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I'm making my first coord, but I'd like help? 
18th-Dec-2013 09:48 pm
Hello! I'm trying to join the lolita community, and have made this livejournal to join the community!! <3 This is my first post aaaaahahah..
Part of my first coord is in the mail, but not all of it...I'd like some help with finishing it? I'll put more details under the cut.
I am hoping to be a sweet lolita, and the skirt I bought, I think it is sweet but it's hard to tell. Can you help me make my coord more sweet? ^^
I ordered a skirt from bodyline in the print 'stripe balloon bears' in the color purple. I also ordered socks in the print 'love heart balloon' in white. I know they are different prints, but do you guys think i'd be okay to wear them together anyway? They were out of white in the skirt's print...also, will a headbow come with the skirt? This is probably common knowledge for lolitas, but I haven't been able to find anything on this..sorry if I'm asking an obvious question.
I ordered light brown circle lenses on cyber monday, and they've since come in. I don't have solution yet, so I haven't worn them yet. I know circle lenses are mostly an optional thing, but I really like how they look, and I think they will be fun for special events.
I ordered an auburn brown wig off of amazon. It's got full bangs, and is just past the shoulder with a bit of wave.

Obviously I still need a blouse, petticoat, shoes, bloomers, accessories....I'm planning on using my christmas money towards this, but it probably won't cover all of it unless I do some real searching. I'm a jobless high school student. I should probably get a job, but am unfamiliar with where I could work with lolita. I won't ask much about that though, as there's probably a post related to this. I'm just mentioning it to get you familiar with my price range, so we can stick to the idea of making a coord. u3u
Is it so bad to buy a blouse used? Nonetheless, at a resale place? That is my plan. The blouses I've seen range from $30-$50, and that's a lot of change to put into a plain top. I'll probably get white.
I don't think getting a used petticoat is a good idea. I'm afraid it'd be worn down from wear, and wouldn't hold enough poof. I've also heard petticoats from bodyline don't hold well. Where are other reliable places to buy a decent one? Is a plain one better, or a colorful one so it could be worn as just a tutu for casual days? Is there an average size for both skirts and dresses, or should I start by buying a small one for a skirt, and later get a larger one for dresses?
The main issue I have with shoes are what color to get. I think sax would look best with my coord, but how useful would they be to a new lolita? I feel like pink would go with more future brand, but not as good with my current look...
Are bloomers necessary? With all the petticoats and such, is there still a chance of, ahah, flashing someone? The prices for them seem expensive for what they are, but then again, that's lolita, hahah..if they are definitely a necessity, then where can I buy them cheap?
And now for accessories. I think this is the funniest part for a sweet lolita. >w< My skirt isn't as cute as some sweet lolita prints are. How can I make it still look very sweet? I used to have these really cute bear ears, but I stepped on them and they broke. >n< Beginners mistake...should I buy another pair? For bracelets, I'm thinking pearly things, but what else?

If some of these questions have been answered somewhere else, feel free to tell me. I'm probably being annoying right now by asking so many..

Thank you for helping, and have a sweet day!! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*
19th-Dec-2013 03:15 am (UTC)
I'm really bad at explain coord advice but as for the bloomers save your money. It's not necessary to get them but they're nice. I usually just wear shorts underneath or spandex shorts. Also I personally wouldn't really pair bear ears with my first coord because sometimes they can look tacky if you don't match it right. I would stick to a headbow or something simple. For say if you were going to wear a black blouse with the lavender skirt I might wear a plain black headbow with maybe a smaller lavender bow cliped onto it. (You can wear whatever colored blouse you want I just used it as an example). You don't want to overdue certain colors its good to match color. For example most of the time entire lavender coords look awful because its overwhelming. Also for the blouse I would invest my money into a nice lolita blouse because that is one of the main pieces that puts the outfit together also in the future you can pair that same blouse with another item you might buy. For the petti I would stick to a white petti for sweet lolita. You can find one from victoriandressgirls on ebay for a decent price that has a lot of poof or the cupcake shape seen in lolita. I hope this helps!
19th-Dec-2013 08:50 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I think I'll just wear shorts. It might be hard to find pastel ones though..I'd be afraid to wear the usual bright-colored ones, they wouldn't match! >n<
The bear ears were made using a really realistic fur (not real lol), but I still get why you'd think that. I probably won't make any more. Aaah, do you know a good place to buy bows? I'll check the comm sales, but if I can't find any there, where should I look?
I'll try to stick to a max of three colors, just to keep it simple. ^^
If I can find a nice blouse, I'll go for it. I'm still thinking about the blouse though, I need to do more searching.
Ahahah, a lot of people have recommended them. I think I'll buy one from there.

This did help, thank you!! :*
20th-Dec-2013 01:30 am (UTC)
Bloomers are actually rather easy to make. It took me a few tries at first, but now I have 3 pairs I love.
20th-Dec-2013 01:57 am (UTC)
Ah man, I have no sewing experience. I could ask my mom to help me though, she knows her stuff.
20th-Dec-2013 02:06 am (UTC)
Alright! I used this tutorial:

^___^ Hope I could help!
20th-Dec-2013 02:38 am (UTC)
yes, this helps!! Thank you!! <3
20th-Dec-2013 02:40 am (UTC)
You're welcome! Even though I got into the fashion last year, I'm still fairly new to Lolita myself, I just got my first brand skirt and I'll be wearing it for the first time tomorrow! Good luck!!
20th-Dec-2013 11:26 pm (UTC)
aaaaAAAAaaaaaah congrats!! <3 That reminds me, what counts as a brand..? BTSSB, AP kinda stuff only, or do like Anna House and Bodyline count or.....?
7th-Jan-2014 12:59 am (UTC)
BTSSB and AP are the most popular brands and Anna House is definately brand but there are also brands such as Mary Magdalene, Moi Meme Moitie, Innocent World, Julilette et Justine and Metamorphose. Those aren't the only brands but they are definitely among the most popular.

Bodyline is a brand, but is not considered brand. I don't know why... It's a cheaper alternative for purchasing lolita and perfect for people like us (high schoolers with low funds). A few other shops that sell less expensive lolita are Dream of Lolita, Infanta and Dear Celine. I mainly purchase my things secondhand from the community sales here on livejournal as on occasion you can find brand stuff much cheaper.

(Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong about any of this)
7th-Jan-2014 02:22 am (UTC)
ahah, thanks! Next time I have money I'll look in the community for sure..
19th-Dec-2013 05:37 am (UTC)
There's a lot to explain, so I'm going to try to break down my advice in the order of the questions you're asking:
-"More sweet" to me says OTT sweet, which is not something you can really start out with. You'll want to start out with the basics of a sweet lolita wardrobe, preferably in white so that they will go well with pastels.
-Yes, the skirt and socks you ordered will go together ok.
-I rarely buy from Bodyline so I'm not certain about this, but I do not think a headbow will come with the skirt unless it is specifically stated in the item description.
-Your first job will most likely require a uniform. Don't look for something where you can wear lolita. Dressing up is for your days off.
-Used brand blouses you will find in the $30-$50 range are likely to have been worn a lot, or be stained or damaged. I would recommend buying a new blouse such as this one from Anna House : It's available in different sizes and colors. I would once again recommend sticking with white.
-Bodyline petticoats are not really suited to a lolita skirt. I recommend buying from Victorian Girl Dress on ebay: It's not specifically for lolita (it's more for costume and dancewear), but the XXL size petticoat is the right shape and length to be worn with a lolita skirt. The length of petticoat you need will probably be around 17-18", but of course it depends on the length of the skirt. Just double check to make sure it's an inch or two shorter than the skirt. You should stick with white, or maybe pink, for a basic petticoat. I don't think it can be worn casually. Without a skirt over it, the petticoat will look like dancewear, which is not what you're going for.
-White or light pink shoes both work. They don't have to be lolita-specific. Anything with a low heel and rounded toe works, although mary janes would be particularly good. Avoid ballet flats and high heels.
-Bloomers are not strictly necessary - you can wear shorts under your skirt if you're concerned about modesty. Anna House has a pair of bloomers for $16 if you have some of your lolita-budgeted money left over.
-Look to Claire's or Forever 21 for cute, affordable accessories. They'll be relatively toned-down for sweet lolita, but there's nothing wrong with that. You can get a pearl headband or one with a small bow, but avoid anything with animal ears since that tends to push it into costume territory. Jewelry should complement your outfit without being too bright or flashy. You can also get some nice tights from Forever 21.

I hope that answers your questions. Good luck with your first coord!
19th-Dec-2013 09:11 pm (UTC)
Ah yeah, you're probably right. I was thinking about white as well, but as for the accessories, I don't think I could be that sweet at first either. unu
It's not mentioned. unu I'll have to find a cute one somewhere.
Ahahah, now that I look back at this post I feel like that was a stupid question to ask.;;; Yeah, I'll look for a job unrelated.
I might buy it, I've heard good things about Anna House, but I'm going to go thrift shopping first I think. uwu
Aaaaah yes, many people who've posted on here have recommended it. I think I'll buy one. ^^ Also, thank you for the length advice! I didn't think of it, but that's an important detail. And I won't wear it without a dress/skirt, I just thought of that because I've seen lolitas who are also into fairy kei wear them as tutus, but I'm thinking those tutus were just tutus and only worn with lolita coords to add extra poof.;;
Okay, no flats. And yes, I think I'll get a pink pair. Looking back at the skirt, pink will look fine, and they'll be more useful in the future. I also have black mary janes, but I don't think they'd work for this particular coord, or much sweet lolita.
Yee, I'll probably wear shorts. Maybe after I get a job I can get bloomers, ahahah;;;
Forever 21 is really cute! I don't know much about Claire's, but I'll look on their website (but when I buy I'll go in store, lol)

Thank you for your help!!
19th-Dec-2013 06:27 am (UTC)
Hi! I'm sure you're excited about your first skirt coming in!

First of all, bloomers are not necessary. It seems like quite a few girls here like them; I don't know anyone in my circle of friends here in Tokyo who wear them. They're kind of like headdresses: outdated. Even though it's winter I don't know anybody who's wearing bloomers in Tokyo, though I'm sure *someone somewhere* must be. Bloomers are not to be seen anyways so it's really for you. If YOU want them, sure, get them. But, they're just added bulk and an added expense that at the end of the day you really don't need. You're not going to flash anybody with a knee-length skirt. I mean, what do you do with above the knee skirts in regular wear, then..? Most people manage just fine even in regular clothes. ;)

I wouldn't get a used petticoat unless you could see it in person and assure yourself that it's nice and fluffy. I don't see what's wrong with a used blouse. My blouses are all from Closet Child therefore all used. Who would pay 150 bucks for a blouse when you can get one for 50? Because you are getting a skirt and not a dress, though, I WOULD recommend trying to find a blouse on the used sales community here rather than a thrift shop. If you were getting a dress it would be easier to hide a blouse that's "not too special", but with a skirt it'll be very obvious if it isn't a Lolita blouse you are wearing. I would really recommend you get an authentic Lolita blouse for skirts. If you don't see anything in the used sales community you could also try some of the Chinese brands, they offer brand new blouses for the same price as used brand blouses and some of them seem quite nice!

Your skirt won't come with a headbow. Mismatching socks and skirt prints is something that's quite popular in Tokyo right now, in fact I hardly ever see girls with the same pattern socks as dress anymore. This could also have to do with the facts that socks are kinda out of fashion right at the moment and patterned tights are all the rage. For cheap shoes you could look at Bodyline or Secret Shop. I have bought from Secret Shop and was amazed at their quality. I wouldn't wear pearls as accessories but that's 100% your choice. Typically "sweet" accessories are more like plastic sweets or animal characters and stuff like Angelic Pretty's stuff. You can find stuff that will go with "sweet" at your local Claire's in the kids section if you can't afford to get more expensive accessories right away. After that I'd suggest hunting down some cheap Swimmer accessories or anything else that strikes your fancy on the used sales community!

Lastly, you probably shouldn't look for jobs that will allow you to work while in Lolita- if anything it's a hazard with a petticoat, plus it sticks out so much that it just doesn't show a unified work space. You don't want to be distracting and I mean, most jobs have a dress code. There's nothing wrong with wearing regular clothes while at work. Even in Japan, aside for Lolita shop girls (who usually don't even normally wear lolita OUTSIDE of work, so it's the opposite...) 99% of girls who work don't work in Lolita, they work in work suits and wear Lolita on their time off. Most people don't even go to school in Lolita (although I do..). Wear it on your time off and find a job in regular clothes. ;) Good luck!! <3
19th-Dec-2013 09:31 pm (UTC)
aaaaAAAAaaaahhh yes yes I am >w<

I'll probably wear shorts, and maybe get them once I have more money. I'm just worried all the petticoats will make it hard to cover myself if I bend over for something... >m<;;

Oh gosh, I've only run into one lolita in my whole life. There's one at my school, and we've spoken once, so I will probably buy a new petticoat. Also, I'm sorry to ask another question, but how do I find out about meets and such in my area? I should really get in touch with that lolita girl...
You're probably right about the blouse, I can see why a nice one would be good for skirts. Thanks, I didn't think of that! >w<;; The only issue with the comm is that someone else here commented that used blouses in my price range are probably stained or something. unu; so idk if it's a safe buy..?

A darn...I'll go looking for a used bow in the comms I think uwu And yeee glad mismatched socks are in. Tights are probably better for winter, but socks are still fun, and more comfy. I'll look for tights for later coords, maybe.
I'll probably buy my shoes from bodyline lol. I wish I could find some used, but I spent hours yesterday and found none. unu
Yeee, many people have recommended Claire's. I'll look in there.

Ahahah, the job thing was such a stupid question, I regret asking that...I was tired or something, orz. But yee, I'll probably wear lolita on days that I can wear what I want. I don't know about all school days though, because my dad lives on a dirt road and my shoes would get all scruffy!! >m<;; my parents are divorced, so I'll every other week dirt-free.. uwu

Thank you for the help sweetie!! <3
21st-Dec-2013 03:56 am (UTC)
I don't think working in lolita is a bad idea or a stupid question. Actually, I know several girls locally that wear lolita to work, including myself. One is a game designer who used to wear it daily, one works at a clothing store, one is a store manager. I do online sales and wear lolita to work sometimes. I could wear it more but I don't care enough in the morning to do more than the basics. It can be annoying but it's really not that big of a deal. I could probably think of more people who wear it to work if I tried. So you can see there's a variety of positions available where you can wear it. I think this community has a tag for lolita at work so I would check that out for some discussion.

However you probably won't have much luck looking specifically for a place where you can wear it, it's just something you have to get a feel for after you work at a place for a bit, unless you're lucky and they tell you upfront that you can wear whatever you want (and you can sometimes tell by the way other workers are dressed). when I look for a new job I will keep being able to wear lolita in mind as a plus but it's far from a deciding factor, just a nice bonus. I wouldn't bring up dress codes at an interview or anything. Just hope for the best.

Oh and for the wearing it at school when you're at the house with the dirt road, try getting a cheap but cute tote bag, you can get these at Forever21 or other places for less than $2. Wear sneakers or whatever when you're walking on the road and carry your loli shoes with you to change into later ^^
21st-Dec-2013 05:42 pm (UTC)
aaaaaaa that's nice. uwu I'll just hope for the best eheheheh..

And that's a good idea, but I'll probably be embarrassed at first.... /)~(\

Thank you!! :*
19th-Dec-2013 07:26 am (UTC)
Bodyline skirts don't come with head bows, but they do usually have detachable bows on the front, and I've seen a few people put those onto plain headbands to turn them into head bows. I'm not sure how big the detachable bow for balloon bears is, but you could always try it, and if it's too big to work as a head bow, then a plain white or lavender bow shouldn't be too difficult to find, or perhaps make.

I would also recommend VictorianGirlDress for petticoats. I bought mine about a year and a half ago, and even now it's got a nice amount of fluffiness. It also works well if I layer it with a cheap costume petticoat I've got, for when I want extra poof. I'd suggest getting a petticoat in white, just incase you decide to get a white or very light skirt in future, or the colour might show through the skirt if you go for a darker coloured petti.
19th-Dec-2013 09:35 pm (UTC)
gdi it bodyline. Ahahah, but I do think it'll have a detachable bow. I kind of like it in the front though, so I'll probably find a cute lavender one somewhere.

Yee, lots of people have recommended that place. It'll probably be a buy for me. And I didn't think of the showing through thing, but that could be important. So white it is!

Thank you!! ^^
19th-Dec-2013 02:44 pm (UTC)
For a first sweet coord, I'd say you should stay simple and keep to a limited color scheme. You already mentioned white and lavender, so I'd maybe only add one more color so things don't get too complicated. Look at the colors in the skirt's print and pick one. Create your coord using those 2 or 3 colors.

Blouses can sometimes be found on online sales boards like the egl comm sales or even facebook. I like to pick mine up at thrift stores. Go for vintage/cotton ones with peter pan type collars, neck ties, lace, and/or ruffle detailing. Might take awhile to hunt down an appropriate loliable one, but worth it.

Petticoats are very important to give you the appropriate poof/shape for your skirt. Sweet style tends more towards a cupcake/bell shape. I've heard Classical Puppets has a nice one online. Petticoat =/= tutu. Fully elastic waist and knee length is ideal for comfort and since skirts and dresses are supposed to hit around your knee anyways. Color doesn't matter much, most people usually get white or black. The only thing with black is that it may show though a lighter colored skirt/dress.

As for bloomers, they are nice for the colder weather, but not necessary. I have a pair, but tend to wear pj shorts instead.

Shoe colors are up to you. I prefer to have a few pairs that will match almost anything in my wardrobe, like white and black. It saves both time and money.

For accessories, I'd again stay simple. Pearls are more of a classic style, so save them for another time. Perhaps go with a barrette or headbow (you can use the detachable bow from your skirt and put it on a headband), earrings, a necklace, bracelet, and maybe a ring or two. Sweet style tends to have a lot of accessories which I think is part of the fun. Accessories are pretty inexpensive if you get them at places like Claire's (kid's section), thrift stores, and sometimes even the dollar store! Themes include animals, fruit, baked goods, hearts, stars, ponies, etc.

It might be a good idea to start looking aound for a job to build up your lolita fund. You will probably have a dress code to follow, so don't worry about whether you can wear lolita or not. You can do that later after you've built up a nice chunk of that paycheck ;-) Otherwise set aside your monies from holidays, special occassions, birthday, etc. Then spend it *wisely*. Try and get the most "bang for your buck."

Hope that helped!

Edited at 2013-12-19 02:46 pm (UTC)
19th-Dec-2013 09:47 pm (UTC)
Aaaa yes, that's probably a good idea. I was originally thinking sax as the added color, but now I'm thinking pink would work better, and be more useful for future coords. uwu

I'll look around some thrift stores and see if I can find any. I'll probably buy one that way. Thank you for the spotting tips! I used to just have a very general idea of blouses, this helps!

Ahh man, I wanted to get a cute one and wear it for fairy kei or something..but yes, I see your point. Tutus are smaller, and I don't want those colors showing through! I'll get a white one. ^^

Ooooooh pj shorts, I didn't think of that. Those tend to come in more pastel color too, so it'll match, plus they're warmer oooooh good idea oooooooohh

I have black mary janes, but I don't think they'll match my current coord. I think I'll get pink ones. uwu

Yes, accessories are really fun. >w< I'll check out Claire's for sure.

I'll probably try to get a part time job..but I'm not sure what. Working in food sounds gross, and I couldn't dress for most clothing stores. Grocery/general store maybe..?

Yes it did, thank you!! <3
19th-Dec-2013 05:01 pm (UTC)
There is nothing wrong with getting a used blouse as long as it's clean and the right size/color. White is good.

Bloomers aren't required per-say; people wear bike shorts or other little shorts too (and if you know how to sew, you could make your own to save money), but I would recommend something, because yes, there is a much higher chance when you wear a lot of petticoats of you flashing someone. I've unwillingly seen more than I wanted to on multiple occasions at conventions where newer lolita have skipped them.

Bodyline's cheap petticoats aren't good, but I'm not sure a good alternative in your price point (my Classical Puppets is my cheapest one, and IDK how much it costs to import one of those these days). Someone else may be able to recommend a good one that doesn't need to be imported from China (since that adds cost).

You can wear the same petticoat with a skirt and a dress, as long as they both are the same shape on the bottom (skirts have two main shapes A-line, where the skirt is a straight flare out like a cone, and bell, where the skirt is sort of curved like a big church bell shape.

For jewelry, look at places like Claire's or other places that sell cutesy plastic kid's jewelry in your local area. Make sure the colors (and the shades of the colors) match your skirt. Sometimes you can find cute hello kitty stuff in like the dollar section at target with big beads in good colors. For sweet lolita, you want to look for oversized, more chunky jewelry than you are probably used to. So like a bracelet where the beads are bigger or a ring with a plastic bow where the bow covers part of the finger on either side of it.

Pink shoes are better with the purple bear balloon skirt than sax would be, IMHO.

I wouldn't get another pair of bear ears. I'm sorry that yours broke :( but, what tends to happen is if your coordinate isn't spot-on, the animal ears tend to make it look more costumey, which is probably not what you want.

Some people will take the bows that come pinned to some bodyline skirts and attach them to a clip or plain headband and wear that for a headbow. Otherwise, I'd say look for a solid lavender or pink one.
19th-Dec-2013 09:58 pm (UTC)
I'll look at some resale places I think. ^^

Aaaa man, I'm scared of that happening. I'll wear something for sure, but probably not actual bloomers until I get a job.;;

A lot of people have recommended victoriangirldress on ebay for pettis, I'll probably get one there. c;

Oh man I didn't know about those shapes, thanks for the tip! I think sweet is more bell too.

Ahahah, I didn't think of Target. I'll check there. And yee, oversized sounds right. I'll look around Claire's too.

Looking back at the skirt, I think you're, pink will be more helpful with future coords. uwu

Ahah, yeee okay. I'll look for a bow. I don't think I'll use the one on my skirt though, as I like it a lot. I'll look for solids. uwu

Thank you!! :*
20th-Dec-2013 11:05 pm (UTC)
If you don't want to spend lots of money on a petticoat, I bought this one because I just wanted an extra layer of floof:
But it's actually really puffy and amazing :D It doesn't have any problem in holding up bodyline skirts. It also comes in pretty colours too.

Just felt like putting in my 2 cents ^w^;;
20th-Dec-2013 11:24 pm (UTC)
Cool, thanks!! The only thing is that I live in the USA, so shipping, and idk how much the amount is by itself in US dollars..I'll look for a converter, and if it's cheaper than another one I saw, I'll go for it!! ^^

Thank youuu! <3
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