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Camilla d'Errico Iguana
What are the odds of ever getting my hands on the Scent of Rapunzel jsk version II?

I have NEVER seen this dress for sale ever, and barely see the other cut of this dress go up either. I just parted with my black and pink version I today and hope to find it again on the other style one day.

Has anyone ever seen this for sale?

Hello lolita ladies. Long time no see. This is Marie from lolita shop name; Marchen die Prinzesdin.
While it is getting cold since it is close to get winter. I was so tempted in fairy tales so decide to design
something special for einter but also wearable in other season.
I was so amazed by balle of Nutcracker so had to design with it.
Had to watch it more than 8 times but it was making me mire fall in love with it.

Hope you girls also like it. :)
See the pictures :D Images are heavy.Collapse )

Thank you for watching! XD
26th-Sep-2014 02:35 pm - Bodyline Horrors and USPS Customs
Hello everyone,
Sweet Kohana or Kohana here. I'm posting this simply to express how I'm feeling and how I completely understand how people feel when they have the same problem. So I'm going to get started. (Warning, may be slight ranting here and there)

I made my first purchase from Bodyline roughly a month ago. The shipping out of Japan was normal and not too big a deal, it did take a little while but that didn't bother me. Once it reached customs I was overjoyed, "YES my dress is actually in the US already! I'm so excited!" Well...that's when things sort of went down the drain. My package arrived at customs on Sept 4th. I waited about a week and had enough saved up to then get a blouse. Ironically my blouse came almost instantly and that was strange to me, because my blouse was ordered after and used AIR like my dress. So I continued to check back every day and finally on the 14th day I decided...mmm maybe I should call the USPS postal services. I called and told them what was going on and they told me "Your dress may have just not gotten scanned while your blouse did. Your dress should be sent out to you any day." Which I still found strange because my blouse was ordered a week after my dress...So it took them more than a week to scan it while it took my blouse a day? Anyway, so I waited and waited and a woman called me and told me that I should not have to wait this long and it had been more than 30 days since I ordered my package, so something needs to be done. Well after checking, she suggested that maybe it was lost and that I would have to give her the senders name,address, and so on so forth. Which luckily, because I have a package from bodyline that my blouse came in, I could just sent her a picture of all of the shipping information as well as message her the information I did know.

Here's where things got absolutely ridiculous. So after about 4 days from sending her the message without any response from anyone I tried calling the number she provided. I was then told that all the people were busy on this line and their business hours. And that I should call back another time. Well I was calling during their business hours so...that was strange hm. So I decided I'd wait a day and call back again...still busy. I even tried calling every other hour or so in hopes of a response. So I decided, mmm maybe this lady is really really busy. So I decided to call the USPS postal customs again. This time the person told me that the package was most likely lost and that I should file a claim, but I would need to sender to file it first. I checked on the bodyline website and noticed they said they do not do claims because "Their time is more valuable than the money they may receive"...Well everyone's time is valuable...but okay. So I told the customs person that they did not do claims and even quoted that line. He said "Well that's strange, by law of International (Something something...Sorry, he had a strong southern accent) that they are required to do a claim if something is lost in customs even if it is in the US from anywhere. So I passed on the message to bodyline of what was going on. I didn't include the whole "You are REQUIRED" (That's how the guy said it...almost as if he's trying to say,They must be kidding themselves and it upset him a bit.) I felt it would be rude, but I did tell them that it was indeed lost in customs. Well 5 days response. While I was waiting on my dress my mother noticed I was feeling a little down and actually ordered me some socks to go with my dress when it did get here. Well the socks just passed through customs today and when she told me it was more of a slap in the face than anything else...
I do like bodylines dresses, don't get me wrong. I think they're very cute and I'm kind of on a budget and can't sew amazing well. ( I can sort of but I'd hate to make a dress that looks like a mess.) I used my debit card and it is not linked to a paypal account, so I'm not sure how to go about it.

Update as of a few minutes of posting this.
My mother ( oh god my moms in this now) decided to take it upon herself to call customs herself. They told her about the International Law thing I stated above and my mother contacted bodyline stating that they were required by law to file a claim. She told me worse case scenario she would try and see if our bank could do anything about it and have me just get another one of the dresses I ordered. Well I bought the Squirrel Party dress in blk. I prefer to wear black in the winter because to me pink is more of a spring color. Don't get me wrong, I love pink. I'd just rather wear black, or deep red (not like bright red, deep red.) and maybe navy blue in the winter. Anywho, so many of you may know this if you've been to bodylines website recently. That the Squirrel Party print was actually flipped on the dress. Well...that's great. I explained to my mom that though I loved the dress, I didn't want to buy it if I knew the print was flipped ahead of time. With other prints I may not have cared but this print actually had lettering in it which meant the lettering was flipped. *pout* I had hopes that I may have ordered my dress before the print was flipped but I'm guessing I was one of the ones who ordered one right as they were selling the flipped print ones. Which btw, I wonder how they managed to get the dress and mail it out...without realizing the print was flipped. Oh well, they apologized so that makes it okay right?
I'm hoping bodyline won't get upset with me about all this but it is very stressful. I've decided that now because I have a job interview coming up I may just stop buying from bodyline and save up to get something from BTSSB or Angelic Pretty.
Wow, that was a lot. If you made it through all this, thank you. And if you've had the same problem. I'm SO SORRY you had to go through this same thing. I know personally, this was REALLY stressful and I'd hate for others to share in the same fate.

Update Sept 30: So today I actually received a message from the lady again who told me it was lost and she said. WELLLL Sorry. I should have never said lost and that my package had actually just got scanned and was leaving LA on it's way up north. Needless to say, my mom and I were overjoyed. Now my only worry is what the dress will look like and I'm hoping it won't be beat up or damaged. So I suppose if anyone wants me to, I can do a review when it gets here with pictures of the dress ( I know there are a lot of Squirrel Party Reviews), but since the print is most likely flipped I can review that. IDK. ^_^ Thank you everyone who commented!!

Hello, Ladies. Long time no see. :3
This is 'Marchen die Prinzessin' owner Marie writing.
How are you? It is auturm in Korea. It's cool in the mornings and evenings.
We have update new design 'Goldean Bow Tartan'.
I use gold bow button and gold thread fabric. It's a twinkle! +_+

Does it look good? Hope you girls can enjoy this. :)

See the pictures :D Images are heavy.Collapse )

Thank you for watching! XD
Hello everyone, it drives me crazy when I see a dress/print I really like but don't know where it's from, know the name, or can't find it anywhere. I'd really appreciate if anyone could shed some light on these mystery prints for me, thanks!

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12th-Sep-2014 10:28 pm - JSKs without blouses?
(Just a foreword, it's my first time posting here, so sorry if I break any rules)

I'm getting a co-ordinate together for something in November, and so far, there's a JSK, tights, shoes (coming), and a few accessories (No head-thing/petticoat yet). I know a bit about lolita fashion, and I understand that usually, blouses are worn under JSKs.

Here's the problem-- I'm Australian, and I have no idea how hot it'll be (It'll be late spring, when it starts to get pretty hot). So, in cases like this, is it okay to forgo the blouse, or is there any alternatives to wearing one. Or can I get recommendations for cheap sheer blouses?

The dress is Putumayo's Classical Time JSK in black
Hello :) This is my first ever post in here since I only just bought items for my first ever lolita coord! I've been looking around for a while and decided to get a whole outfit from Taobao, so I thought i'd also make this a sort of review post.
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Hello, girls! This is 'Marchen die Prinzessin' owner Marie.

How are you? I was made 'The Goose Girl' fairy tales print.

I glad to show this dress, and I hope to you'll like this dress and pictures.
( See the pictures :) (Pictures are many and it can be heavy)Collapse )

Thank you for watching! <3
3rd-Jul-2014 01:52 pm - The beginnings of my first coord(s)
Hello! I am a relatively new to the lolita community. I've been lurking around, reading and joining comms for a little over six months and really thinking hard about starting to actually join and purchase pieces.I've decided to go with Bodyline first my first purchases because I've heard that it's a pretty decent site for beginners.

I would like to ask for your opinions, and constructive criticism of the pieces I'm about to buy.

Pieces here...Collapse )
Back in Late April/Early May, I posted a request for measurements from the girls on the comm that were a size 00-0-2, and after a few months, I finally have some pictures to show for it. Your measurements were incredibly helpful, and I couldn't have completed this without your help.

For those that wanted to see the results...Collapse )

Hello, girls! This is 'Marchen die Prinzessin' owner Marie.
How are you? Korea weather is very terrible. The fine day and wet day is fickle.

I was made jam jar and ribbon motive print. This is my first original work! I glad to show this dress. XD

We'll announce the 'Emilie' model picture on every day while reservation period when our facebook and my livejournal.
I hope to you'll like this dress and pictures.
See the pictures :) (Pictures are many and it can be heavy)Collapse )

Thank you for watching! <3

Hello Girls, this is Haenuli :D How are you?
I am glad to show my another new design again :) I had dream with mermaid print since I start to print my original print
The little mermaid took really long time cause I didn;t want to make fishy smell dress XD
So let me show you how the dress get finished

Look for our new catalog :D!!!Collapse )
FB Head

Hello! I am Nanthanit from PIRIYA boutique. I would like to present our new collection "Dazzling Sun"
This collection comprise of long OP which is ispired from Chemise a la reine, two choices of classy straw hat, wrist cuffs with small roses attached, and lacy frills bloomer. Any of them is easy to match with other garments you already have and they can go with every occasion from picnic to elaborate tea party, depending on how you coord it

Please enjoy the photos!Collapse )
After reading through a couple of Throw-back Thursdays, I noticed a trend in the early years on EGL. Because brand was so scarce in the states for so long, coords and closets were populated with salvaged/home-made jsks and OPs, square dance dresses re-purposed, and a whole host of things most lolitas these days wouldn't touch with a 20 foot pole. However, for the thrifty, the crafty, or just the desperate, these outlets can still be a good wardrobe filler with a little modification. Let me show you some stuff I've found, and some stuff I've modified!

With bonus last-minute florals!Collapse )

Hello, girls! This is 'Marchen die Prinzessin' owner Marie.
We're announce the 2nd Summer Special Offer Dress 'Cherry Girl'  today.
I was going to concurrently announce the Stripe Sailor and Cherry Girl dress last week, but I delayed the release because making cherry girl sample is late. ;_;

Instead, We're leisurely took a model picture. Concept is cherry girl's forest picnic!
I like this photo color and feel. Picture is very beautiful!! +_+

I'm happy to show all the pictures to you. Hope you girls can enjoy this!
Thank you! :)

See the pictures :) (Pictures are many and it can be heavy)Collapse )

Thank you for watching! XD
It says the bust size is 100cm. Is that the max size or would it have more give? (Or should I just go with the free size of the OP because if I'm realistic without some major modification my 111cm bust isn't fitting into the jsk).

Hello! I would like to introduce you to a new and improved Etsy-based indie brand, Clock Monster Clothing!

logo purple

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Posted with permission by milkteamilk

Hi everybody! I was looking through my GLB scans collection and I stumbled upon this dress and fell in love. I can't read Japanese, so I wasn't able to find out anything about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any help! Also, I've put together a collection of some amazing photos I found too. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Click for some amazing photoshoots!Collapse )
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