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Theme for March
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egl features a monthly theme, in which everyone is welcome to participate!
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April theme is Food
April’s theme is food. Do all your dresses make you hungry? Are you now craving a cheese course at the end of your meals? Perhaps you have a favorite meet up at the local cafe you like to show off. Did you make a sweet spread while wearing Lolita? Hey those aprons you bought because they were cute CAN be used while baking. Now’s the month to share a recipe that’s perfect for a potluck meet, show off your baking skills or those dresses that make you want to eat.

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One thing I wish I knew back then was: Yes, you can mix & match themes. If it only bag/shoes, you have, you don't have to leave the house on bare feet or without a bag, but I was told by rather strict lolitas I couldn't. Especially it is relevant to heart shaped bag, because at least by my opinion is pretty much the ultimative lolita bag, regardless of styles.

Ever since I was scared away from print with more complicated themes...

Things you wish you knew when you was newbie?
18th-Mar-2016 09:38 am - Monthly Theme: Do you have a animal?
Let talk about them.

Even you don't own a pet, you can post a your favorite animals.

I have only have a dog as pet, but I had a variety of animals in the past: Guniea Pigs, rabbits, fish and even a pony. The last one I really miss, because she out of the sudddenly was being terrible ill and there was no cure, even she could live with it for years, it does not make sense to let her suffer from it.
My dog is just really dumb, he would go with strangers, if they have food.
So much does he like people and of course food. He thinks everybody loves him, because he is so important.
16th-Mar-2016 06:13 pm - Being between sizes
And how do you deal with it? I mean it must be pretty common problem, it is very few of people, there are completely straight size EU38 or xs.

-I have always trouble with blouses(Out of lolita I mostly wear regular t-shirt & sweaters, because they don't fall of my shoulders), in lolita I might fit bust on meassurements, but in shoulderwidth, waist and even sometimes sleeves are too big(on the sleeves I also got some too short). I don't get it if I should buy a blouse to alter it to fit in it. As same thing as jsks. I might could do it, but I wouldn't finish it. And Bodyline, I do only have good experiences with them about shoes. Not the quality, more I think their designs are sometimes really odd.
However I think that I must try looking into Lady Sloth or Maxicimam(I can fit their regular size blouses), but for sure it comes with a pricetag.

What are your experiences with sizing?
I really like to see people share their stories about it.
Mainly I only see it then it is coming up, then people are plussize, tall or really petite.
Unless you get everything tailored, I think everyone gonna run in to it some point in their life.
Hello every girl!
We are an original design brand.The Antique Clock is our new design in 2016.

DSC_64151.jpgRead more...Collapse )
13th-Mar-2016 01:11 am - Usagi Youhinten Review

Hi everyone! Recently I made an order from the Japanese secondhand lolita shop Usagi Youhinten. I decided to review it on my blog, and share that post here since Usagi Youhinten isn't as well-reviewed or as wellknown as other shops, like Closet Child are.

♥ Click Here ♥
11th-Mar-2016 12:46 am - Collaborations
Hello, I'm relatively new to Lolita and I had a quick question about collaborations. So I know that both AP and Baby have done collabs with Disney (honestly what major brand hasn't done an Alice in Wonderland or Cinderella print) and AP has also done a collab with Hello Kitty and Barbie I believe. However, beyond that I don't really know about too many collabs. Does anyone know of any brands that have done collabs with an anime or any larger companies like Disney?
9th-Mar-2016 10:29 am - I'm looking for Lolita friends~
Hihi! So I just started to get into the Lolita fashion and well, I even ordered a dress! However, I'm kinda worried because I don't have any friends who are into Lolita, or getting into it like I am, so in that matter I feel a little alone, and due to that I've decided to search the Internet! Honestly, it was so tough finding some sites for Lolita's to be chatting at, but once finding this I thought I could get some nice online friends! ^.^ So um, I was reading the rules, and I believe this is ok to post here anyway ^.^' welp, I'm known as Pk c: I'm kinda young but I've been told I act older for my age online, also um, I would like help with Lolita, I'm trying to learn about it and I think I know enough to at least get started a little bit, but if anyone could tell me more that'd be great c: well, yeah! Thanks for reading all this! cx
8th-Mar-2016 08:08 pm - Attp's new "Hogwarts" print
I guess it would happen someday, a brand print inspired by Harry Potter.
It just happens to be today is your lucky day, if you are craving after a real Hogwarts-print or rather the train to Hogwarts.
Even I have seen cordinates inspired by Harry Potter, I don't have seen a print before. Just the name of it: The Wizarding platform〜Steam engine and the illusion of the foggy town.
It comes in winered, Navy, orange an black. No green for Slytherin. ):
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7th-Mar-2016 10:07 am - Your last look
GLB_VOL_9 (20).jpg

What was your last look (that you took a picture of.) Did you go to a meet up or just taking a trip to the store?
Was it a standard 'go-to' for you or did you try something new? Do you like the way it looks or would you change it up?
7th-Mar-2016 02:10 am - WTF IW?
well-behaved women never make history
I still haven't received any paypal invoice for either of two IW orders I placed during the last two weeks. One was on 2/24 and the other was on 3/2. I also haven't received a paypal invoice for a BTSSB order I placed on 3/2 but I seem to recall the last time I ordered direct from Japan BTSSB took their own sweet time about getting back to me, so I'm not AS worried about that.

I've never had any problems ordering from either site before (and I've ordered from IW kind of a lot, because unlike BTSSB and AP there are no local stores for them.)

Anyone else having similar issues?
6th-Mar-2016 07:21 pm - Any Experience with Delusion3 Taobao

Anyone have any experience with the Taobao store Delusion3 or with this dress specifically? In the future I'd like to order this dress, but I've never seen any pictures of it other than the stock photos. Does anyone know about the quality of the stuff from this store?
hat, painting, george romney
Good evening everyone! Ever since I went back to an old post that talked about a character called P-Chan, I've been wondering: do any of you give names to your usakumya/kumakumya/lyrical bunny/pochettes, etc.?

Since I have heard a lot of lolitas talking about how they just have theirs accumulating dust, from kumya-chan to Pucci François, do you give it a name? Or do you find it strange to name objects? Are you a person who enjoys animal bags or do you find them odd? Let's hear about it!

3rd-Mar-2016 09:43 am(no subject)
So I've recently fallen in love with painting skirt/dresses in lolita fashion and I want to know:
What are your favorite pieces (brand or otherwise) with paintings printed on them?
What artworks do you want to see prints of and/or what are your favorite paintings?
What paintings do you think would make good skirts/ops/jsks?
1st-Mar-2016 07:05 pm - I'm just wondering
First of all let me say I've always loved what I think is the Gothic Lolita look. Again I said what I think it is. I'm a Brolita looking to start a Gothic Lolita look. I know these are from a "scam" site, but I was wondering three things A) would this outfit be considered a Gothic Lolita look, and B) is there anywhere else I could find the same if not similar items. C) if these are considered Gothic Lolita, could you recommend a wig, hair accessories, tights, and maybe gloves.


Dress (I really love this) http://www.lolitadressesshop.com/black-cotton-squarecollar-long-sleeve-floorlength-pleats-gothic-lolita-dress-p-1103.html

Petticoat - http://www.lolitadressesshop.com/black-yarn-flooor-length-105-cm-lolita-dress-petticoat-p-2968.html

boots (simple but beautiful and 2 pairs) - http://www.lolitadressesshop.com/black-doubleround-straps-pu-gothic-lolita-boots-p-2524.html , http://www.lolitadressesshop.com/brown-belt-strap-pu-gothic-lolita-boots-p-2519.html
rose, roses, flowers
I never see anyone talking about this (I've seen it like once a loong time ago), so I'm wondering if anyone else is just as annoyed, for lack of a better word, as I am about lolita brands putting crosses on everything now? I understand it for like gothic brands/themes because they take from gothic architecture like elaborate cathedrals and stuff, but that's it.
A lot of lolita brands now seem to just do it because it became a thing for some reason. And I'm just tired of seeing it now, not only does it not make sense to use religious motifs with things that have nothing to do with it (not to mention it's disrespectful to use religious symbols as accessorizing aesthetics like that...I also find it weird like...why would you wear symbols of a religion you're not a part of anyway??), but it's just so overdone at this point. Angelic Pretty is the main culprit I see guilty of this. Who else is just done with seeing crosses everywhere?
27th-Feb-2016 12:47 pm - Haul Video

A while back I ordered a few items (and a Magic Tea Party skirt!) from my-lolita-dress.com and I recently made a video reviewing the items I purchased!
A friend recommended this taobao-reseller shop to me and, as I said in the video, I didn't exactly have a good experience with them... Has anyone shopped here before? What was your experience?
Colorful Paris Windows

I had the opportunity to video tape the fashion show at Katsucon, here is that product. ^_^
26th-Feb-2016 12:12 pm - Most Creative/Elegant Meetups
Lately I've been thinking a lot about what the perfect meet would be like, and wondering what the most creative ones my fellow lolitas have been to were. I love the classic tea party concept and have done it before, as well as picnics, dinners, museums and gardens, but I'm sure there have been far more creative ideas that are still sweet and elegant enough for the classiest lolita.
For those of you who'd like to share your stories or ideas, I would be delighted to hear them! Huge meetups, tiny local ones, activities you've thought would be fun to do, (I seriously want an elegant arcade meet to happen) or places to go, I'll listen to as many as you want to share. ♡
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