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Theme for January
Please check the community rules before posting or commenting in this community.

egl features a monthly theme, in which everyone is welcome to participate!
Not all community posts have to be on theme; the themes are just to give people inspiration and excuses to post! Everyone is welcome to submit theme ideas in this post. If you want to submit artwork for next months layout, please check this post.

January's theme is Wardrobe
It's that time of year again to show off your lolita wardrobe! Feel free to share with the community what you have in your closet - whether it be every single item you've had after being in the fashion for years, or your first piece of lolita that you just picked up! Either way, the EGL community looks forward to taking a peak inside your wardrobe. If you don't want to make a whole post dedicated to your clothes, feel free to comment on the monthly theme post here!.

• Please familiarize yourself with the list of banned sellers/scammers over at egl_comm_sales right here.
4th-Aug-2013 04:25 pm - How to contact Merryberryjelly?
Hello! This is my first time posting here so I hope that I'm doing it right. I'm currently looking to get in touch with indie brand/designer Merryberryjelly as I have been trying to contact them for a few months now.

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Fancy Lyrical Bunny
EDIT: ITEM WAS PICKED UP, I assume she's ok since her signature was recorded down.

Thanks to everyone who tried to help. (=゚ω゚)ノ
Hello Everybody!

I'll be quick, I ordered on September 5 directly with them through email and paypal ($ 100 USD), they gave me the tracking number, I don't know what the hell happened in China Post that many packages were stuck.
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24th-Jul-2012 03:46 pm - Potential Phishing Scam from EGL
Hi everyone. This post was approved by wonderfinch.

Just wanted to alert you guys to a possible phishing scam that I found when I searched my PP account address on Google yesterday.

This website came up:
Google Translator:
(If someone here reads Arabic and can translate, please help us out)

I noticed some other e-mails from EGL just from the business I have conducted here over the years. I recommend that if you see your e-mail on this list, you may want to contact Paypal about this and change your password if you haven't changed it since Fall of 2010. Paypal might not do anything about it, but I told them I thought it might be an attack on their servers so who knows...maybe they can have the page pulled from the domain?

I was actually hacked last Fall when someone tried to purchase two $50 gift cards from eBay with my PP...luckily, I noticed right away and had the charges reversed. It may have been related to this. Anyway, hope this information is helpful! Spread the word if you recognize a friends e-mail!

21st-Apr-2012 01:42 am -
edwardian lady
Hey, ladies.
You're probably already sick of all these threads, but just thought I'd share before someone gets in trouble. Maybe it's another Milanoo or alike fad here, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about There's a bunch of Milanoo-esque pictures and the details/descriptions really scream "Milanoo" to me, but the site has all these fancy "safe shopping" and "goDaddy approved" stamps all over and I actually found the site through DeviantArt, where they posted Dear Celine photos and wrote "Note: is the authorization business agent of Dear Celine, and has the right to use this picture." in the comments. So I'm a bit confused..?
Here's the DA account:

I must admit, that the DA account looks a lot more legit than the site, though ^^;
20th-Nov-2011 09:17 pm - Community Updates: 20/11/11
wonderfinch here with a couple of quick updates!

Community updates down here~Collapse )

And that's all from us for the moment~ As before, please submit your suggestions here if you don't mind commenting under your own username and here if you'd like to submit them anonymously.
Hi everyone,

I'm sure you've noticed that we've been busy hiring new mods. In addition to the mods announced in this post , we have hired more mods to our team.

While the community was down, we went through an extensive mod recruitment process to ensure we welcome the right mods to the team. There were over 50+ applicants and all of them were very qualified candidates! It was, to be honest, a very tough decision but we are happy to welcome the following mods on board:



So in total we have 14 active sales mods, 15 active feedback mods, and 6 active egl mods. We hope we will be able to serve the community better with our larger team of mods.

For those of you who applied to be a mod but did not make it through this round of recruitment, do not fret. We are keeping everyone in mind for the next wave of mod recruitment. We weren't kidding when we say that choosing mods was really tough for us this time around. We thank all those who applied. Your enthusiasm and desire to help out the community is very much appreciated.
Hello, members of EGL, the EGL Sales Community, and EGL Feedback,
By now, you've doubtless heard about the coming temporary closure of EGL and its sister communities. This is to announce the official temporary closure of all three communities, effective as of 12:00 PM PST/8:00 PM GMT.

Before we go any further, we'd just like to clarify a few things for you:

Firstly, this closure is temporary. We hope to have all the necessary work done within a week.

Secondly, all information posted on EGL, the sales community, and EGL Feedback will still be available for your use. Commenting will still be enabled on EGL and the sales community; however, please note that commenting on EGL Feedback is disabled.

Finally, we're sure that most, if not all of you, have heard about the release of private moderator conversations to the public. We would just like to clarify that we are not, in any way, attempting to punish or harm the community based on the actions of one person, or even on a small group of people. These are changes that have been a long time coming, and with the recent departure of several moderators, we simply cannot handle the current system.

It is sometimes hard to remember, but EGL was created nearly a decade ago, in December of 2001. Now, almost ten years later, little has changed. It is still one of the primary online hubs for discussion of trends, organization of meetings, and debates about a lolita lifestyle. The community remains a safe place for those of us who have adopted this admittedly unusual fashion to congregate and share our experiences.

The rules and roles of the moderation team have also, unfortunately, undergone few changes. This community began with several hundred members, but now boasts over 19,000 users- and it grows on a daily basis. A system created to manage a few hundred lolitas was never meant to, and never should have, been used to manage several thousand of them. We, the current members of the moderation team, erred in believing that we could continue to use this system that is fundamentally non-functional for a community of this size.

As we enter our second decade of existence, we humbly hope that you, the members of the community, are willing to stay with us as we close down the community for a brief revamp. We sincerely hope that we can come back and continue to serve you better than ever for another ten years- and perhaps even beyond. Please look at this not as a punishment or an act of anger, but instead as a brief break that will allow us to return and offer all of you the best we have to offer!

Here is a brief listing of the things that we will be working on during our closure. If you have any suggestions for changes that you would like to see, please head over to this post to leave them.

1. We hope to revamp and simplify all three communities' rules. Right now, they are labyrinthine and a little confusing- especially for the many non-English speakers on our community. We hope that, in rewriting them, we can make the communities an easier place to use for everyone. We also hope to create some visual guides to explain and clarify some of the rules that both users and moderators find difficult to apply- especially the ever-contentious 75/25 rule. This has caused both us- and you, the users- frustration, so we hope to make it a little easier to both follow and enforce.

2. We hope to increase the size of the moderation team. Currently, we have 18 official moderators, not all of whom are active. At the moment, there is roughly one active moderator for every 2,000 members of the community. We hope you can see how this is not quite working. By increasing the size of the moderation team, we hope to lessen the long waiting times for the addition of feedback or the passing of sales posts through the moderation queue. We also hope that this will grant us more time to handle your queries and generally serve you better. We also hope this will finally allow us to do some of the more enjoyable things we have always wanted to do, such as host video chats with members, with the lightened workloads that will hopefully accompany a larger team.

If you feel that you can help us in this regard and have been a member of Livejournal for over a year, please head over to this post or PM one of us to apply. We would also prefer (though we do not require) if you could provide the names of 1-3 active users to serve as references to your character.

3. Hand-in-hand with that, we hope to reorganize the mod team altogether. Right now, we have a bunch of people running around to do all of the jobs. We hope that, by creating specific duties for each member of the team, we can make it easier for you to contact the person best able to respond to your request. 

4. On a similar note, we would like to increase the transparency of the moderation team. While we sincerely doubt that everyone wants to see every detail of each interaction we have, and while we would not want to breach the privacy of our members in any way, we don't want to seem so closed-off and mysterious. We hope to have a weekly update post with current and pending policy changes, explaining our reasons for initiating said changes, and inviting feedback from users on potential changes. We also just want to interact with you guys sometimes. We became moderators because we like this community, not because we hate you all and want to keep you in line- so we hope to have more weekly fun posts, like the FFAs and perhaps even some weekly roundups, so we can all let loose and enjoy ourselves a little bit.

5. We also hope to revamp some of the more dated areas of the community, such as the FAQ and the tags. While both of these areas of the community are full of useful information, they do in large part represent lolita as it was five or six years ago- rather than representing the fashion as it is now. We hope to make some changes to these areas to make them more relevant for today's users, since I think we can all agree that electric blue is a shade best left for your dress, rather than your lipstick- though some of the current informational posts in the community don't reflect this shift in taste :P

6. And finally, we would like to make some purely cosmetic changes to the community, to represent the fact that we are moving into a new era. Once the brief hiatus is over, we hope to host a contest for new icons and a new mascot, to involve our whole community in this momentous transition from our first decade into our second.

As stated up above, we ask you to look at this closure not as a punishment, but as a brief break so we can improve things and make this community a more entertaining and useful place for all of you. During this time, please know that we will be available through PMs and comments for any questions, concerns, or even ongoing disputes you may need help resolving. While we cannot feasibly manage the massive task of moderating EGL and its sister communities while we attempt to accomplish these tasks, we will always have time for you, our users.

We sincerely hope to return one week from now, on 28 September. If we finish early- or if we need more time- we will let you know in advance.

Thank you in advance for your support and understanding as we undergo this momentous transition,
The EGL Moderation Team

P.S.: Here are a few notes regarding sales and feedback during our closure.

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19th-Sep-2011 10:16 pm - temp sales area
hey, I know some people are unhappy over the temporary closure of egl comm sales (so am I actually, I want to buy stuff!) so I'm going to offer up my community for sales posts. For the period of which egl comm sales is closed, you can buy or sell any brand, any item so long as lolita, ouji-kei or aristocrat related in lolita_indies

All sales posts will be unmoderated, so buying and selling is at your own risk. I hope everyone will have the courtesy of not scamming/trolling the community, since I can't check as often. The guidelines will be the same as the 'normal' sales comm, only the posts are unmoderated.
Hello, members of EGL, EGL Community Sales, and EGL Feedback,

We regret to announce the TEMPORARY closure of EGL and its related communities (namely, the sales community and the feedback community) on 21 September, 2011 at 12:00 PM PST (8:00 PM GMT). This will be two days from now, which will hopefully grant you the time you need to finish any last-minute sales transactions or question posts you may have.

This is due to a variety of issues, which have finally come to a head with the release of private conversations among moderators to the community at large. It has finally become blatantly clear to us that the current workload is too much for the moderation team to handle alone, and in our rush to improve the community we inadvertently added a user who was ready and willing to violate our trust and publicly post private deliberations.

The EGL community was created in 2001, back in the dark ages before any brands shipped overseas, whiteface and blue lipstick were acceptable makeup choices, and huge "maxi-pad"-style headdresses were costume de rigueur. A lot has changed since then. EGL has nearly 19,000 members, of whom about 10,000 are active or semi-active. The EGL Sales Community averages forty-five posts a day (not including the numerous posts we must reject); thousands of dollars change hands (and bank accounts) over the course of a single month. Our recent attempts to improve EGL and its sister communities have only highlighted the size of this community, which has grown exponentially over the years, in comparison to the size of the moderation team, which has not grown at all; and shown us that the current system is simply not working- no matter how you slice it.

In order to alleviate this issue, we recently sought to add several new faces to the moderation team; however, instead of aiding us, they publicly posted our deliberations and essentially betrayed us. We are now asking for your understanding as we attempt to build a moderation team that can handle this massive network, and work out an organizational system that can tame the beast EGL and its sister communities have become.

So, as much as we would love to maintain the communities, at this time it is simply not possible to continue to shoulder our massive and ever-increasing workload and attempt to find help. It has become clear that the current organizational system and rules are simply not working for a community of this magnitude, and we need the time to rework things. At this time, we will tentatively be closing the communities for a one-week timespan. Please be aware that this is nothing more than an estimate. The communities may be open sooner if we are able to find the help we need within a suitable amount of time, and they may be closed for a longer period of time if we need to take the time to get work done. In either case, we will announce via post and Twitter what is happening, and we are determined to keep the community updated as we go forward.

Over this time, posting on EGL and its sister communities will be disabled. Posting to the sales community is already disabled. Posting to EGL will be disabled on the 21st. Posting and commenting on EGL Feedback will also be disabled on the 21st. Commenting on EGL and the EGL Sales Community will still be enabled, so you can continue with ongoing sales or ask us questions via this post. Commenting on EGL Feedback will not be enabled, so we advise you to make a note of feedback to be left until the communities are reopened.

Please also be aware that we will still do our best to help answer any questions or concerns that you may have. You can contact us via LJ PM or via either the EGL ARC or EGL Sales Community ARC with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. We are also available through the EGL Mods Twitter. I can also be contacted via my personal Facebook.

If you think you can help us out, we are begging you to pitch in by joining the moderation team. If you meet the following requirements:
- Must have been on the communities for 1+ year
- No history of starting drama or wank
- At least three "references" of character from other users on the comm
Then please apply here. PM us with any questions related to mod applications.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the impending closure of the communities, please comment below and we will do our best to respond. All other complaints and concerns should be directed to the ARCs or to individual moderators via PM. Though the communities will have posting disabled for a while, please remember that we're working for the community and we want to be here for you- so don't hesitate to get in touch with us.
pretty nekozawa

So as some of you might know, I'm hosting a group order for Bodyline right now over at egl_group_order

I hosted a BL GO not long ago, and saw that at certain times, BL shipping would increase when you added something, but some other things wouldn't increase the shipping price. I called it "price spikes" where at a certain weight that's when the shipping price would increase, but I never knew at which point would there be a price spike. So I sat down tonight and tried to figure it out.  

Using a pair of false lashes (which weighted 4 grams, according to BL) and a pair of OTK socks (weighted 80 grams), I sat down and tried to figure out at what weight BL would do a "price spike". My findings are below.
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20th-Jul-2011 10:39 pm - Hello Lace Looking for Wardrobe Staff

Hello there everyone,

I'm looking for 1~5 people who can help us with updating our wardrobe section, starting Aug~Sept. We'd really like some help, as we're only two updating the wardrobe now, and there's no way we can keep up with all newer releases. ^^,

You will be free to choose which brands you prefer to update (not including: AP, BtssB, AatP or Moi-meme-Moitie).

To apply, we would like you to...

♥ Have enough time on your hands to update your brand(s) weekly.

♥ Be able to read Japanese, OR know how to do basic translating with the help of translators and dictionaries.

♥ Be able to know how to use some type of graphics software, such as Photoshop, GIMP, Corel PSP etc. Your skills should include the basics, such as image resizing and basic editing. I can offer help with anything Photoshop-related if needed.

As for the updating, you will be using our self-designed admin panel, which is estimated to be completed by Aug~Sept. All new entries will be moderated before submitted, as a security measure.

Thank you!
18th-Jul-2011 12:15 am - ATTENTION: Regarding Kyodomo
Attention to anyone who is still owed a refund from kyodomo .

Some of you may be familiar with the incident in 2009 which culminated in 30 or so girls being owed items and money from the seamstress Kyodomo. As far as we are both aware, there are still some people out there who are owed refunds. Kyodomo wants to start making amends and refunding those who are still owed, so please, if you are one of those people get in contact with me. I would ask that you please do not start bombarding Kyodomo with messages as this is going to confuse the issue, but rather if you can PM or email me, I will add you to this list. Please contact me with the following:

LJ name:
Item purchased (do not worry if you can't remember):
Amount owed:
Method paid with/email address used for paypal:
Rough date of transaction:
Paypal address you would like to be refunded to:

Do not worry, I will not share your paypal address publicly. If I do not start recieveing replies, I will personally try and contact people I think are still owed money, so if anyone else could name some people they think still need to be refunded, that would be helpful. I've created a rough list of names of people who were waiting on items in 2009, to help keep track of things. Please let me know your status.

colortheory  - [owed $95]
etsplanations  - [owed $72]
lolita_reeh  - [owed $60]
nymia_san  - [owed $75]
eiskobold  - [owed $48]
yuffie_star  - [owed $50]
kwanboa  [Refunded - unconfirmed]
sleepingapple  - [Refunded - unconfirmed]
aliknyankochan  [Refunded - confirmed]
darkstoryqueen [Refunded - confirmed]
nanaberu - [Refunded - confirmed]
listerinepree  - [Refunded - confirmed]

5th-Jul-2011 01:21 am - F+F Secret EGL Stalker EXPOSED!
I think that it's really good that companies take EGL seriously. It's good market research to find out what your customers really think about your product, but I find it immoral to try to change public opinion with secret spies...



F+F what are you doing?! This is SLIMY! IF YOU ARE DOING MARKET RESEARCH THAT IS ONE THING. BUT DON'T TRY AND UNDERHANDEDLY SWAY PUBLIC OPINION BACK IN YOUR FAVOR. IF your going to stalk EGL please don't post with out truthfully saying who you are.

Photo evidenceCollapse )
1st-Jul-2011 12:26 am - trouble
Sophitia pink
Has anyone ordered from lately?

I order two pairs of lenses but only received one of them. I emailed them about it and they said they would sent it in two weeks, but over a month has past and I haven't got them.

It's been over 60 days since I paid so now I can't file a complain with paypal and what's worse their email is not working (i'm getting a mail delivery failed message).

Anyone know any other way to contact them?

I'd advice you to stay away from a website whose email doesn't work...
Bats Day Update LJ Icon
Anaheim, CA The Bats Day 13th year celebration Continues....

To help continue to celebrate the 13th year of Bats Day, there will be a Bats Day Holiday Black Market. Details coming soon for vendors and shopping. If you wish to be placed on the waiting list for vending, please send the following to - Email, contact name, company name, phone number & what you are vending.

Once the details are finalized we will send you the vendor application. The waiting list does not guarantee a spot at the Bats Day Holiday Black Market. All spots are on a first come first serve basis on payment.
1st-May-2011 10:52 pm - Lief on Hiatus
So I'm sure a lot of you guys are aware that lief_lj  has gone on hiatus as klanaide  has not heard from tikim3 in over a month.

Cut for my personal experienceCollapse )

I've heard a lot of problems with Lief's construction, but I'm wondering if others have also never received their purchases?  I know klanaide  has done all that she could to get in touch with tikim3 , but at this point I feel as if Lief's behavior warrants being put on the scammers list until she works out all current customer service problems. Does anybody else feel the same way?
14th-Mar-2011 08:48 am - JAPAN UPDATE
nakashima mika
I didn't see any posts on this yet, correct me if it's already been posted and I missed it.

Japan currently has a major lack of energy due to the power plant explosion. In order to save electricity, the electric companies have decided to shut down power for a certain time each day. For most, this will only last for 3 hours and 40 minutes a day. For my region and certain parts of Tokyo, Yokohama, etc., we get hit twice a day. This means we have no power for 7 hours and 20 minutes a day IDEK because Toden can't get it's act straight. This is planned to last until the end of April and mainly affects only the northeast regions of Japan.

This extends to everyone including all businesses as well, for whatever designated area they fall in. So I'm just letting you know that you may be affected by this, as businesses may not be able to get back to you quickly, ship things in a timely manner, update websites in a timely manner, etc. etc. As for me personally, I'm halting my shopping services until the end of April trying to mail out what I can.

Although this was only announced late last night, it starts from today; nobody really got much of a warning on this...
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