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Theme for June
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egl features a monthly theme, in which everyone is welcome to participate!
Not all community posts have to be on theme; the themes are just to give people inspiration and excuses to post! Everyone is welcome to submit theme ideas in this post. If you want to submit artwork for next months layout, please check this post.

June's theme is Upcycling
We all know how pricey lolita can be! This month, share your favorite tips for saving money in the fashion. Whether you've found a perfect blouse for mere pennies or discovered a way to transform a simple item into a gorgeous accessory, show us your best tricks! Create your own entry or join the discussion on our monthly theme post.

• Please familiarize yourself with the list of banned sellers/scammers over at egl_comm_sales right here.
Hello everyone! This is my first time posting and I also recently just acquired my first lolita dress which also happens to be my number one dream dress.

BTSSB Disney's Snow White Ivory OP!

So my friend is a photographer and offered to take photos of me but I really want my coord to be nice so that when I post the photos online they look appealing.

Now presenting a lousy photoshop job I've done of all the items I was thinking I could use together.

15th-Jun-2015 03:28 pm - lolita picture
I was laying down some base color and realized I didn't know what to make of the print on her skirt, polka dots, musical notes, maybe a bunny musicians. can anyone help me out?
13th-Jun-2015 08:55 am - Storage Solutions for Lolita
So I was looking around online for a dress form when I came across this beauty (minus the clothes)

Found here:

I just thought it would be perfect for a Lolita's closet. It would display the clothes nicely. I want to make my studio look like a boutique!

What storage solutions do you already use or think would be great for Lolita?
12th-Jun-2015 02:25 pm - Book print jsk?
Awhile back I saw an image of a book print jsk.  The skirt had a pattern of book spines and the bodice was a dark color that wasn't black (and may have been velvet).  It was worn with a blouse and modeled by a girl standing in what I'm assuming was a library, right in front of some sort of a railing.  I now can't find that picture anywhere.

So frustration aside, I'm asking for any book print JSK.  Images, links, anything.  The closest I've found to what I'm looking for is Innocent World's Royal Library, but I'm still looking for anything even remotely similar.  (I'm looking to make a book jsk in the near future, so inspiration and pictures are much needed.)
12th-Jun-2015 05:54 am - Art post: Little Sister
Hello, hello (^ - ^)/
This time I'm posting something a bit less intricate:
Little Sister

~oO Some in progress pics as wellCollapse ) Oo~

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10th-Jun-2015 01:44 pm - LJ Sales Comm v. LaceMarket?
A simple question, where do you prefer to shop?

I've liked the set up from LM since the moment it opened. Despite it's glitches, it seems simple to use, easy to look at and overall a better system. However, I've recently run into some minor emergencies and I'm cleaning out my Lolita wardrobe, trying to sell about 90% of it (a good portion of which is brand) and I'm having the worst luck. I've price cut some items so much I feel like I'm practically giving them away at this point and still no bites. I wonder, even if I prefer LM, is it really just a wasteland in terms of selling anything? Do most Lolitas still stick to the tried and true Sales Comm? Or has the Lolita market overall just taken a huge nosedive? I know Facebook is another option but I've never sold there before and hate the way FB is set up, especially since it's not really supposed to be used to sell things.

Your opinions?
10th-Jun-2015 08:10 am - Tea discussion

Tea is such a wonderfull thing. It cools you down when you are hot and warms you up when you are cold. Let's have a discussion about tea.

-what kinds of tea do you like
-general questions about tea
-tea party ideas
-tea magazines
-tea photos
- tea collections

drink tea and be merry. 
9th-Jun-2015 01:45 pm - Sweet Lolita Room Tour
Ello~~ (///u///) I've been into lolita for about 7 months now and decided to do a quick room tour for my blog. This is my first time filming myself. Anyone is welcome to view it. :) Thank you so much if you do like it!

Quick thing: I only have two replicas and since then do not buy anymore. :) I stick to brand or indie.

9th-Jun-2015 02:42 pm - Any suggestions?
I want to be a life style lolita. Though I am not sure if I could follow through with it. Is there any tips that you guys have for me to continue and have an easier time? Thank you ^_^
~Sugar :)
8th-Jun-2015 08:06 pm - FFA Time

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Welcome to the EGL Free for All! Now also on Mondays! Yay!

click this for funCollapse )
8th-Jun-2015 12:02 pm - Victorian Choice
Hello, i'm looking to do a whole 360 with my wardrobe and make it gothic and gothic Lolita. i've found myself really into Victorian style gothic clothing however i am unable to find a website where i can get some victorian dresses and skirts. i've frequently have came across victorian choices however i cant find any reviews on them. has anyone used them before?
6th-Jun-2015 11:07 pm - Best Hairstyles for Lolita?
I'm getting my hair cut in a month or 2 and I'm curiouse what kind of haircuts you girls have to match your lolita wardrobes? I typically keep my hair long and just wear pigtails but I want some other options as well. Any ideas? (I know that wigs are big in lolita but I want a good hair style for when I'm not wearing a wig.) (btw my hair is brown and I'm not opposed to dyeing my hair)
7th-Jun-2015 12:16 am - Bodyline shoes256 Review
Hello EGL! I recently received my Bodyline shoes in the mail and did a small review on my blog! If you are interested please take a look ^.^

~Bodyline shoes256 Review~
6th-Jun-2015 05:27 pm - June Monthly Theme – Upcycling
June's theme is Upcycling
We all know how pricey lolita can be! This month, share your favorite tips for saving money in the fashion. Whether you've found a perfect blouse for mere pennies or discovered a way to transform a simple item into a gorgeous accessory, show us your best tricks!

Feel free to create your own post, or add to the conversation in the comments below.

And happy International Lolita Day! ;)
6th-Jun-2015 03:03 pm - Triple Fortune for plus size girls
Does anybody have any printed dress from Triple Fortune?
What are the maximum measurements of its bust and waist?
My friend wants to buy TF dress from Kera Shop and would like to know if it can fit her. But we could not find any information about sizes :(

6th-Jun-2015 12:26 am - ~Happy ILD~
It's June 6th again! Are you or your comm doing anything special?
I can't do anything this year :(
Hello everyone!
Saturday (though the meet up is on Sunday) is International Lolita Day and we (The Lolita group 'Sugar Sweet Vancouver') will be having a meet up at Metrotown in Burnaby (((ON SUNDAY!!!))) at 1:00 pm! It'll end whenever everyone wants to leave ^ w ^ Anyone is allowed to go!
So if you're interested in going this Sunday, please notify me and I will tell you where we will meet!
Hope to see you there~!

Link to our page!
Link to the event!

~ Britt - Nya ~

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