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I still hate this outfit, but I'll keep on trying to fix it.

Pre-decided changes:
1. Out with the boots. i have something else in mind. relative to rain boots though.
2. make a winter style one because it's hard to be summer festive and hobo-esque
3. follow an actual sketch.



*took these pics later* Back


Backity back back bustle

haha! cute and short story. So, giving into peer pressure and taking the advice of fellow con-goers and comrades Josh and I entered the masquerade. Yeah. We apparently were an hour late to signing up, but they made "acceptions" and deemed us to go FIRST out of the 64 entries. O.O

I kept on asking Josh, "Why the crap did we do this?!"

Well with some more help and a freaking out Bethany (me) these lovely girls who were dating and doing some zelda thing gave us an idea to bow and curtsey type deal. and yeah. we won presentation too. OMG! so we gave them one of our medals for presentation because they were so nice to help us out. ^^

We won 2 out of the 3 we were eligible for! wow. quite a shock. plus. quite a few pissed off people (and a small applause ;-;) because of our new appearance at this con and part of the specific qualifications was "anime cosplay." yeah yeah, we could always find a way in. but the thing was that this con was more of anime-hardcore-otaku-con than having to with music and fashion. anywhoots. the 3rd medal thing btw was given to a pyramid head-silent hill. It was the "best in show" award. *it was cool, but he ought to have gone to acen and seen the other "heads". seriously*

ps: to those who know STRIPPER VASH. i had no idea he went to anime iowa. he also seemed to "f-ing love [our] costumes" exactly 4 times. guess we supa SUCKED at ACen if he didn't recognize a LITTLE bit of the old costume. XP

Edit: btw. night before costume construction is apparently a very good way to go about making things according to the head cosplay coordinator at the con. she was awesome. and very strict on "liking" things. so her approval was prettay sweeet. XD
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