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July's theme is Vintage
For lolitas on a budget, vintage items are often a godsend: they match the aesthetic of our fashion, and they put even Taobao's prices to shame! This month, share your favorite vintage finds, your best vintage hunting grounds, or your cutest guide for lolifying a vintage piece. If you don't want to make a post of your own, feel free to discuss it with the rest of the community on this post.

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In light of the fact that her physical storefront and online shop have recently closed with no notice to customers, please be aware that mariko_senpai (aka "Marie" or "One Day in Paradise") is currently banned from the sales community due to her failure to return consigned items, refund pre-order payments, and ship outstanding orders.

If you have an order pending with this seller, we strongly urge you to file a PayPal dispute with no delay. To date, she has been unresponsive to both moderator and customer attempts to contact her and this is your best avenue to pursue to obtain a refund. Her physical location is in Australia, so if you are close to her and in a situation where a PayPal dispute would not help (e.g. she has items of yours for consignment or you paid for a pre-order item too long ago for the PayPal dispute window to apply), we suggest contacting local law enforcement authorities for assistance.

If you require any additional assistance, please feel free to comment on either this post (comments are screened) or the community's Anonymous Report Center. That way, you won't have to risk your comment getting lost in a mod's spam inbox or wait for a mod to come online.
7th-Jun-2014 02:41 pm(no subject)
im trying to create an account for Juliette et Justine and im confused on what to put in the second part of the address section
This one(the one highlighted in blue):Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 9.38.34 AM
do i write my address again or do you write something else there?
Thanks in advance
12th-May-2014 08:14 pm - Ordering in items from Angelic Pretty
Hi guys, I decided to get the Magical Etoile JSK and headbow in navy, unfortunately I missed out on the headbow, but it says it's available to order in. I just waded through bad google translations and several wild guesses to order the jumperskirt, but when I try order the headbow the only payment option is "代金引換" which according to Google is cash on delivery. Obviously I know I can't choose that option. Has anyone used this option before, and how long does it take to order stuff in,, or do you just have to wait for items to come back in their own time? Any help figuring this out would be much appreciated. Thanks!
5th-May-2014 05:29 pm - Magic Tea Party Question
Hello everyone!
First post here, hope everything's allright! :D

I have a question about taobao brand Magic Tea Party. Did anyone order from them? Is the quality ok? I really like their floral dresses, but can't find any reviews or real photos.
Thank you very much and have a nice day! :D
Hello! I've run into a bit of an issue ordering from Innocent World and I was hoping that the community could help me figure out a solution...

Please click to read more about my problem...Collapse )

TL;DR: Can I cancel my reserved LP from IW without getting banned? Will they understand that it was a mistake that my boyfriend and I double-ordered lucky packs?
12th-Dec-2013 04:57 pm - Ordering from Infanta
I was curious what the best way to order this dress was, or if anyone has it and wants to sell. Any color really will do, same goes for the design I just love the print!

Heres the dress

cherry lolita
Since EMS is a pretty popular shipping option for Lolitas getting items from Japan, I thought I'd ask here: In your opinion, how much does the holiday season impact EMS shipping times for you? Do your items come in later than usual, or on time? If they come in later and you tend to watch your tracking, do things get slowed down more on the Japanese end of things, or in your home country?

I'm asking because this is my first time trying to order from Japan on a deadline during this time of the year, and I'm sort of desperately hoping that my item will come in time for ILD on December 7th. I live in New England, and most of my EMS packages take 4-6 days to get in, but I'm a little concerned that my last-minute order might not come in due to the postal hell that makes up Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. 
30th-Sep-2013 05:28 pm - Is Haenuli still accepting orders?
In early August 2013 I was trying to place an order for two JSKs and some tights from Haenuli, and she was very responsive at first. I was trying to see what she had in stock, and nail down my final order over a few emails back and forth. When we had my full order figured out, I stopped getting a response. I've since sent three follow up emails inquiring about an invoice or if my order was ever going to be processed, and still have not heard back.

I saw there was a new print announced a few weeks ago, but even before that I still had not received responses after my last communication in mid-August. I even tried sending from a different email address in case my email wasn't getting through for some reason. We're now going into October and I'm wondering if something happened, or if she's decided to close up shop? I really can't figure out an explanation.

Has anyone had a similar experience?
4th-Sep-2013 08:14 am - IW Order Help : (
After placing an order from IW for an OP back in July, I have yet to receive the invoice or be contacted after one email:

So I had placed an order for IW's Marie Bell OP in black during the sale back in July. The dress was exactly what I wanted and paypal money in hand I placed an order for international buyers on July 21st. I got the auto reply email the same day and an email on August 1rst saying the other item I had ordered that was on sale was sold out. Ok, no problem there, I'll just get the dress then. The dress wasn't on sale and I'm wondering how much of a difference that makes, but they said the dress would be back from the warehouse that Thursday. Alright! no problem there, now I just need to wait for the invoice.

I contacted them August 21rst via the email thread and via their contact form asking about the status of the order, including dates, order number etc. I was informed that they only have 1 English speaker taking care of international orders, so it's understandable that things could take awhile. At this point I have had fellow lolitas receive their orders from around the same time and after ordering from me and up til today have still not received any reply from either avenues. I'm rather bummed overall since I ordered from them last year and everything got taken care of within the week. The holiday season is coming up too and the meet I had wanted the dress for is this month. I understand that such things take time and want to be more patient and running a business that deals with international orders is doubly busy, but at this point I'm ready to call it quits on the order but now fear that I might be banned for canceling an order. I like their clothes and don't want to get myself in a bind. Has anyone else had the same problem as me or are experiencing lack of communication on their part? Any help in this would be great before I decide on canceling.
22nd-Jul-2013 05:38 pm - Swimmer Suicase Pricing?
Hello! I am planning for my upcoming Tokyo trip and thinking about the best way to get as much clothing home on the plane as possible. I am trying to decide between bringing a small empty suitcase, or purchasing one of those cute ones from Swimmer while I am there. However, I can't seem to find any on the website, and I would really like to know how much they cost before I forgo bringing my ugly one. Could anyone tell me roughly what the price range for the Swimmer rolling suitcases is? Or if there are any other shops in Tokyo that carry cute rolling cases? Thank you so much!
1st-Jun-2013 03:32 am - Surface Spell Question
Purple, Flowers, Secret Garden, Door, Steps
Hello all!  I was wondering if anyone could answer for me a question about Surface Spell.  I'm really loving their new stuff and want to order from them, but when I was talking to TaoBaoSpree, they told me that Surface Spell doesn't do custom sizing, only Surface Spell Gothic does.  I'm wondering if this is true, or if they really can do custom sizing.  Is there a way to confirm/deny this?  Should I ask another shopping service?  Should I maybe even go through a service like Qutieland?  Any help would be much appreciated! <3

Has anyone dealt with an order from AP International being returned to the sender?
I made a mistake in my shipping address - accidentally used my hometown zip code instead of my college city zip, and while I've done this once before and my mail came just fine as someone had written in the right address at the postal service, I wasn't as lucky this time and my tracking number tells me on March 30th it was returned to the sender.
I checked their International Shipping Center website and it said if a package is returned to them, they will inform you if a package gets returned to them and will re-send it so long as you pay shipping, and after 30 days they will either destroy the package or return it to the sender (AP).
I tried using a contact form for the shipping center to tell them my package is being sent back and that I will re-pay for shipping, so that they're aware of the situation and should expect it being returned to them, but I haven't gotten a response and I wrote it early last week.
I'll post updates should something similar happen to someone else in the future!

cut for updates on my stressful adventure!Collapse )
6th-Apr-2013 03:22 pm - A question about Qutieland...
Is it normal for them to take a long time to send you a confirmation email?

I ordered the Classical Puppets Daily Bell Shape petticoat on March 31st, yet still no confirmation email. They said it should take up to 3 business days but it's been 6 now. I sent them an email asking about it, but they haven't responded to that either. I just want to confirm and pay so I can have my petticoat made.

Should I be worried?
26th-Mar-2013 08:21 pm - Angelic Pretty Payment Issue?
When I went to check the status of my order with Angelic Pretty International, I noticed that it said I didn't pay for Shipping on my order when I have. I've messaged them back and sent a screen capture of the proof of payment for shipping, But I also noticed that the price for shipping they charged me the day of the order, was different then what it Said I owed them. I also made note of that in my e-mail that also owed me the difference for over charging me on shipping. THEN I noticed they charged me for a pair of tights I didn't manage to get...

So my question is, has this ever happened to anyone? And how long does it usually take for them to resolve the issue?
8th-Mar-2013 11:13 am - Baby, you got some funny wording...
I placed some orders during Baby's Sale and HURRAH, they got back to me today. But I'm having a little trouble knowing exactly what they would like for me to do.

The whole story. Help?Collapse )
26th-Feb-2013 06:49 pm - Ordering with BTSSB
Hi EGL, just a quick post to ask about your experiences ordering online from BTSSB. I ordered a JSK from their sale on Feb 1st and after waiting a while for my invoice I sent payment on Feb 15th. I haven't heard anything since they sent my invoice and I emailed them to inquire when my order would be sent on Feb 22nd, no reply as yet.

Is this highly common? I assume it has something to do with the sale and receiving numerous orders. This is the first time I have bought from Baby's online shop so I thought I would ask.

Thanks everyone xo
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