any info on an item that I didn't includ please let me know!