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Military items in everyday fashion

I've been a fan of uniform designs even before getting into lolita- there's something about the tailored cut that makes me stand straighter and be on my best behavior!

I only got into loli recently so I missed out on major 'military loli' releases like D. Walkure. Frankly the only piece I am really interested in is the hat; as I live in the tropics, wearing a jacket as normal clothing is pretty much out of the question unless it is raining super hard (or risk heat death). I also wear wigs most of the time, so typical mainstream shop hats do not fit my head ; ; mini hats are a safer bet for me.

As for my question- I am unlikely to ever obtain the D. Walkure hat, but my cousin still keeps the policeman's cap originally worn by his father. Would it be disrespectful to wear such a hat, even if it is an old design? I have a friend who does historical reenactments who is very particular about the details in his uniform and weapons (actual guns; it's his hobby xD) who gets very offended whenever he sees badly made SS costumes during conventions. I don't intend to wear a military hat as part of a costume, though I do find the old Meiji era uniform inspiring, and I want to try it with something in a kimono print (this is not lolita, mind; it needs more thought and planning). I would like to make a coord that does not provoke cries of 'fascist!' (D. Walkure, Airman Leeloo)

Also, could anyone recommend a shop that sells military-inspired items, or links to resources on this subject? I have a limited budget, but it would be nice just to look at military loli coordinates. :] Thank you in advance!
Tags: discussion: motifs, discussion: social issues
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