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October's theme is Lolita Communities
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How dark/ yellow is the off white of the cuffs and collar of this OP?

The stock photos look really yellow, but I saw a worn photo that looks almost white.
Since a black and white combo is what I'm looking for, should I look elsewhere?

Thanks in advance for any help!
Hello everyone! If you could clear up the confusion for me, that would be great.
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Hello fellow lolitas!

I've been thinking about how everyone here keeps warm in autumn and winter.
My big problem are my legs. It's easy to layer your top with blouses, cardigans and coats, but how do you layer socks and thights?
We all know socks over thights are ok by now, but I encounter the problem with my thights and socks constantly slipping down. I only wear OTKs or just thights and sadly sock glue is not an option.

Do you have any tips? Or do you have any other winter-related problems you seek advice for?
12th-Nov-2014 03:04 pm - Coordinate help?
I'm relatively new to the fashion and I'm having trouble coming up with a good coord. I want this F+F dress in black and I'm thinking of buying some cherub tights from Celeste Stein or Aliexpress. I want to buy some shoes like these maybe in black (maybe not from this store seeing as it's ratings aren't that high and I'm not a risk taker). Everything else I'm not sure about (blouse, accessories, etc.) any suggestions? And what petticoat goes with this? I saw a bell shape and an A line shape and I'm so confused.

If I did something wrong please correct me, this is my first time posting to the comm.
12th-Nov-2014 03:54 pm - Bodyline Website Compromised
A Chipmunk
Just as a heads up, Bodyline’s website was compromised at some point earlier today (November 12th, 2014).

1. Monitor your credit card for suspicious purchases if you are a past customer. If you see one, call your bank to report it as soon as possible.
2. Monitor the Bodyline FB page for more information.

Do Not:
1. Visit the site.
2. Try to make new orders.
3. Open any emails from them unless in text-only view. Do not open attachments or click any links.

If you want to make a purchase from bodyline during the downtime you can use a SS to purchase from their Rakuten shop ( or a reseller like Cosmates (

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12th-Nov-2014 08:16 pm - A conversation with Sebastian Masuda
vampire, xfiles
It has been a long time since I posted here but I thought this might interest some of you.
I was very lucky to meet and talk with designer Sebastian Masuda. We talked about his latest projects but also his vision on Japanese fashion and the rules we feel we have to follow.
It was a very nice conversation that you can find over here: a conversation with Sebastian Masuda
Feel free to leave any comments.
11th-Nov-2014 05:12 pm - Old Brand Dresses?
blonde, bow, lolita, cute
I was surfing around on google and I saw some Angelic Pretty dresses that I really liked, but when I went on the website, I didn't know how to find them. I think it's because most of them were pretty old. Does Angelic Pretty still sell older dresses, or do they not carry them anymore? Specifically these ones:
Candy Fairy

Aqua Princess

Cupcake Applique

Melty Chocolate

Wonder Cookie

Milky Planet

Anything would help!
11th-Nov-2014 11:58 am - The one thing you can't say no to...
Is it cat themed jumper skirts or anything that comes in creamsicle orange? Perhaps you just die over anything with teddy bears or polka dots and chiffon. What is the one thing (or two) that always catches your eye and tempts you to break the bank?
Spectacled/Andean Bear Cub
I'm just getting into Sweet Lolita, and was interested in this dress here:

Now, they don't have a brand for this dress, nor can I find any reviews surrounding it at all. They also don't have it in blue (I don't like the Pink or Yellow) so I also found it here:

I really like how it looks, but wanted to know what you guys think! Should I go for it? Does it look like a good buy? Does anyone have experience with this particular piece? Thank you very much!

EDIT: Apparently the colouration I'm looking for is actually called mint, and is the first one you see in the pictures. Also I found where the dress comes from, Taobao. Here is the original product:

So, new questions. Which store should I use to buy it? Should I get it from Taobao directly? And still, should I buy it at all?
10th-Nov-2014 06:09 pm - Mini-comm
Hello beautiful people! Sorry for mistakes, this is my first post here. There are two comms that cover Northern Virginia. The dead NoVa lolitas and the Metro lolitas. I have made a mini con, since NoVa lolitas is dead and Metro Lolitas isn't specific to Northern Virginia. The majority of this comm is from my high school, so we need members! If you live in Loudoun county, Fairfax County, Prince William County or any places near those counties, please join the Loudon Lolitas page on facebook. Our first meetup is approaching around New Years.
9th-Nov-2014 05:00 pm - Sewing comm?
Does anyone know what happened to the lolita sewing community? I have a question about shirring chiffon and I wondered if there was a specific page. I know they used to have an LJ but when I last went on it the posts were years old and I can't find it anymore.
9th-Nov-2014 12:52 pm - Angelic Pretty Sock Care?
Tea Cup Cracked Melon Green Mint Pink In
Does anyone have tips for how to clean Angelic Pretty OTKs with woven-in designs? I ask because I just soaked by Melty Ribbon Chocolate Socks in luke-warm water with no soap and they fell apart.

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So what have you bought recently? Did you get a huge order from taobao or Jauctions or something offbrand?

Now is your time to show off these items without any guilt!

Take a photo, make video or just tell us what you got!
Mirukuma Shop's
Celebrating the reopening of Closet Child Lucky Pack services, CC purchase services,
and our new Lace Market shop!
Ends November 30th! Learn how to enter under the cut...Collapse )
Hi I have a friend who wants to buy the AaTP Vampire Forest Donna jsk but is unsure about the fit, does anyone own it have a 98cm bust that could tell me how it fits? She is afraid it would be too tight like her IW dress.
7th-Nov-2014 01:47 pm - Want them all ?
Hi everyone, I just wanted to address a "problem" I'm confronting.
I so fell in love with a print that I'm actually hesitating to buy all the versions available (and it's not a recent print so I probably won't find it often).
I first bought the skirt last year, then found the long jsk version a couple months ago.
Now the short jsk version and the long version jsk in another color are for sale, and I'm so tempted to buy them both :s

So I was just wondering if you are often confronted to such a problem and how you deal with it? Concede and buy them all or be reasonable? Isn't it a little bit ridiculous to have the same thing but with just a different design? For my normal clothes, I used to think that I'd never buy a same shirt, for example, in different colors just because I like the cut or design, for the sake of some variety in my wardrobe.

Any advise, experience are welcome! :)

EDIT : Thanks to all of you for taking the time to answer me! Just so you know, I ended up buying both dresses :) One I'm totally glad with it, the other one I think I'll do a slight modification, but eventually, I don't regret buying them =)
6th-Nov-2014 06:24 pm - Help identifying a print?
Hey, so my friend bought this secondhand dress by ETC years ago, and doesn't know what the print name is. We've both spent hours looking through lolibrary with no answer. She's not really into the fashion/communities so I figured I'd post for her here! Below the cut is a photo of the print. Thanks!
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6th-Nov-2014 09:44 pm - ummm...
I cant find bodylines email address. The submit doesn't work on the contact page and replying to the confirmation email doesn't work either.

I was going to ask on free for all but im abit late :(
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