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16th-Jul-2014 10:14 pm - Antaina Shoe Sizes once and for all!

Hello you guys!

So, I'm a EU size 42-43 (US 10,5. My feet are 28 cm), and I'm looking to purchase a pair of Antaina shoes, but I cannot for the life of me figure out if they usually run small, or just right! Last time I ordered a pair of their shoes in a size 42, and they were small enough that they were unwearable to me. This time I don't want to end up with a pair of shoes that are 1or 2 sizes too small again, so I'm a little unsure if I should buy them in size 43 or 44. I don't want to be swimming in my shoes, but I'm so tired of buying shoes, looking forward to receiving them and then finding that they're too small again! This has happened to me 3 times now! (2 times were with Bodyline)

What's your advice for me? What's your experience with Antaina? I've tried contacting them through email to get some assistance in finding the perfect fit, but they're not responding.


I got in contact with Miss Yoyo from Antaina, and she claims I should get a size 47! That's far above a size 44. I'm awaiting her response, because now I'm really confused!

[pixel] Cherry Blossom Road
Hi all  :) I've tried searching and didn't get too much on the 2 main questions I have:

With the tea parties (off-brand) ankle strap - does that do anything or just for looks? And how is the 2 main straps - crossed or uncrossed - do they secure your foot in the shoe?

I have Shoes251 from Bodyline, in every colour besides dark pink. When I received my "Sax" version, it came out more like mint. Which is fine but leaves me with no sax/purple (as they don't make purple/lilac). So I was thinking the other types of tea party shoes to get the sax and lilac I am after to finish my shoe-want-list :D

Shoes251 fit perfectly (I have 25cm size foot, and bodylines 251 are in 25 too, fit with some room at the end for innersoles + socks/stockings and still room to wiggle my toes ^^). I was worried what size (I'm thinking 41 since people said they run small, and I like to be able to move my toes and not get sore big toes) and if the ankle strap does anything other than look good? I tend to slip out of the back of shoes if they don't have that V type of shape at the back. If they have straps that go over the front (like 251) and are close to my leg when done up (if that makes sense) rather than further down my foot (can't wear Shoes261 because of the straps being too far to the end of the foot-showing-area), then I'm fine :) Shoe doesn't stay behind and my heel doesn't slip around.

Thankyou so much in advance! Oh and I'm making an order in Taobao, so feel free to link me anything that might help :D 

I would like to post about my personal experience with Linda Sunx and her website, as well as review the quality of the shoes I received from An*Tai*Na in my order!

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4th-Mar-2013 07:27 pm - I'm so confused
I was browsing An*tai*na* yesterday and found these shoes that I absolutely LOVE. The problem is I don't know how I'll get the right ones. I want these closed toed sandal looking ones with a low wedge(?), but they have pictures of shoes with a higher wedge, a heel, or neither, and some of them look a bit different. (Some lace up, some don't; some are opened toed, others closed ect.) And the only colors are in pink or blue, and I'd love them in plain white. So, how do I get the right ones and do you think they'd make them in white? (These ones, The tenth picture is what I want) Google didn't help much, most of it was for thai food. Oh! One more thing, do they take Hong Kong Dollars or chinese yen? So sorry for all the questions.
Hello Everybody!

I'll be quick, I ordered on September 5 directly with them through email and paypal ($ 100 USD), they gave me the tracking number, I don't know what the hell happened in China Post that many packages were stuck.
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11th-Aug-2011 12:14 am - Qutieland / Antaina Tea Party Review
I just received my new Antaina Tea Party Shoes! Yayness!
If only they could have arrived in time for Hyper Japan :c
Oh well. They are so cute though! Very very excited to have my first pair!

I got them in pink matte and in the flat heel style. I'll post more pictures at a later date. 

(My cuts don't seem to be working at the moment, so I'll add more when I get that working n-n;)

Shoes: 4.9 /5

I love them SO much! They are really really cute, they are really soft and comfortable,
and they have those pop-on and off snap things. This is really good because you only
ever have to do up your buckles once, reducing damage from messing about with straps, 
and also reducing the time it takes to put them on and take them off. 
You can wear them with the front straps crossed or straight,
and you can remove the ankle strap. The bows, however, are not removable.
The bows on the back of the shoes are a little crooked and weird looking but I don't find this a huge problem.

Shipping: 4.9 /5
Ordered on 2011-06-26. Received on 2011-08-09.
This is about two weeks after the making time,
but I understand they need time to process the order and for shipping.
It would have been nice to have an estimated delivery time
but they gave a tracking number so I was happy with that.
The packaging was very crushed in transit but luckily the shoes were not damaged.
It came in a shoebox, the shoes were in individual plastic bag things.
The box was in a bag as well with the shipping details attached to it in a plastic wallet.
Hey egl.. So, this happened to me this weekend during a photoshoot..

this is actually really dangerous and I'm surprised I didn't break my ankle, considering how high they are..Collapse )

Basically what happened was, I was sitting down on an essentially flat rock (which was probably a bad idea in the first place) and when I got up, I fell over and I looked down and that happened.

I know I should take it to a cobbler to fix, of course, but what I would like to know is if this has happened to anyone else (any brand or style, not just my specific pair), and how often this happens? Basically, I just want to know if it's worth getting fixed. Now, I should say, I hardly EVER wear these (partially because they hurt my feet and uneven ground is super hard to walk on). I can count on one hand the amount of times I've worn these, so it is definitely not due to wear. I paid a good chunk of change for these and as much as I like them and want to get them fixed, I don't want to if it's just going to keep happening.

25th-May-2011 10:10 pm - Secret shop vs antaina shoes
Hi all,
I searched through memories but i wanted a more specific answer. I wanted to know which shop is better for these frilly rhs shoes: secret shop or antaina?

And also if im a 24,5 should I go to a 25 or 25.5?
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