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The EGL Community
For Gothic & Lolita Fashion. Hosted by LiveJournal.
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11th-Jan-2018 02:41 am - Valerie's 2018 Wardrobe Post
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Has anyone bought from https://www.cutesykink.co.uk/  ?

?They seem like they have some reasonably priced items, and a big selection in the socks/tights department.  But there isn't a lot of info about the shop online.  Anyone have any experiences with them?  Thanks!
7th-Jan-2018 02:25 pm - Gwenchan's Wardrobe

Welcome to my fourth wardrobe post. You can find my last years post here, 2016 here and my 2015 post here .
Over the last year my wardrobe changed a little bit and I was able to find some of my dream dresses.

6th-Jan-2018 11:18 pm - Rococo_Romance's Wardrobe Post 2018

Hello everyone,

This will be the first time I am making a Wardrobe Post on LiveJournal. I used to place it on Facebook, but that's not a very practical platform. I started wearing Lolita in 2011 and didn't really expand my wardrobe until three years ago. I started as a Gothic Lolita, but now I mostly wear Hime Lolita. I actually wear a lot of different styles, which you are probably going to notice from my wardrobe. I hope you like it!
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4th-Jan-2018 08:59 pm - 2018 Lolita Wardrobe Post!

Here is my 2018 wardrobe post! My style is mostly very colorful sweet, with the occasional venture into something new. I took a lot of time to get extra photos of my accessory collection for this year too. I hope you all enjoy looking through it as much I've been enjoying everyone else's posts! This is my first time posting here on live journal, so if things aren't formatted correctly please let me know.

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4th-Jan-2018 03:14 pm - Gothic and Sweet Wardrobe 2018
Ah it's good to see EGL alive again for the yearly wardrobe posts!! I wear both gothic and sweet lolita so here is a look at all my dresses, skirts, etc so let's go!

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3rd-Jan-2018 01:03 pm - My Wardrobe 2018

Hi! this is my first time posting here on egl and I would like to share my wardrobe. My pieces are mainly handmade, but I hope you'll still appreciate it.

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3rd-Jan-2018 06:48 pm - Risse's 2018 Wardrobe Post

**EDITED I fixed the problems pointed out**
I apologise in advance for the dodgy lighting, I wasn't able to adjust the colours for some of my darker pieces so they may look brighter than they actually are.

Now then let's get onto the wardrobe post!

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2nd-Jan-2018 09:40 pm - Polyphonic Images 2018 wardrobe

Cobbled together wardrobe post under cut here!

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1st-Jan-2018 02:28 am - Liru-chan's Wardrobe Post.
Hi. (*´♡`* )
My name is Liru-chan and welcome to my second wardrobe-post. The very first post is here. I've been in lolita for about 6 years, but it was always difficult for me to make a post like this. : D It takes a lot of patient... For the first sight my style stay the same: classic, flower-printed and handmade, but this year I started to wear ouji and it gives me a huge inspiration. *0* Besides, ouji-style is so comfortable.

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31st-Dec-2017 03:48 pm - My ever growing eclectic wardrobe

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22nd-Dec-2017 04:14 pm - Excentrique is over..
I'm so sad that excentrique is over. They were one of my favorite brands. Anyone else feeling the blues? It seems a lot of brands are folding up.
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