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Bell-shaped "mini" petticoat ?

Hi girls !

I need your almighty knowledge, frilly fellows, before I resort to commission a seamstress.

Last year, I acquired a few Otome/Gyaru/loliable pieces that have enough room to fit a bell/cupcake-shaped petticoat (and look depressingly flat without one), so I was wondering if some of you knew where to buy mini-pettis (mid-thigh length) of this shape ? I found some that are A-line, but that's not what I need.
I really want to start wearing my Casual stuff, but I can't without the appropriate petti... Moderate to medium poof would be the best, since it is only for casual outfits.

Thanks in advance ~ ♪ !

P.S. : OT but good luck to college/university students who are trying to study for the finals (T__T).

Tags: !how do i tag this, garment: bloomers/petticoats
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