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~Innocent World Oddment Pack A: Video Unboxing + Photos~

Hi guys!

I just received my IW Oddment Pack A in the mail, and I thought that the lolitas of egl might be interested in checking it out.


I ordered an IW Oddment Pack A, and I wasn't let down by what I received!

First up, we have my unboxing video.

I was so excited to open it though, that I derped out and put my camera in portrait. Go me!

(Apologies for being such a dweeb in my video, I was ridiculously excited!)

So, after filming my unboxing video I set to work on properly opening and photographing my new pieces. Funnily enough, I realised that all of my blouses were short sleeved when I opened them! ahah

Also, finding stock listings turned out to be much easier than I thought it would be. (I got lucky and everything still had tags attached.)

In total, I received 17 items! Here they all are, complete with product names and a listing of any damage I found:

 photo blouses_zpsd6084ab9.jpg

From Left to right:

-Petit Ribbon Blouse in White, Size L, no damage spotted
-Round Collar Ribbon Pullover, no damage spotted
-Round Collar Ribbon Short-Sleeved Blouse in Beige, Size S, no damage spotted
-Rose Cotton Lace Blouse Beige x Brown, Size L, no damage spotted
-Heart Decollete Blouse in Beige, Size M, no damage spotted
-Tuck Frill Short-Sleeved Blouse in Brown, Size S, no damage spotted

 photo IMG_3704_zpsf7e804c4.jpg

-Cecilia JSK in White, slight run on chest section (total of 1cm in length)

This is super adorable! I just wish that it was longer in the bodice, since the waist of the dress sits a little high on me.

 photo IMG_3713_zpsf1f29573.jpg

-Stripe Round Collar Flare OP in Gray, size L, seam coming apart for 3cm beneath left sleeve

My second favourite piece from the pack! Unfortunately, I'm stumped as to how I can coordinate it with my wardrobe.

 photo IMG_3670_zps83587896.jpg

-Natalia OP in Navy, no damage spotted

A slightly odd item, but it's actually rather flattering when worn. I think it'll be cute for otome wear.

 photo IMG_3687_zps30f2c1f2.jpg

-Square Yoke Doll OP in Navy, no damage spotted

Another interesting piece. It's designed to be a loose fit, but the waist ties at the back help give it a bit of structure. An extra centimeter in the sleeves would have been nice though.

 photo IMG_3678_zps41a240d5.jpg

-Standing Collar Lacy OP, no damage spotted

A very OTT piece. The lower lace sleeve section is removable (it's just attached with buttons and elastic.) If I end up keeping this piece I think I might unpick the lace around the hem of the dress and the sleeves.

 photo IMG_3700_zps3c0d47f5.jpg

-Bouquet Stripe JSK in Wine, Size M, no damage spotted

I thought this would be nice for casual wear but unfortunately the bodice of the dress looks odd one me. It's since been sold.

 photo IMG_3689_zps1fd3fbc9.jpg

-Checkered Lace Up JSK in Brown, not damage spotted

My favourite piece in the pack! If it wasn't for the IW tag, I would have thought that this was an Amavel item (they're an otome brand.) The weather is cooling down over here so I can picture myself wearing this with oxfords, thigh highs, and a beret.

 photo IMG_3674_zps2d1c8bf4.jpg

-Margit Pants in Grey, no damage spotted

These are super cute but I can't see myself wearing them. The lace IW used is amazing though.

 photo acc_zpsab9f9a2f.jpg

-Cross Lace Cameo Head Bow in Brown, no damage spotted
-Knee High Socks with Wide Lace, faint yellow marks around ankle
-Merry-Go-Round bag in Bordeaux, slight glue mark

The head bow matches a fair bit in my wardrobe (hurruh) but the bag isn't quite the right colour for anything I own, it's such a shame though because it is very cute. As for the socks, I look a little odd in anything knee high so they'll have to go :/

All in all, I'm very impressed with my pack. Kudos to IW as well, since they gave me pretty cohesive items! I think that a lot of the pieces will be staying, mainly because they fit with the classic part of my wardrobe rather well :)

All of this content has been made re-bloggable on my tumblr

~My tumblr~

~Item Photos~

~Video Unboxing~

~Thank you for looking!~

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