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27th-May-2016 06:40 pm - Angelic Pretty Boutique Opening?
Hey egl!

Recently, Angelic Pretty posted on their site, saying that in Paris, this July, a new boutique would be opened! (along with a tea party, as usual)
They said more details would be posted closer to the date, along with an AP Paris Facebook and official website. However, on the AP Paris news page/ article, at the top of the page, it says Pop up shop? Does anyone know if this will be a real AP Paris boutique, or just a pop up store?

Thank you!
26th-May-2016 11:39 pm - favorite meet?

What was your favorite meet? Was it with a lot of people or just a few people? What did you do? 
20th-May-2016 11:07 pm - Shop in Wonderland with John Leigh
So there's a new Lolita shop in Houston, Texas called Shop in Wonderland that carries all sorts of brands such as Angelic Pretty, Triple Fortune and Putumayo. The Gothic and Lolita Bible is available for purchase (though there aren't any for sale as I type this right now) and there's even a blog with a couple entries on how you can be confident in J-fashion. Sounds great right?


Just one problemCollapse )

Lovely Lor's video provides a peek inside the shop (with consent from the employees).

The Houston Press's article about John Leigh's harassment.

My entry on the whole debacle, with links to accounts of others' harassment and the change.org petition to revoke John Leigh's title of Kawaii Ambassador
20th-May-2016 08:19 pm - who's afraid of alterations?! not me!

Guess what I did to my holy-shit-was-this-expensive! dress? A recon! Yaaaay!! =^.^=V When I got the Haunuli dress in the mail, I was kind of disappointed by the fact that it was too big. While I appreciate the roomyness in ANY lolita dress, I was horrified to find out that I looked really pregnant in it! I tried pulling and tugging, but I just could not get comfortable in wearing this OP. I lamented in the fact that I should've waited out for the JSK instead.

Well, since I've been on a budget and $300 on a dress I won't wear really bothers me, I decided to do the only thing I can do...make a recon! I was super nervous when I first started disassembling the dress... This could turn out to bad!! Luckily, I found that I had enough sewing skills to make this work. :)
lookie lookie!Collapse )
20th-May-2016 02:27 pm - Katsucon 2016 videos
This year I was able to attend Katsucon for the first time and I got a lot of fun video while I was there! I've uploaded two videos, one a general convention review with lots of outfit pans of all the lovely Lolita I could find, and the other of the fashion show. I hope to go again next year and get even more footage!

Fashion show video under the cutCollapse )
20th-May-2016 01:05 am - May edition of your last look

What was your last look (that you took a picture of.) Did you go to a meet up or just taking a trip to the store?
Was it a standard 'go-to' for you or did you try something new? Do you like the way it looks or would you change it up?
Which substyle would you change to?

If I should choose another style than classic, I would choose punk. I can still wear regimental stripes, I still can wear plaids, and I can even wear more plaids. But I think a pure punk lolita wardrobe is kind of a expert move. So I would choose to combine with a gothic mainpiece or two. Read the restCollapse )
Hey, EGL! It's been quite a while. (I don't think I've been on here in at least a year!) Seeing as I've gained a few pieces of brand, I thought I'd ask for some good, old-fashioned concrit for my OOTD. (COTD?) I would also greatly appreciate accessory suggestions!

Outfit Rundown
Head Accessories: Whip Collection detachable bow, offbrand (square) ball hair ties.
Blouse: Thrifted
Accessories: BTSSB necklace, offbrand pearl bracelets, AP purse with AP phone charm.
Skirt: AP's Whip Collection
Socks: AP
Shoes: Bodyline

Thanks in advance!

~Bonus Question~
Have any of you started planning coords for ILD yet?
Edit: Someone on facebook has told me the exact information I need to know! The dress on the right is in fact another dress that just happens to be very similar; Organdy Babydoll OP released in 2004 http://lolibrary.org/apparel/organdy-babydoll-op

Read more...Collapse )
18th-May-2016 06:00 pm - What happened to Decoden?
Before I was into Lolita, I had another J-fashion interest Decoden. I really enjoyed the very cute look of it and dreamed about making my own. Since I was rather picky, and don't like the exstra fees of getting cheap plastic cakes marked as 1 euro(and manufactured for 1 cent), I ended making my items.
Wich ended up in donuts, macarons, swiss rolls and a rather crappy looking cover. I was pretty terrible to it.

But what happened to the trend? Decorate your phone, I think most electronics is really boring, because theyre all grey, black or white.

The reason I got out of decoden, was major hobbycompany took some stuff home, first of all their basic items was overpriced and secondly the decor was really ugly. Cheap rhinstones instead of delicious relastic looking bread and cake. Not really my thing.
11th-May-2016 10:28 am - Professional Pictures?
Hello all! I was wondering if any of you have had professional event-type photos taken in lolita. I'm getting my senior pics taken in a couple of months and I'm trying to decide if it would be a good idea to wear lolita for them. Have any of you had any trouble with photographers being okay with it?
8th-May-2016 10:42 am - DFW lolita meet up at cat cafe

My local lolita group had a meet up at a cat cafe. We also played some easy games and I wrote one below. It's kind of like a mad-lib/ fill in a blank adventure.

So play along and write down the answer to the questions and open the cut to see what the adventure is...

1.      A place. (the park, a restaurant etc)
2.      A coord (an outfit you'd wear)
3.      Yes or no (pick one)
4.      Yes or not
5.      A number
6.      A food item
7.      Yes or no
8.      Famous Lolita
9.      Person at the meet
10.  a food item
11.  a liquid
8.  Answer for 8
12. Yes or no
13. yes or no
14. two people at the meet
15. yes or no
16 yes or no
17. a number
18. yes or no

Click to see the adventureCollapse )
8th-May-2016 04:16 pm - Shoe suggestions for Prom?
Hey guys! I am new to egl and I would most appreciate it if you all could help me out ^.^ This year I am going to prom but I wish to go in a gothic-lolita-ish look. This is the dress I am planning on getting: http://gothlolibeauty.myshopify.com/products/dw039-gothic-noble-dovetail-dress-no-petticoat-included

I am not sure what shoes would look good with this that is the issue and I reckon boots would look a bit off for prom. All suggestions are welcome brand or off-brand :O) Thanks :3
5th-May-2016 06:16 am - toning down a sweet print...
Hello! Just wanted to share a dress I finished recently. I love sweet lolita but unfortunately I just can't wear them. That doesn't stop me from buying fabric with sweet patterns on them tho! ^^; So the goal was to tone down the print. I decided to borrow elements from Angelic Pretty and use a Jane Marple-esque palette for the colors. And since I didn't want a tooth-ache sweet dress, I thought black was the way to go. Add some pearl buttons and it turned to a surprisingly okay combination. What do ya'll think?

03-30-16 Lavender lolita dress 09.JPG

more pics in here!Collapse )

Excentrique has started to release their summer line. It's called Curisity cabinet.
You can view their preview catalogue here. I pulled a for of my favorites.

More below cut. What do you think?Collapse )
28th-Apr-2016 05:10 pm - Financing lolita lifestyle
I'm very new here and yes I read the rules and faq's but if this isn't allowed I'm sorry and please let me know.

Anyways I'm doing research for a college anthropology project on how lolitas afford to live the way they do. For the project I need actual survey data so if anyone is willing to take my short 9 question survey, that would be VERY helpful. It's anonymous and you can skip questions if you still don't feel comfortable with them.
I'm not sure if this breaks the generating discussion rule, but if it helps, open discussion beyond the survey is encouraged.. although I'm sure there are already posts about this =^=;;

(also if you're interested in this subject as well you can view the results of the survey after you complete it)
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