Melina K. (thumbelina_11) wrote in egl,
Melina K.

I think these would make some EXCELLENT border prints!! (WARNING: taxidermy!)

...and maybe some of the ones we've seen recently have been influenced by them??

Kitten Tea Party

Has anyone seen the bizarre taxidermy works of Walter Potter from the mid-19th-century??

You can glimpse them here:

Anthropomorphic scenes include:

- Guinea Pigs' Cricket match
- Kitten's Tea & Croquet Party
- Squirrel's Club
- Rabbits' Village School
- The Kitten Wedding

I feel like if you just add a "Dreamy," "Sweet," or "Royal" in front of most of these, they'd be hits for sure.

**EDIT: And for those of you concerned with how the animals were obtained/animal cruelty, lucky for you orangeaddiction did some research:

"Potter's intention had been to create an amusing animal spectacle and his museum's many visitors over the years have accepted the collection in this spirit. However, latterly, to deflect increasingly regular complaints of animal cruelty, the museum found it necessary to display a sign saying that none of the animals had been killed specially and, anyway, they were all more than 100 years old."

(Taken from: )

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