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6th-Sep-2016 12:17 am - Let's make new friends on LJ!
Hello! :)

I quit lolita a few years ago, and when I came back I really missed egl, so I want to be more active here. But I think in order to motivate myself to keep coming back I should join more comm's and be active on my own lj as well and it's a bit boring without friends...

I remember there used to be posts every now and then with a short questionnaire to fill out in a comment. Then when you think 'this person seems cool' you add them. Is this still a thing on livejournal? What were those posts called again? I don't remember what they were called so I came up with this title, sorry.

For everyone who wants to add new people :)Collapse )
Petticoats are extremely important, but there a lot of details I find unexplained when scrolling forum through forum! And, as 2016 is coming to a close, I'd like some brand new feedback.

I've been saving up to invest in a really good petticoat. Although, the question is- which brand (and/or offbrand)? As well as: how long should the average petticoat be? I'm aware petticoats are supposed to be shorter than the actual skirt- but how do you avoid the dreaded lampshade effect? I've heard many things about Dear Celine, Classical Puppets, and brand pettis such as Angelic Pretty or Baby.
Then, we run into the issue of custom sizing. Does the average Lolita choose custom, or free size? And, if custom- is it more than just a waist measurement? (ie: desired length of petticoat)
Any opinion on which is the best? For example: I own the Angelic Pretty Jewel Marine JSK (Length listed as 84cm[33in] ), which requires a A-line petticoat. Any suggestions, or comments on the works of petticoats?
*Feel free to add in your favorite/preferred bell-shaped petticoats as well.
30th-Aug-2016 01:59 pm - Wearing Lolita in Japan
I'm going to be staying in Tokyo for a couple of months later this year, and, well... I know there are a lot of etiquette rules and such there, and I don't want to make a faux pas wearing lolita at the wrong times.

(I have some experience with lolita fashion, though I haven't been active in the communities for a while, but I know how to make a good coord and things like that, I'm not going to walk around in Bodyline or anything like that. I wear mostly classic styles, and my favorite brands are Innocent World and Excentrique.)

So what advice do you have? Where would it be particularly appropriate or inappropriate to wear lolita? Where should I make sure to keep it toned-down, or unleash the almost-OTT gold princess-y things? I plan on going to:
- Lolita brand stores/shopping (Shinjuku particularly)
- An anime-based stage play (Kuroshitsuji Circus musical)
- the Code Geass 10th anniversary event

- Museums, gardens, etc. Fall leaf viewing.
- Maybe Disneyland, or Universal. (I saw people wearing a lot of cosplay sorts of things last time I went to Universal, and not just the Harry Potter and Attack on Titan stuff they sold there, but I don't know about lolita...)

So... any advice on what to do about wearing lolita in Japan would be particularly helpful. And is there anywhere I didn't mention that would be particularly good to go to in lolita?
(I'm going by myself, which I did before, but I'd love to meet new friends there. My Japanese isn't that great... like N3, not quite N2. I need to study more...)
Sorry if there's already a post like this, I looked through things and I couldn't find one.

Edit: So the other things have mostly been answered (though anything else to say on those would be appreciated still), but I'm particularly interested in anyone who has experience attending anime events like those that I mentioned - both in lolita and in general (if that's not too off-topic)... plus general Tokyo tips, too, I guess.
29th-Aug-2016 02:50 pm(no subject)
Hello everyone ! I've come here because I am actually looking for advices. I've been interested in Lolita for almost 5 years now but I never bought any Lolita dress or anything Lolita (except for blouses because I'm actually really into Gothic romantic fashion, and they look so great with my outfits >w<). I would love to buy some Lolita clothes one day but I have one big problem : I am really really small. :( Even tho I'm already 18 years old, I'm still 5" and doctors said my growth is over, and that I will never continue to grow up. I tried to find a skirt underneath 55 centimeters (because if I wear skirts that are too long I look ether like a 5 years old little girl or a grandma, believe me I look totally ridiculous :/). The only few ones I've found were not that pretty, and I didn't like them that much to buy it...
So please if anyone have some tricks to wear Lolita for small persons it would be really really great ! T^T Thank you a lot ! ❤
P.S : Forgive me if my english is bad, I'm french and I am still learning ^^
14th-Aug-2016 09:02 am - What's in the Mail?

It’s that time of the month again!  Time for our monthly What’s in the Mail/Haul post.
Haven’t bought anything recently don’t worry we have this first Tuesday of every month!

So, what have you purchased recently?
You can share your most recent haul/what’s in the mail to you here! You are encouraged to come up with a unique and creative way to display your new items!
hat, painting, george romney
I'll be attending my very first large-scale Lolita event in December, and planning my coord is making me quite nervous, so I would be really grateful for any advice from other Lolitas.

More under the cut!Collapse )
14th-Aug-2016 12:27 am - Solutions for Short Hair?
Hello all! I am a very very new lolita (been interested in the fashion for about two years now, but finally wanting to try it our for myself!) and have run into a problem... Lolita style emphasizes long hair! Or at least, longer than my own. I have a very short "boy cut", so I fear that it just wouldn't look "right" with wearing lolita because of all the adorable accessories for longer hair. So I have three questions:

1) Are there any accessories for such short hair? (I'm considering kodona fashion as well as lolita, but I want to wear cute dresses!! >w<)
2) Should I just get a wig? I'd love to try out long hair being I think some wigs are adorable, buuuut my face is very round/square so I feel like any lolita-style wigs would be unflattering to my face shape.
3) What do you think? Short hair or a wig? (ie sacrifice cute accessories or potentially make my face look even more round?)

Thanks for your feedback in advance <3
- Mimikk
imai, kira
Hello everyone! I've been wearing lolita for the past 2.5 years or so, but I've never joined a comm or really talked to anybody in the community. Only in the past month or so have I started participating in the online community more. (egl and reddit)

I wear lolita every day to school, and since I don't have any lolitas in my area to ask for con/crit, I thought it would be a good idea to ask for coord advice before the new year starts up again.

Any and all criticism and/or suggestions are super welcome!

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Every street fashion comes and goes. There's been many a discussion here and in other annals of the internet about Lolita 'dying' as a fashion, most of them related to down-tics in activity, a store closure, or lulls in releases. I haven't been around the fashion long enough to really remember all those early brushes with death the fashion might have had, so I'm opening it up to the floor. Was there ever a fellow street fashion that threatened to overtake it and put it out of business? Did interest lull at some point and fire sales happened? Indulge me and my pre-coffee question. I'm not saying Lolita is dying right now, but I'm just curious if it almost happened in the past.
30th-Jul-2016 08:43 pm - is quiieland down?
hello everyone. I just have a quick question about qutieland. I bought shoes from them over two years ago and everything went fine. but then last year my friend from my local comm bought a petie and never got it. I looked at the site today and it seems like they haven't updated since 2015. are they no longer a working business?
28th-Jul-2016 12:36 pm - Lifestyle lolita blogs?
Hello everyone,

I am quite new to this community but not to the fashion in general. I was an ardent follower of the fashion in high school (back in 2011-2012), but drifted away from it for a couple of years, and now I've been drawn back in! Back in the day, I remember seeing a lot of lifestyle lolita blogs, but many of those have since grown inactive. So I was hoping to ask you if there are any active lifestyle lolita blogs out there, and if you know of any, please comment. We could start a list in this post so it would be easier for others to find in the future :)

I've started a blog of my own, where I hope to post daily outfits and inspirations, as well as hobbies that are relevant to the fashion. It would be great to find some others to follow! Mine is Dulcet Doll.

Attitude Lolita
Cupcakes and Unicorns
Dulcet Doll
Lolita Wonderland
Luna Rain
Roli's Ramblings
Season in the Sky
Teacake Time Machine
Hello, it's me again

As I already said in the other entry, I finally want to order from my-lolita-dress.com.
Unfortunatly, some unexpected events took place and I really don't know what to do now.

As a Taobao reseller, MLD is located in China and since I neither have a Paypal account nor ever purchased anything online, I figured out that wire transfer was the best payment methode for me. I asked my mom if there's anything special I need to keep in mind when sending MLD the money for my purchase. However, my parents got extremly angry, calling me naive, stupid and foolish just because I want to order from a chinese store. They yelled at me, asked me if there weren't enough "normal clothes" around and made a fun of me. I didn't even get to explain myself. My parent didn't let me finish my sentences, also they don't know MLD or what Lolita Fashion is and don't believe me that I just can't get these clothes here in Germany. I'm really upset now and I seriously don't know what I should do next.

Has anyone here ever purchased from MLD using wire transfer as payment methode or has any idea what I could do about my parents? I really did a lot af research about this shop as well as Lolita Fashion in general and I don't want all my afford to be wasted (honestly, since I'm on summer break I spend my days researching all day long and I'm really devastated right now).
Any advice?


PS: I'm sorry for this extremly long post.
23rd-Jul-2016 09:39 am - Excentrique Autumn 2016 releases

Excentrque released their Autumn 2016 collection here.

I pulled out some of my favorite ones and figured we could all share what we thoought

Pretty dresses this wayCollapse )
Hello ^^

I'm trying to get into Lolita Fashion and want to do my first purchase soon. However, I'm on a budget and therefore can't afford brand pieces. Since I want to wear my co-ords to school, I'll need some rather casual items. I really like classic lolita and fell in love with some oldschool dresses. Do you know any affordable pieces, e.g. from Bodyline or Taobao that meet my description? I have a max. of 100€ to spend on my first purchase and I still need to get a petticoat and shoes.
12th-Jul-2016 09:52 pm - Newbie Worries
Hi, everyone! I wanted to get a couple of fears and questions off my chest, and while this might not be the best place to say these things and ask this stuff, I'm not sure where else I could put this. So, here we go!

First, I'm terrified of trying to join the lolita community. If BTB is any indication, there are a lot of mean-spirited people, but there are a couple nice ones that want to help. I'm scared that even if I try my best, because I can't wear brand, Bodyline, or TaoBao OPs and blouses because I have 45cm shoulders, because I'm new and might not get things right on the first few tries, because I may or may not have worn a white blouse originally intended for a Sonia Nevermind cosplay as part of a lolita coord, because I like cosplay as well as lolita, because I only have a few items that are officially lolita, and because I like both brand clothing and indie/TaoBao instead of one over the other, people are going to call me ita. I know that probably sounds silly, but it's true.

I really want to start a YouTube channel that focuses on gaming, lolita, and general nerdiness, and my plan was to wear cosplay and lolita (not together, mind you, barring the blouse mentioned above) while recording myself. I kind of think that I'd be getting hate for that though, and I'm worried that people might get mad, even though I'm not trying to say that lolita is cosplay or anything like that. It just makes more sense to wear lolita for the videos where I'm talking about lolita, and cosplay for the videos where I'm talking about gaming and nerdy stuff.

Also, am I the only one bothered by people who say that you can make any old item loliable? I mean, I can understand blouses, accessories, shoes, and that sort of thing. But you can't just take any skirt from The Salvation Army, or your old bedsheet, or something and make it lolita. Handmade can work, but there are some things that don't fit with the aesthetic. It's not as expensive as some think, but not cheap either.

What is everyone's general experience with the lolita community? Is there advice you'd give to a newcomer, especially one who plans on mostly sticking in the sweet and classic styles?

Also, if this is the wrong place, could someone kindly point me to the right place to post this?

Thank you in advance for any help y'all may give!

13th-Jul-2016 12:01 pm - Mystery dress, is it Lolita?
Hiya Comm (o´ω`o)ノ
I found this adorable dress while op shopping and was curious to know whether it qualifies as 'Lolita'.
It doesn't have lace or puffy sleeves and its made of a type of polyester (i think). What do you guys think? ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭


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