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Public Oaths of Lace 
26th-Mar-2014 08:06 pm
Tea Cup Cracked Melon Green Mint Pink In
Make a pledge or an oath about Lolita and we, as a community, will hold you to it!

Is there a goal related to Lolita that you want to publicly commit to to help yourself be held accountable?
I find sometimes making a public statement, a sort of pledge or oath, helps me stick to something and get it done. As long as it's just in my head I feel like I can waver on it or even abandon it; but when I say it out loud to someone I tend to get it done more often. It's even more likely if I tell a few people because the idea of having to explain why I dropped something to multiple people is wwaaayy more embarrassing then explaining it to one close friend.

More then one statement is welcome and encouraged. :)
27th-Mar-2014 03:10 am (UTC)
Lolita Pledge - To not buy anything from Japan until next fall or winter
So last fall my computer died a horrible death and over winter break it had to be completely replaced. With the help of a few friends lending me money (just finished paying them off) I was able to get a new computer for art / video editing and it works wonderfully; the only problem is it still doesn't have a hard drive. (running on a small 100 GB drive currently) So really I can use it for consumerism (watching videos, surfing web, some lite image and video editing) but I cannot do many of the grand projects it's destined to eventually be able to do...
So I want to take an oath today; Today I made my last order from Japan and from here on out until next fall I cannot / should not spend any more substantial amounts of money (over $20) on Lolita. Until then I can afford to craft, sew and pick up the occasional accessory from a local business or small indie brand (etsy) but it is unreasonable for me to do anything beyond that until my work necessary equipment is acquired.
27th-Mar-2014 03:29 am (UTC)
Lolita Pledge - To stop smoking
I have wanted to stop for a long while. I don't smoke indoors, but I feel super out of place, and even more disgusting smoking now that I am an active lolita. I have switched to the Blu electronic cigarette, and I am glad it does not smell but its still not enough. I have smoked for 6 years now, and I really want to stop so I don't have to run off every hour or so and be gross and have never had a real 'reason' (Obvious health issues, but you know, addictions) so, I am now saying I must stop smoking completely for the sake of not only my health, but to feel better in lolita.
27th-Mar-2014 03:57 am (UTC)
Something to keep in mind, as far as I've heard, is that once you stop smoking your skin will have more of a glow. So another perk, besides good health, is that you'll become an even prettier Lolita then every before :)
(Deleted comment)
27th-Mar-2014 04:09 am (UTC)
Lolita Pledge - No new purchases until July

After only just getting started in lolita fashion in January, I've spent far too much for my liking. My oath of lace is to not buy anything else other than what I have on order at the moment, until July rolls around.
27th-Mar-2014 04:44 am (UTC)
Lolita Pledge - Be smart, stop focusing on lack of money now.

Education is the key to getting big bucks ;).
27th-Mar-2014 05:06 am (UTC)
In this day and age education is the key to a 50,000 debt in student loans and doesn't in any way shape or form guarantee a while saving money is great, spending it on education is probably a worst investment than spending it on lolita in this day and age. At least with lolita you can resell your stuff for cash. Not so with your diploma if and when it doesn't get you a job and you end up working at Starbucks. :/
27th-Mar-2014 05:42 am (UTC)
I will catalogue and organize my Lolita wardrobe this year.

It's not all that large yet but it's getting a little unruly.
I want to store and display my things in an organized and beautiful way.
I have Stylebook app but I need to make the photos for it and edit them.
I also want to do a wardrobe post next January and have my things photographed nicely.
27th-Mar-2014 05:54 am (UTC)
This year I promise to work on putting together full co-ords before going out and buying any dress I see and like and having a wardrobe full of gorgeous dresses and not a single cohesive outfit..
27th-Mar-2014 06:05 am (UTC)
Lolita pledge - Buy more than just main pieces, save for next dream dress

No more dresses until I have a petticoat, some jewelry, tights, brand blouses and boleros to match! All this dear dresses hanging in my closet with and nothing that lives up to them! :'< Also do not buy cute dresses on a whim and then cry when there's no money for another expensive dream dress. v.v Fantastic Dolly in red or Cinema Doll JSK in black, you are my next goals this summer!
27th-Mar-2014 04:37 pm (UTC)
In terms of jewelry, if you don't already have one, I would really reccoment investing in one real / freshwater pearl necklace. I've been sort of a broken record about this but I think it's a very good basic for any kind of a "lady-like" look/fashion. They can be expensive but I found where the price difference mainly lies is that white (uncolored) pearls come in many different shades and so someone has to be hired to sit around all day and perfectly match enough to make a necklace... Where as the same grade quality of pearls run through a dye drum to become an unnatural color (such as teal or brown or pink) don't need to be shade/tone matched so they cost a lot less.
Examples from my collection; Natural white pearls $150-$200 (they were a gift, so I don't know exactly), Brown Pearls $20, Pink odd-shape pearls double length $35
I really got into them after a really rich friend of mine, who often wore piles of pearls to holiday events, explained that really at any one time she was only wearing one real strand and that the natural "glow" of a real pearl necklace, when placed next to faux pearls, sort of "lends" it's richness to them and makes the whole look seem very luxurious and expensive when really there is only one pricey item in the mix.
27th-Mar-2014 08:17 am (UTC)
Lolita Pledge I pledge to keep up with my new Lolita blog!

I started a Lolita blog a couple years ago, but I quickly grew so overwhelmed (plus I was in a pretty bad place personally all around) that I soon could no longer keep up with it. I struggled to revive it every now and again, but I was so frustrated with it that a few months back I wound up just erasing every article I'd ever written. Now over these past few weeks I've been super inspired by the blogs I love to follow and have decided to take a new approach to my blog-one that I think will be much more relaxed and fun all around. I'm super determined to keep with it this go around, if only to use it as a personal account of my development as a Lolita <3
27th-Mar-2014 08:34 am (UTC)
lolita pledge - do a serious closet cleaning!

I've been accumulating stuff for 4 years, there are pieces in which I can't really see myself anymore but I've been too lazy to post something on the sales or even in my country's forum. My mother is complaining for the less and less free space in my room and in the house in general, so it's really time to take those things out, EGL sales, local conventions, donations (?maybe), no high prices anyway cos they have to go. I will probably do it during the summer as it's the only time I'm at home...
27th-Mar-2014 12:52 pm (UTC) - Lolita pledge - I will only buy dresses on my wishlist
I've not been in lolita for very long so the past two years have been me just building up a solid basic wardrobe. I've just sold a couple of my very first dresses now that I've defined my style and want to curb back from the buying I did in the beginning. That is why this is my pledge since I don't have many things on my wish list anyway. I've already managed to acquire a couple of pieces so to just get a bit more (two specific dresses and a skirt in particular), not even the whole list would make me very satisfied for a long while =D Of course part of the pledge also is to get those a the right time when I can afford them too!
27th-Mar-2014 04:46 pm (UTC)
I'm kinda in the same boat; finally finished building the foundation of my wardrobe with this last Bodyline order and really from now on I should set my sights on things I truly deeply desire and not what I "need" to get by. I think once I finish my pledge (don't spend money on lolita) in fall I'm going to make one more order on Bodyline just to get a good fall JSK and skirt and then from there on out I'm going to focus soley on choice items from Closet Child and the Comm Sales.
27th-Mar-2014 01:34 pm (UTC)
Lolita Pledge- I will grow out my hair

I've recently had a relapse of trichotilomania (a disorder that causes me to pull out my hair) and am starting to get bald spots. I want to grow out my hair and do a ton of cute lolita hairstyles ^-^ starting today I'm going to stop pulling my hair.
27th-Mar-2014 02:51 pm (UTC)
From my time on LHC I know how hard trichotilomania can be. I wish you all the luck in the world with this :)
27th-Mar-2014 02:14 pm (UTC)
Lolita Pledge: Finish losing weight!

This is sort of a given. It's not that I don't love my body, or the plus-sized communities that I'm in. I will always be there for my fellow plus-sized lolita, to give advise or support, but I can't continue as I was. It's encouraging to see muscle structure again, seeing inches fall off your waist (3" so far, YEE), and having to alter my home-made JSKs to make them less baggy, but the important thing is I'll be healthier.

Don't like the stretch-marks though. :(;;; Squats are MURDER.
27th-Mar-2014 04:53 pm (UTC)
At least in Lolita stretch-marks wont show... I love how many sins I can hide under all the layers. So many of the flaws of my body that use to make me sad don't exist when I'm in Lolita.
I need to do this too though; over winter break I put on like 5 pounds (cake, cake, cake, cake) and it's just hanging out and not going anywhere. Because my weight isn't snowballing and continuing to increase beyond that I haven't felt motivated to bother losing it but it seems as if that 5 pounds is just enough to throw me into the land between dress sizes and as vain as it sounds I like being just a solid number (regardless if it is low or high) then somehwere in the middle land where you have to take two or three sizes into the dressing room.
27th-Mar-2014 02:56 pm (UTC)
Wear lolita once a week. Even ifs just to get a coffee or to the store.
I have amassed a decent number of dresses- and haven't worn half of them and keep buying more. I need to change that.
I don't that problem with skirts are much as I only have a few and most of them can be worn pretty casually.

Next big purchase will not be a main piece

I just bit the bullet and ordered two pairs of shoes from bodyline. I've been putting it off because I don't like bodyline much but I have big feet and the free shipping to was too good to pass up. This made me realize there are a whole lot of things I need more of. I need at least two more pairs of shoes. Two good bags. Socks- I need a lot of socks and hair accessories and could do with at least four more blouses two black and two any color but black. It's just its a whole lot less satisfying to get socks when I could be getting a dress. But this will give me a lot more options and I need to do it.

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27th-Mar-2014 05:02 pm (UTC)
Maybe a good way to go about the accessories is to experiment with making some of your own pieces. When I make something and wear it out I feel much more proud and satisfied with that piece then if I had simply bought it at the store. Socks, Handbags and Shoes are difficult but maybe making your own hair accessories could help you save money for the other things while still, because you are making them yourself, feel special?
27th-Mar-2014 04:55 pm (UTC)
To not buy any more lolita until I've redecorated my room - I need to save up for paper, paint and a bigger wardrobe.

(Not counting this $300 dress I'm a quarter way through paying off welp)
27th-Mar-2014 05:46 pm (UTC)
Interior design can really be emotionally liberating; once you get your room done you'll feel so much better and everything you do in that space will feel enhanced. I once, at my parents home, saved up to re-do my room and it felt so awesome when I finished. I had all of my work stuff in there so it meant I spent a ton of time there and somehow every moment just felt better and more relaxing.
27th-Mar-2014 04:55 pm (UTC)
I pledge to stick with what I've been doing so far in 2014 - going back to basics and really perfecting my coords before buying new pieces.
I also pledge to continue buying basics, especially shoes, jewelry, hairpieces, socks and a parasol! Finally.
27th-Mar-2014 05:52 pm (UTC)
Personally I think it's really worth it to try and buy a parasol that's been chemically-treat to resist UV rays. The fabric will naturally do that to a certain extent but I felt much more justified in the cost of a brand parasol when the shopper keeper showed me the tag and explained it's designed to block 98% of UV.
27th-Mar-2014 07:01 pm (UTC)
Lolita Pledge - To lose weight!

I tried losing weight just over a year ago and did pretty well - I lost 2 stone! - but then getting ill and stressed I just let myself fall back into bad eating and gained the weight back, so I want to lose it and stick with it! I've wanted to try wearing lolita for years and have finally decided to work towards building a wardrobe now, but even though being slim isn't a requirement for wearing lolita, it sure makes it easier (at least for me it would). So yeah, that's what I'd like to do on top of learning to sew properly, but that's not as urgent right now. :)
27th-Mar-2014 08:12 pm (UTC)
Lolita Pledge: to buy more convincing, natural-coloured wigs

This might sound like an odd one, since wigs are certainly not an essential item for lolita, but of...6?...wigs I own, only two are in natural colours, and only one of those is styled in a way that's at all lolita - and that one's the same colour as my natural hair! While I don't need to make a pledge to make myself buy more lolita dresses, most kinds of accessory items seem to be falling by the wayside as I keep just buying main pieces. At the moment I seem to be making a lot of purchases that sit in my wardrobe and give me a satisfying feeling that my wardrobe is growing, but pretty much none of these items are going to be worn more than once the next year and a half. It feels like such a waste - at least when I buy wigs I tend to actually wear them, since I can wear them with totally normal fashion and I like being able to change my hairstyle without committing to a colour. I also want to cut my hair realllly short soon (like, boy short), as it's very thick and difficult to look after, but I'm really scared the hairdresser will mess it up so it'll be nice to have a realistic-looking wig to fall back on if short hair turns out not to suit me.

Edited at 2014-03-27 08:12 pm (UTC)
27th-Mar-2014 08:33 pm (UTC)
Lolita Pledge: Teach myself new techniques!

I have to allow myself to expand beyond creating just basic skirts, JSKs, and OPs. I'd love to work with millinery and maybe make a bonnet, or a tricorn hat, and develop more of a cohesive style in my designs, especially if I keep with the idea of making lolita to sell online.
27th-Mar-2014 11:10 pm (UTC)
Lolita pledge - Lose 20lbs by June

I have the last 20-25lbs to go! Woo! I've come so far (previously being 210-215ish pounds at my highest weight, my goal is 125-130). If I'm able to keep a loss of 2lbs per week, I'll hit my goal by June. Then working to get the last bit off before Otakon in August.
28th-Mar-2014 03:01 am (UTC)
WOW! We have the same goal weight! Congrats on your progress so far! That's incredible!
28th-Mar-2014 01:20 am (UTC)
Lolita pledge - LOSE MY WEIGHT!
I am way to big :( I need to lose a lot of weight. I was down to 180lbs, then went on vacation to visit my then bf and I went up to 215lbs! UGH .. but since coming home in Jan, I have started losing weight. :) I want to go down to at least 107lbs!!!! I eat healthy and work out/hike already but also since I started working, I can see a change in my neck and body more.

Lolita pledge - Work hard and smart to make more money
I got a job at walmart but it is KILLING my feet! I need to find me a really good desk job :( I have flat feet and being on my feet for 8hrs, 5 days a week is starting to get to me. Plus I have a job at a bakery that I also work 4 hours, 3 days a week. I plan to save it all for things I need and an apartment.

I went to goodwill today since I got my first paycheck! I bought a few really cool dresses that I plan to use for like natural looks I saw while living in Japan.
28th-Mar-2014 06:58 pm (UTC)
Have you seen a doctor for insoles? I have flat feet too, and in high school I could barely walk for more than 15 minutes without needing to sit down and rest my knees. I have never been overweight (the opposite really), but I live a very sedentary lifestyle (exercise is just so boring to me) and I found that just being more active greatly helps reduce pain from having flat feet. So I bet the more you work your job, the better it will get! But in the meantime, if you can get custom-made insoles, it REALLY helps. I can't tell you the difference it made for me in straightening the leg bones that were turning inward when I walked before getting insoles. You could SEE it immediately though, when you looked at my legs!
28th-Mar-2014 05:00 am (UTC)
Lolita pledge: to get rid of half my wardrobe

This sounds scarily intense, but my gosh, it makes me sad when I think of the pieces I've liked looking at and only worn once or twice (mostly impulse purchases, or the dreaded "that is such a fantastic deal, I MUST BUY IT BEFORE ANYONE ELSE DOES oh it doesn't fit anything in my wardrobe OH WELL IT'S CHEAP" do-si-do). If it hasn't been worn in six months (and it's not a seasonal piece), out it needs to go.

Lolita pledge: to be in a better financial position for Lolita (and everything else)

Let me say that I'm in no way starving for my frills or racking up giant credit card bills! But I need to be making more than I am at the moment just in general.
28th-Mar-2014 03:18 pm (UTC)
I think that is a really cool goal! One year I pledged to get rid of 1/3 of my possessions, it didn't end up happening but I really wish it had.
I always sort of hover between wanting to be minimalist but being too afraid to actually do it.
28th-Mar-2014 06:52 am (UTC)
Lolita Pledge: Wear lolita to work every Friday. So far I have been sticking to it. I feel like I am improving faster and becoming more comfortable in lolita, whether I dress to blend in or stand out.
28th-Mar-2014 11:05 am (UTC)
Lolita Pledge- to get on with my sewing

The stuff I'm sewing at the moment is really just basic jsk's. I need to make my dresses look a little more interesting, with things like tiered skirts and pintucks and ruffles and all that stuff that I can never be bothered to do. Also, I need to improve my embroidery. I need to make dresses covered in silk shading, cut work, white work, all that pretty stuff so that my embroidery will look all intricate and elegant.

Also, to try and arrange more meet ups, even if it's just going out for pizza or something.
28th-Mar-2014 04:32 pm (UTC)
My Lolita Pledge - Make my new flat a princess palace
To decorate my new flat as cute and childlike as i wish. My boyfriend may not particularly like it but i wont hide my love for frills and cuteness any longer, i pledge to decorate exactly how i want and embrace my new place. This ones especially hard because im very messy and put off things like decorating but its something i need to do :)
28th-Mar-2014 05:23 pm (UTC)
Lolita Pledge - To exercise more regularly

This may seem to have little to do with Lolita, so I'm going to give an explanation.

I have enormous difficulties managing the stress of my studies because my program is kind of fat (two very important classes + philosophy and literature). I believe, at least I hope, that leading a better lifestyle will allow me to manage it better and concentrate better on the things that I love. And that includes Lolita. My wardrobe is reaching a nice size, and I have enough pieces to wear Lolita every day of the week. However, I'm always tired, if not exhausted, and I have mood swings and depressive phases that make me feel like doing absolutely nothing, and that includes dressing up. It's gonna be about 3 weeks since I last wore Lolita, if not a month. And it makes me sad. :(

Back in secondary school, I did karate, and last year, I started running every once in a while. I want to run at least 3 times a week starting as soon as the streets of my neighbourhood start to unfreeze. I'm supposed to get back at karate as soon as college ends (3rd week of May) and I've been saying it for a while. I'll also have to finish off my driving lessons and get my license (my father made me promise) and I'm taking a summer class. So I'll have a busy summer, but I hope this change in my lifestyle will make me feel better on the long run.

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