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Yaplog is Closing

Popular Japanese blog platform yaplog will be shutting down at the end of January 2020. This is notable for lolita, because Japanese brands like Angelic Pretty have been posting information about their items to shop yaplog blogs for over a decade. These blogs often can be used to find information about older items, and are one of the sources used for resources like lolibrary.
Yaplog is also home to personal blogs for tons of Japanese lolita, and many "iconic" images of Japanese lolita were lifted from these blogs.

You can read about yaplog closing here:


Make sure you backup your own yaplog (if you have one) before the service ends Friday, January 31, 2020, 12:00
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Does anyone have the old Novala essay Princesses Love Being Mean saved?


I was looking for the old essay from 1982 Princesses Love Being Mean by Takemoto Novala that someone had translated a long time ago on here. I’m not sure where else to ask since this is a very lolita specific author and the last time someone shared the essay it was on EGL. It seems to have been included in an old list of translated lolita essays but is now broken. So I was wondering if anyone had archived or saved it. If not, that’s a real shame and a loss for the literature and history aspect of this community. Thank you so much for the help!

riribbons's 2019 wardrobe! <3

Hey, kinda late to the party but welcome to my 2019's wardrobe post! This is my first year posting so please bear with me. I didn't expected that photographing and editing photos would take so much time, next year I'll probably start taking photos earlier as I only have Sundays free. Anyways, one of my 2019's goals is "getting things done", so even if it's late, there we go!

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