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October's theme is Lolita Communities
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17th-Nov-2014 07:48 pm - Free For All

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Welcome to the EGL Free for All! Now also on Mondays! Yay!

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16th-Nov-2014 11:53 am - Meta's Sewing Lesson JSK Measurements
Ever had a dress or a print that spoke to you on a deep, unhealthy level, that meshed so perfectly with your tastes, color preferences, and your hobbies that you wonder if this piece was tailored just for you? That demanded that you buy it, or maybe 2 of each colorway just in case a house fire, the wrath of god, a mythical beast, or a very vindictive member of your comm stole/destroyed your wardrobe? Yeah, that's Meta's Sewing Lesson JSK for me.

Of course, listed measurements state that it only goes up to a 33-34" bust at max, despite the shirring panel in the back. That...doesn't seem right to me. Could someone who owns this piece give me more accurate max measurements before I go hunting for it again on the second-hand market? Please? Maybe? I have to know before I invest, and if I'll need the waist ties included to modify it.

Last week neverfriend came to Israel with the hope of meeting some of us Israeli lolitas.
Happily we were able to have a small meet with her this Friday.
We all went to Max Brenner (a chocolate restaurant), and it was so much fun!
Unfortunatly it was a friday so we had a rather short meet, but it was really great and we were able to take some nice pics:)

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16th-Nov-2014 09:42 am(no subject)
Hello everyone!

With the announcements for the AP Anniversary Lucky Packs, I was just wondering what everyone's specific sites were for keeping up with new releases from brands and stuff! Do you follow the brand's twitter/tumblr/facebook, do you have a few small blogs who post updates on Taobao brands, etc.? If so, what are they?

I personally follow the official twitters and a few cute tumblrs who post brand-specific updates! I also follow a blog, but it doesn't seem to be updated too frequently. I am so paranoid about missing updates though...
This is my first time ordering from baby's japanese site I ordered something from their outlet, so sorry if it's a stupid question. I just wanted to ask some of you, how long did it take for them to send you an invoice email? I've received my confirmation, but haven't gotten the email about how much the total cost with shipping will be and how to pay, It's been two days, again sorry for the dumb question, just wanted to get an idea.
15th-Nov-2014 05:06 pm - Noobie
First post! I'm new to the community but I was wondering if anybody was willing to chat with me a bit, I have a lot of questions and I'm lost. I also made the mistake of reading Behind the Bows so now I'm terrified of messing up! I'm a noob to Live Journal too so I'm not even sure if there's a way to privately message people on here... if not kik would work :$ anyway thanks for anyone willing to help me out!
15th-Nov-2014 05:04 pm - buying first coord?
I've been looking around, found a place to buy petticoats from, but I need a bit of help with the other parts of the coord...

I'm not sure about the sources I want to buy the main parts of the coord from; I read posts from this community saying that I shouldn't buy from Bodyline because it got hacked, but I have no idea when it'll be up again. And Cutiemori, apparently, lists many things that aren't in stock.

Could anyone provide some insight about these stores and if this would be an okay coord? Or if you have any personal experience with the sites or blouse/skirt? Thank you!
Hi all,

First-time poster here so if if the first question is too off-topic, let me know.

1) As a group, we have varying levels of fluency in Japanese so I was wondering what online tools non-fluent lolitas here use to navigate Japanese-only sites? As a language student, I recently came across a chrome add-on called rikaikun. I love it because learning kanji is an ongoing process and this add-on provides both furigana and definitions when you hover over text so I can actually learn new words and how to read.

2) I recently bought an IW union jack skirt which turned out longer than expected (63cm) on me (I'm only 5ft/60in tall) which isn't a problem on its own but I also just purchased my first standard size pettiocoat (I measured it as 47 cm from the top of the band to the end of the last layer). I'm having trouble figuring out whether the pettiocoat is long enough or is this is something that can be taken care of by wearing another layer underneath. Would it be better to purchase a longer bell shaped petticoat instead? How much length difference do you think is okay between a skirt and a petticoat?/can a stong poof on top be enough to even out the bottom?

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14th-Nov-2014 07:31 pm - EGL Friday Free for All!
A Chipmunk

EGL FFA Ready Classic

Welcome to the EGL Free for All!

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I would like to invite you to Hampton Roads Lolita’s Winter International Lolita Day celebration! We will have dinner, goody bags for everyone, raffles and an outfit contest with prizes from indie brands along with some limited edition brand-name items. I hope to see you there!

If you do not have a Facebook account, but are interested in attending, just message me and we can talk!
14th-Nov-2014 10:08 pm - Pondichery Etoile Lolita Cafe!

We are Pondichery Etoile Lolita Cafe&Bar!

We are a small cafe located in Shinjuku, close to Golden Gai.
We have been operating for 8 years!
Our cafe's concept is an "at home" atmosphere.

Our lolitas make handmade meals everyday and cocktails.
We have the latest Kera! Editions and a lot of lolita-related books and magazines for our costumers read leisurely while sipping on tea or drinking with us.

We hold events (x'mas, girl's birthdays, new year) and are open all year until 4 AM!

Table Charge 90 minutes ¥900
Drinks starting from ¥400
Handmade Meal ¥1000

Why is handmade meal so special?
Almost all kawaii style cafes have frozen meals that are thawed and then decorated.

We recently got an english speaking staff so please don't hesitate to message us!
We are a small shop, so if coming in a big group please contact us before!
Our lolita-chans are always waiting for ojou-samas!
Please be aware that our outfits are not too fancy since we cook and clean on them, hehe

Please pay us a visit if you are in Tokyo!

Shinjuku Ku Shinjuku 5-18-11 Tanigawa (谷川) Building 5F
Tel: 080 5928 9706
Twitter: @pond_lolita

How dark/ yellow is the off white of the cuffs and collar of this OP?

The stock photos look really yellow, but I saw a worn photo that looks almost white.
Since a black and white combo is what I'm looking for, should I look elsewhere?

Thanks in advance for any help!
Hello everyone! If you could clear up the confusion for me, that would be great.
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Hello fellow lolitas!

I've been thinking about how everyone here keeps warm in autumn and winter.
My big problem are my legs. It's easy to layer your top with blouses, cardigans and coats, but how do you layer socks and thights?
We all know socks over thights are ok by now, but I encounter the problem with my thights and socks constantly slipping down. I only wear OTKs or just thights and sadly sock glue is not an option.

Do you have any tips? Or do you have any other winter-related problems you seek advice for?
12th-Nov-2014 03:04 pm - Coordinate help?
I'm relatively new to the fashion and I'm having trouble coming up with a good coord. I want this F+F dress in black and I'm thinking of buying some cherub tights from Celeste Stein or Aliexpress. I want to buy some shoes like these maybe in black (maybe not from this store seeing as it's ratings aren't that high and I'm not a risk taker). Everything else I'm not sure about (blouse, accessories, etc.) any suggestions? And what petticoat goes with this? I saw a bell shape and an A line shape and I'm so confused.

If I did something wrong please correct me, this is my first time posting to the comm.
12th-Nov-2014 03:54 pm - Bodyline Website Compromised
A Chipmunk
Just as a heads up, Bodyline’s website was compromised at some point earlier today (November 12th, 2014).

1. Monitor your credit card for suspicious purchases if you are a past customer. If you see one, call your bank to report it as soon as possible.
2. Monitor the Bodyline FB page for more information.

Do Not:
1. Visit the site.
2. Try to make new orders.
3. Open any emails from them unless in text-only view. Do not open attachments or click any links.

If you want to make a purchase from bodyline during the downtime you can use a SS to purchase from their Rakuten shop ( or a reseller like Cosmates (

Image of hacked pageCollapse )
12th-Nov-2014 08:16 pm - A conversation with Sebastian Masuda
vampire, xfiles
It has been a long time since I posted here but I thought this might interest some of you.
I was very lucky to meet and talk with designer Sebastian Masuda. We talked about his latest projects but also his vision on Japanese fashion and the rules we feel we have to follow.
It was a very nice conversation that you can find over here: a conversation with Sebastian Masuda
Feel free to leave any comments.
11th-Nov-2014 05:12 pm - Old Brand Dresses?
blonde, bow, lolita, cute
I was surfing around on google and I saw some Angelic Pretty dresses that I really liked, but when I went on the website, I didn't know how to find them. I think it's because most of them were pretty old. Does Angelic Pretty still sell older dresses, or do they not carry them anymore? Specifically these ones:
Candy Fairy

Aqua Princess

Cupcake Applique

Melty Chocolate

Wonder Cookie

Milky Planet

Anything would help!
11th-Nov-2014 11:58 am - The one thing you can't say no to...
Is it cat themed jumper skirts or anything that comes in creamsicle orange? Perhaps you just die over anything with teddy bears or polka dots and chiffon. What is the one thing (or two) that always catches your eye and tempts you to break the bank?
Spectacled/Andean Bear Cub
I'm just getting into Sweet Lolita, and was interested in this dress here:

Now, they don't have a brand for this dress, nor can I find any reviews surrounding it at all. They also don't have it in blue (I don't like the Pink or Yellow) so I also found it here:

I really like how it looks, but wanted to know what you guys think! Should I go for it? Does it look like a good buy? Does anyone have experience with this particular piece? Thank you very much!

EDIT: Apparently the colouration I'm looking for is actually called mint, and is the first one you see in the pictures. Also I found where the dress comes from, Taobao. Here is the original product:

So, new questions. Which store should I use to buy it? Should I get it from Taobao directly? And still, should I buy it at all?
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