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19th-Sep-2013 10:04 pm - NEWER English Charm reviews?
Shiro Loli
I'm think about getting the Classic JSK w/o lining in black from English Charm. But I'm wondering if there are any reviews for their JSK? The only reviews I can find are years old. Well, I did only found one review of a JSK, but it was a custom design, not from their catalog,and not very recent.

My Google-fu's been failing me, so if you guys can find any reviews, or if you own a JSK by English Charm (Classic style or other) and have an opinion, please share it!
In January, I placed an order with English Charm to have a custom-designed JSK made. Someone asked when I mentioned it a few weeks ago on one of the EGL Free-For-Alls to post a review of the experience, and I haven't seen any reviews for EC's commissioned items before (though I've seen a few reviews for the brand). I thought I would share my experience with everyone and maybe show off my new jsk a little

Review under cut!Collapse ).
I recently placed an order for English Charm's "Semi-Stiff Bonnet", and thought it would be nice to share my experience with the store!

Cut for the review~Collapse )
10th-Jul-2012 02:54 pm - Two reviews- both positive!
(Also posted in Lolita Review)

I just typed up two reviews for items I purchased from English Charm and Princess Pearl Designs over at my wordpress blog:
2nd-Mar-2011 03:22 pm - English Charm Petticoat Review
I have a positive (it won't sound positive at first, but trust me it is) review for English Charm! Please take a look under the cut! (Picture heavy)

I'ma cutchuCollapse )

(On a side note: LJ did NOT want to upload these pictures into this post. I started typing this post yesterday afternoon and didn't finish it till just now. What gives LJ? Are the pictures too big?)
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