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A break from your regularly scheduled [wardrobe] programming...

I was browsing F+F's website earlier and noticed some new stuff. They've really been getting into the painting dress trend lately. Then suddenly my eyes were assaulted by something... something. INTENSE.


It looks like someone put a Divide filter on a painting of Venice. In fact I'm pretty sure that's just what happened. Aside from being the most difficult to coordinate dress ever, it actually reminded me of something from Bodyline: (image clickable)


This dress from BL is actually one of the items I like very much from BL- I am a Venice-fanatic, and I like pink in combination with sax. So seeing it in violet x green was... a shock xD I know this isn't the first time multiple brands have used the same fabric.

Classical Puppets and Bodyline

press 018 (1)l188-2
Victorian Maiden and Bodyline
and many more, I'm  sure.

What do you all feel about brands that share fabric? This does not apply to replicas, of course- but of commercially available fabric only. As a newbie I'm leaning toward more solids and 'basic' pieces right now, more for maximizing wearability than standout pieces in themselves. But I'm interested in how others view 'non-custom' prints!

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