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EGL Throwback Thursday: September 2007

This week's Throwback Thursday is a little closer in time than last week, we're looking at September 2007 this week! I chose September 2007 because that was the month that Novala Takemoto was arrested for possession of marijuana and essentially erased from Japanese pop culture. For those of you who got into Lolita after this date, there's a good chance you're unfamiliar with Novala (beyond him just being the guy who wrote Kamikaze Girls), at least not to the extent that people were familiar with him before his arrest. He was featured in almost every G&LB during his reign and was practically worshiped by many Lolitas for his various essays on the Lolita lifestyle and fashion. People either loved him or loved to laugh at how ridiculous he was. He was also infamous for his totally crazy fashion choices. Flash forward to now, and he's still making the weird fashion choices, just in a different direction.

novala takemoto

There are two old posts of note about this: this one announcing his arrest, and this one about his merch being pulled. There were a lot more posts and threads about this news on EGL at the time, but they were almost all frozen for quickly descending into people arguing about whether or not pot should be legalized.  At the time Novala was doing a few different collaborations with both Baby and Hello Kitty, and probably would have gone on to do more. Novala dropping out of the Lolita game so quickly probably changed the course of Lolita in ways that we might never know.

This is fun: What is your favorite brand? Baby was a lot of people's first choice back then!

Here's a pretty good outfit post with working pictures. My favorite part of this is that it's a relatively plain outfit by today's standards, but it gets so much attention! Here's another outfit montage with 2 pages of comments! Personally, 2007 is one of my favorite eras of Lolita style. I think that the looks were so charming.

Socially, 2007 was a really bizarro year for EGL and Lolita in general. I think that 2007 was probably the year EGL got it's reputation for being full of meanies, wank ran rampant and people constantly nipped at each other. It was like EGL's cranky pre-teen years. 2007 also saw a lot of mainstreaming of Lolita, from the news of the English language Bibles to a lot of celebs wearing their own weird versions of the style to other totally random usages of "Gothic Lolita" in various media. It was kind of like 2003 Hot Topic all over again, only this time EGL dressed a lot better and was a lot crankier.

In September of 2007, EGL was getting word that Tokyo Pop was going to be releasing the English language Bibles and people were, understandably, very worried about this. EGL actually was apparently very active in making sure Tokyo Pop did right and there were a lot of threads about people actually getting involved with the magazine. Oddly enough, when these came out there was a complaint that they were basically just "EGL: The Book" because so many of the people in it were just people on EGL. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

This was the time before wigs were as popular as they were now, but 2007 featured a wig trend, but they were all very natural looking, not the crazy wigs we're familiar with now.

Lifestyle Lolitas were also a hot trend at the time. Personally I remember people being very divided about this, 2007 had some very extreme lifestyle Lolitas, but also some people who thought it was a hilarious idea.

Last week I posted people talking about Courtney Love wearing Lolita, funny enough I found this post about some ebay auctions for charity Courtney Love was doing that included some of her Loltia dresses!

So, the question of the week is: What were you doing in September 2007? I had just attended my first Lolita meetup that summer and was working on reentering the world of Livejournal after a 2 year break from it and my closet was slowly expanding after being introduced to the still very new sales comm.

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