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January 27th, 2013 

Of Hector's deeds did Homer sing,
And of the sack of stately Troy
What griefs fair Helena did bring,
Which was Sir Paris' only joy
And by my pen I will recite
St. George's deeds, and English knight.

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10:07 pm - Wardrobe post!
So, this is my first wardrobe post ever. It's really small given the amount of time i've been into lolita (I just started buying brand about 7 months ago). I'm hoping to expand it and make it more versatile and less random than it currently is. I'd appreciate some suggestions as to how I can add to my wardrobe. 

Here's my wardrobe...Collapse )
This is my first wardrobe post because I wasn't part of the community last January. Most of my wardrobe pieces are sweet Angelic Pretty prints, but I am acquiring more classic pieces lately.

This way for a mostly Angelic Pretty wardrobe!Collapse )
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