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Hey fellow frill-seekers, Im a bit of a lone wolf when it comes to lolita. I have a few great friends who enjoy the fashion with me and we've been friends for years even before lolita had entered are our lifes. I guess because I entered the fashion with a group of other lolitas I didnt need to find a local community to join. That's about to change because I'll be moving and changing colleges soon because my fiance has been offered a great job across the country. Ill miss my shopping buddies desperately. Anyhow, I started researching communities and was surprised to find that some groups are filled with anger and hate for other members in thier own .It got worse when i stumbled across "behind the bows" and saw what some girls were saying about others, even others in their own group. What surprised me the most was the amount of posts that ripped apart for how they naturally look. Girls were being called ugly because they were tall, short, black (Im black by the way) and because they were "FAT". I have never been ashamed to to say that Im 5'4" 160 lbs and I know Im a lolita. No not all brand fits me out of the box, I alter some pieces to fit me correctly, I make a lot of my own blouses so that they properly fit my bust (but I would do this regradless because I love to sew) I love lolita and love my "fat" or "chubby" body. Based off of what some of those girls had said Im not the perfect lolita and if I have to follow a bunch of useless rules about body image that has nothing to with the actual fashion I dont want to be perfect. I would rather stay in my sheltered loli-world with my friends. My question is have you recieved any hate from the people you thought were suppose to support you?
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