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Theme for November
Please check the community rules before posting or commenting in this community.

egl features a monthly theme, in which everyone is welcome to participate!
Not all community posts have to be on theme; the themes are just to give people inspiration and excuses to post! Everyone is welcome to submit theme ideas in this post. If you want to submit artwork for next months layout, please check <ahref="http://eglmods.livejournal.com/5593.html">this post.</a>

November's theme is Lolita Spaces
What are some of the Lolita spaces in your life? Do you decorate your room or do you have a whole house to trim in Rococo style. Is your style more sweet or classic? Perhaps, your Lolita space isn’t your home but a tea house or other local store? This month is your opportunity to show us your spaces.

Coord challenge is Non-lolita Dress Up
Dress up a friend or relative in Lolita. Take pictures and tell us what they thought.

Please familiarize yourself with the list of banned sellers/scammers over at egl_comm_sales right here.
7th-Nov-2015 09:57 am - Excentrique Winter 2015 collection

I'm a huge Excentrique fan. They released their Winter 2015 collection 'Chocolatire'
What pieces do you like? Or are you a pass on them all?

Photos are all from Excentrique.

More to see and share your thoughtsCollapse )
5th-Nov-2015 04:11 pm - Is Lolita out of style now?
Hello, since I am new to the Lolita community I only recently heard of Misako Aoki, I googled her, and this interview showed up. http://mcha-jp.com/2505 in one part of the interview Misako says Lolita fashion is declining in Japan, but still fairly popular in other countries. This article is several months old, so I don't know if it is still relevant. My question is, will Lolita ever disappear? I would be sad if it did, considering how awesome it is. But since I am new I don't know much about the Lolita community. Is it still pretty vibrant, what do you think? sidenote- I know there are a lot of Lolita's on EGl, and that it seems fairly popular in America but is it popular in other countries or is it disappearing?

~Oli ^-^
So I thought I'd put this out there since my goal this year is I not to turn on the heat until Thanksgiving and since wearing Lolita this time of year in the Northern hemisphere gets a little iffy. Here are some of the things I'm doing to be a bit more comfortable. Add your thoughts and tricks in the comments!

1. Layer up: since you may not be wearing Lolita when just around the house add a cute sweater and scarf even when just lounging around or doing chores. I sometimes throw in a blanket for good measure on extra chilly mornings. I also have indoor house slippers and down booties that I wear when I'm inside. There are some really cute options out there.

2. Make/ Buy a warm underskirt: A circle skirt made out of polar fleece is an incredibly easy project which requires no hemming and no need for a waist band. I use byhandlondon.com circle skirt calculator for mine. Flannel is another excellent option but requires more finishing. I usually use a hook closure to cut down on bulk. Wear these under your petticoats for add warmth and wind resistance. Don't forget good boots and coat.

3. Drink your tea: Or coffee, or cider, anything hot really. These beverages act as handy (lol. Get it?) little hand warmers and warm you from the inside. Also tea is pretty cheap but just hot water and lemon is great too plus is good for digestion.

4. Use a personal heating pad: these work amazingly well when sitting at your computer or in the living room reading. Mine cost under $10 and costs less than 10 cents a day to run even if I use it all day. For on the go to meet-ups or events you can get portable hand warmers! Even ones that stick to your tummy or back, great for ice skating or sledding!

5. Use a space heater instead of central: For those of you who typically spend most of their time in one room of the house (my bed and office are in the same room for instance) consider only heating that room.

6. Use an electric blanket: Instead of heating my whole bedroom I just heat my bed,this way the blankets aren't freezing cold when I first get in and I don't wake up cold. Again just heating my bed costs less than heating my whole room or house.

7. Invest in those cold weather accessories: Try to find a pair of gloves, hat, earmuffs, coat, etc. that match most of your wardrobe and are actually warm. Fleece lined leggings and thermal shirts are great options since you can either incorporate them into your coord or hide them under clothing.

8. Keep the kitchen humming: Not only will this provide tasty treats but the residual heat can help warm the house as well as provide extra humidity in the air which retains heat better than dry winter air. Just make sure to share!

9. Stay active: One of my favorite things to do in the winter is laundry since folding clothes right of the dryer is heavenly. It's also good to get your core temperature up with some happy dancing, playing with your pets (or loved ones), hula hooping, cleaning, anything that gets you moving. Even a brisk walk around the block can do wonders.

That's all I have although I'm sure there are plenty of other tricks out there. I hope you all had a safe Halloween! Stay warm!
Hi, I would like to start off saying I am new to LG and EGL. I have read the community rules, so I think I am doing this properly, but if I've made a mistake I apologise in advance.

So I am new to Lolita fashion,I don't have any Lolita dresses yet, so I am considering buying something from BodyLine since I have heard they make good dresses for new Lolitas. My question is how is their lace quality? And their overall fabric quality? Also is BodyLine the best place to buy your first Lolita dress? I'm sure most of you have heard this question asked a million times, but I would appreciate any help. Also does anyone have any suggestions for getting into Lolita fashion and such? Thanks! ^_~

3rd-Nov-2015 09:52 am - Shoe help. Please.
Okay.  I'm in desperate need of help here.  I ordered a pair of Bodyline shoes recently, and they fit perfectly and I love them dearly.

But... I now have two problems.
First is that they are not at all padded on the inside, and therefore horrible to walk around in for much more than an hour.  Should I add inserts or something?  Or do I just have to break them in?  Or just suck it up (because it's actually not that bad and I could definitely get over it)?

Second is that I scraped the top of the toe part trick-or-treating, and now there's a horrible scuff.  Are there ways to paint over that and is it even worth it (as opposed to just ignoring it)?
Hey guys, I've got a problem with my order at the moment and I'm not getting any help from Linda about it other than it being delayed for no reason.
Basically I ordered a Sky Blue Cream Cookie Collection OP on July 30th, since it said 2 - 3 months processing time and I got express shipping to Australia which is usually about a weeks time.

I emailed Linda September 24th wondering about when I would get tracking details for my order, knowing it was still a bit early but ordering online makes me frustrated and impatient when I don't have all the details.
She told me that it is still processing and because it is pre-order sometimes they may be delayed, and that it has a very good chance of getting to me before November 21st which is when I plan to wear it to a convention, which I told her.

All was well until October 31st, I messaged her again saying I still had no tracking details and was wondering when it would get here as she asked me to email her if I still hadn't heard anything by November.
She then said that it was still being processed and may not get to me by November 21st, and if I wanted a backup dress instead which I declined because I would have either lost money from choosing a dress of lower value or had to spend more on extra shipping, and I already have my co-ord for this dress that I've been working on all year.

She told me that she will keep an eye out for it but it will most likely get to me by December, which by then I will have no use for until late next year.

I asked her if she could hurry it along since I know I ordered with plenty of time and if she is getting it from taobao then I know it shouldn't take four months to ship it over.

I'm very annoyed since I spent hundreds of dollars this year getting this organized and now all I can do is pray it comes on time.

Anything I could do or ask her to get this hurrying along? I understand she's a middle-man and that if she is reselling there could be things that go wrong but that's what the 2 - 3 months is for.
2nd-Nov-2015 06:21 pm - FFA

Welcome to the EGL Free for All! Now also on Mondays! Yay!

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1st-Nov-2015 02:50 pm - Coord Challenge: My Sister Abi
doll, isul
I'm happy about the recent coord challenge, as it was one I suggested not long ago and it came true! This is the Lolita makeover of my 11 year-old sister, Abi! She seemed reluctant at first, but as I hardly see her anymore, I decided to just drag her through it. Doesn't she make a wonderful Lolita!

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31st-Oct-2015 10:46 pm - November Themes
November Themes

Lolita spaces
What are some of the Lolita spaces in your life? Do you decorate your room or do you have a whole house to trim in Rococo style. Is your style more sweet or classic? Perhaps, your Lolita space isn’t your home but a tea house or other local store? This month is your opportunity to show us your spaces.

Coord Challenge
Dress up a friend or relative in Lolita. Take pictures and tell us what they thought

Create your own post, or add to the conversation in the comments below.

Remember we always take suggestions for themes here. (The last four themes were taken from suggestions from EGL members)
31st-Oct-2015 02:05 am - 25 Lolita Halloween Ideas
Square Me - Regular.
Hi Everyone!

I just made a new video~
Because I turn 25 the day after Halloween, I challenged myself to make 25 themed coords/ "costumes" using my lolita dresses that one could wear the the many egl Halloween tea parties and events around this time.

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you enjoy it~

29th-Oct-2015 05:08 pm - Question: Lolita Everyday or ...
Hi, I just started Lolita recently and I wonder if everyone here wears Lolita everyday or just wear it to convention, meet-up or tea party?
If you only wear it for special occasion, what kind of fashion you wear daily?

I want to know your opinion... if someone wear Lolita, even though it's only once, could it be considered as Lolita?
or... Lolita should be included in lifestyle?
28th-Oct-2015 09:21 pm - Our new brand Gilt Rose
> Hello!
> I'm spreading the word for our new lolita brand Gilt Rose. This is our first JSK with snowflakes as the theme.Our webstore is under construction.Coming soon!Please expecting!
mod permission @amytasukada
rose, roses, flowers
I've only seen this bag in this picture I saw on a lolita fashion tumblr blog. I love the bag concept, but I haven't seen it anywhere, but this pick. Has anyone seen it before or know where it comes from?

Pic of bag under the cutCollapse )
25th-Oct-2015 04:47 pm - Cape Cod Lolita's?
Does anyone know any Lolita's from Cape Cod? I've tried checking on facebook and around Google, but no luck.

Thank you. 😁❤️
They come out every where and sometimes we just need to learn to laugh at them. Share your best "lolita" costumes

24th-Oct-2015 09:54 pm - Newbie Lolita 🎀
Hi lovelies,

I've had the lolita style as an interest for awhile now, but only just started dressing up. I would love to make friends with people who have similar interests, and would appreciate any tips (such as where to get wonderful sweet lolita outfits, opinions on lace).

Thank you! 😊
23rd-Oct-2015 10:03 am - I am having such a derp moment...
For the life of me I can't remember the name of this print. Then I go on Lolibrary and nothing shows up there either?!? I can only assume I'm using the search wrong. Will someone please help me out!

K thnx bye
choko lolita bear
Sooo cream cookie in ivory was for sale on yahoo and it had an ok price as a buy it now so I decided to buy it. Problem is I don't have any money to spend and I really wanted the dress considering its so popular and hard to find at a good price I decided I will just sell a dress or two. Now idk if I should sell my honey cake OP to replace it for cream cookie. I'm sure it'll sell for at least the price I'm buying cream cookie. Or I should sell two "non rare" dresses instead. I ony have 5 dresses atm and Idk if it's better to sell one "rare" dress and still have 5 dresses with one of my dream dresses or sell 2 regulars and have 4 only but have 2 dream dresses. I decided I will sell honey cake but I wanted to know which is considered more "rare". Because id like to know if it's worth it to replace it with CCC
21st-Oct-2015 02:33 pm - Experiences with Mercari?
  Hello, I found something quite interesting, it's the Japanese website called "Mercari" it seems to be similar to the others auctions Website but I was curious since I found a lot of things for cheap than I might not except find in Yahoo auctions or Mbok. So I wondered if it was a really trustworthy website, if anyone of you have already bought things from it, if someone knows a shopping service which can be used for this Website.
  Let me know all of your stories! 
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