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Lolita Magazines

i have looked through the memories (twice!) and haven't found an answer to my question. so i decided to start a post. 
Hello everyone 9 u 9

i am not new to the lolita scene but i only just now decided i should invest in a magazine or two. but here's my dilemma. which one?!?! LJ Seek wasn't helping so the only way to get a good answer was to ask the lovely loli's on EGL!

so, which is your favourite series or volume and why? 
information can be on any Gothic and Lolita type mag/book/mook etc like the GLBs, Handmade Gothic and Lolita Mooks, Gothic and Lolita Hair and Make-up Bibles, GLBExtra's, Kera Maniax/s, Clara Bow/s, Gothic Lolita and punk Brand Books or any other magazines or books that you have found very good or helpful to you.

my plan is to read the comments and see if one bible or magazine seems to be a favourite and hopefully this will help me decide which ones to buy.
i hope this works and that this post will be able to help others who are having the same problem as me!! ^ u ^

thank you very much for your time,
Love Imuin : )
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