Minda (mindaroth) wrote in egl,

Just an amusing observation

So, I don't really wear Lolita very often, but my friend does on a fairly regular basis, and today, while we were in Harajuku doing our weekly shopping thing, I heard something that amused me. Not once, but twice. As we walked by, I heard Japanese people commenting that lolita fashion looks so good on foreigners, but on Japanese people...no way! (loose translation)

This same friend got an almost identical comment from someone else recently. Sooo....I just wanted to put things into perspective for anyone suffering from the "omg, Japanese girls are so much cuter than me, no matter what I do" syndrome. Plenty of Japanese girls think gaijin will always be cuter than they are. So don't be self conscious in Japan. Unless you look like a total train wreck, chances are, they think you're adorable.
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