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Theme for June
Please check the community rules before posting or commenting in this community.

egl features a monthly theme, in which everyone is welcome to participate!
Not all community posts have to be on theme; the themes are just to give people inspiration and excuses to post! Everyone is welcome to submit theme ideas in this post. If you want to submit artwork for next months layout, please check this post.

September's theme is work/school
September is the time for school and those of us that work it’s just another month on the job. So this month we’ll celebrate lolitas at work and school. What things do you do to lolitify your school/work space? Do you deco your binders? Have a locker that could double as a page in the G&LBs? Is your cubical a shrine to Mana? Or are you more subtle and make sure your letterheads have that extra touch of class and your memo-pads the envy of all your co-workers? Now’s the time to share how you spread the lolita spirit among the more mundane. monthly theme post.

Coord challengeincognito lolita
What coords can you make that wouldn’t raise the eyebrows of your boss/principal?

• Please familiarize yourself with the list of banned sellers/scammers over at egl_comm_sales right here.
19th-Aug-2015 08:31 pm - what have you made recently?
I was just wondering what all you sewing lolitas are up to. I recently made this simple skirt. it's supper poof with a petite. I hope to get a classical puppets petite so it can be even pouffier. I think I want to try making bloomers next.
choko lolita bear
I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't find the answers to this :/ is there such a thing as too much poof? In the image below I used a-line and bell shape classical puppets petticoats to layer them and it's extremely poofy. I'm asking because someone wants to buy my a-line petti and I'm having second thoughts on selling because what if I want to layer my Petticoats like this? But if it's too poofy then I probably will sell it because I only need the bell petti.

18th-Aug-2015 05:48 pm - What's your ultimate dream dress?
Hi lolita's. I know this has been talked about before many times, but not so recently, and I love seeing others' dream dresses! Perhaps we can even help each other find them.
Have you found yours already? Are you looking for it every day? What would you wear with it? It may also be a skirt ^-^ Please post pictures if you can ♥
17th-Aug-2015 11:51 am - Lolita x High-fashion?
About three years of watching EGL from afar, finally I have the courage to make an LJ account and start posting.

I did a photoshoot recently with a local photographer at his home studio.

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16th-Aug-2015 09:06 pm - Question for Fukuoka Lolitas~

I'm heading out to Fukuoka for a couple of weeks for work, I was wondering if there anyone knows of any SECOND HAND lolita shops in the area?  I've been there in the past and know about Vivre building where most of the lolita brand shops are (baby, putumayo, etc., etc) but combing through past posts here, i didn't see any information on second hand shops that may carry used lolita items (similar to Closet Child in Tokyo).

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated!!!

17th-Aug-2015 03:56 pm - Your Nautical Themed Coordinatess!
To fit with this months theme, lets share our own pirate, sailor or other nautical themed coords here! If you haven't made one yet, perhaps you might like to try your hand at it.

There isn't much else to say, this is quite self explanatory...
15th-Aug-2015 11:31 am - Excentrique 2015 Autumn collection

Excentrique started to release their Autumn collection.
This one is themed Witchcraft Academn.
Excentrique is an awesome brand that puts their catalogue online!

I pulled the ones I thought were the most intereting, but what do you think?
Is Excentrique too classic for you? Love some items but hate others?

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Hi everyone!! I'm a new and upcoming lolita and wanted to know if I could be a lolita without buying the expensive dresses. I am a lifestyle one but is there any way to do it without the dresses?
It's a taobao brand a few of their prints caught my eye. They are fairly cheap so I'm worried about the quality. Anyone purchased from them recently? Pictures? etc. Thank you!
I'm new to lolita and am having trouble finding good quality and style petticoats and blouses. I also live in a small town in the US so I have to do all my shopping online. Not to mention I'm on a bit of a budget. Anyones help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
12th-Aug-2015 03:14 pm - Bodyline Shoe Help
Hi Everyone! My bodyline shoes http://bodyline.co.jp/en/shoes178.html broke a couple months ago. I keep trying to repair them but nothing works. I have used super glue to glue the strap back and that failed :/ It has broke before but I had extra snaps to put on it if it broke. Now I am out of snaps so I'm out of ideas :/ Do any of you know how to fix this problem or alter the shoe?

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Is it possible for me to be both a sweet and Gothic lolita at the same time?

I'm still in the very early stages of gathering my wardrobe, and am very much a beginner. I currently have Bodyline's L257, a cupcake shaped Classical Puppets petticoat, and Bodyline's 255 shoes in light pink. I don't have any other accessories, blouses, skirts, or tops.

I'd like to be able to mix and match things, as well as have a few full Gothic outfits and a few full sweet outfits. Colors I like are pink, purple, black, and white. I prefer black over white, but very much love black and white together.

Would something like this be possible? If so, may I please ask for any recommendations for how to start building such a wardrobe, and what colors to prioritize? What about maybe some good brands?

Thanks so much!
11th-Aug-2015 11:49 am - Your last look
GLB_VOL_13 (5).jpg

What was your last look (that you took a picture of.) Did you go to a meet up or just taking a trip to the store?
Was it a standard 'go-to' for you or did you try something new? Do you like the way it looks or would you change it up?

Show off your looks and let's see what EGL is wearing!
I only started ordering from closet child recently, but they've sent me the exact same tracking number every single time. The second time I ordered, I got the exact same tracking number, but because of the speed of the order, I didn't care all that much. I've ordered from them for the third time last night, and got the tracking number from EMS this morning. They've sent me the same tracking number from my first order, and my second order.

What the heck? I mean, EMS is reliable and all, but this is getting a little silly. Do I contact them and ask for a new one? Do I just stay put?
Hello everyone!

Today I would like to introduce our community to you! :D

10th-Aug-2015 10:47 pm - Looking for opinions/advice
Hello, everyone, I've been lurking around the community and the Lolita fashion for a while. I'm finally ready to start assembling a wardrobe, woohoo! I have a few things already that I think might be loliable, but I was hoping the people of this wonderful community would pitch in and tell me what they think. I'm looking for advice on how to make these things Lolita, if they don't already qualify on their own.
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I did read the rules before posting, but if I have misstepped in any way please let me know and I will correct myself or this post as quickly as I can. Thank you!
9th-Aug-2015 09:42 pm - August Theme: Beach/Nautical
August's theme is Beach/Nautical

Summer might be coming to the end for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, but there’s still time to hit the sea side. This month share your favorite beach or nautical themed items. From mermaids to sea shells to your favorite sailor look show us your best!

Create your own post, or add to the conversation in the comments below.
Hi girls! :)

A friend of mine has just opened a facebook page for those of you who loves the gyaru/lolita brand AXES FEMME, so if you want to share your experiences,shopping hauls or admiration regarding this brand, please make sure to drop by and support her page ^.^

We would be happy to greet new members in our group so we can exchange our excitement and love for this lovely brand together :'D Please notice that this page is NOT a SALES PAGE: it's main purpose is only to share your thoughts, opinions and experiences you've made with Axes Femme!

Apart from that, we hope you'll come to our page soon and join us <3

-> https://www.facebook.com/groups/368839396652731/ <- That's our group's page :D See you there :*

8th-Aug-2015 01:18 pm - Seller and Product reviews
I recently wrote two reviews!

The first (found here: http://darkpastel-dabbles.tumblr.com/post/126181779244/clobbao-and-classical-puppets-review) is one just written for a package I recieved in April.  It was from CLOBBAOnline and contained Classical Puppets A-Line Petticoat III and Secret Shop OTK Socks Model 703.

The second (found here: http://darkpastel-dabbles.tumblr.com/post/126184682714/my-lolita-dress-raymo-and-strawberry-witch) is for a package I received yesterday from My-Lolita-Dress.  It contains Blouses from Strawberry Witch and RayMo.

(Just FYI, they are on tumblr and they are picture heavy.  Apologies.)
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